As regards Leaders…“the LORD looketh on the heart.”

Many are basing their opposition to Donald Trump on externals. His brash, bombastic behavior & rhetoric is an affront to them. Well, one would have to be living with their head continually in the sand to NOT be aware of Trump’s ‘rough edges’, right? But the point I want to focus on today is this:

“…for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” (1 Samuel 16: 7)



I believe that God was highlighting Donald Trump to me back in 2012, when Trump flirted with running for the Republican presidential nomination. I was therefore thrilled when heTrump_2 re-entered the race this time around – and I admit I’m prejudiced in his favor, right out of the gate. But increasingly, as events progress in the debates & primaries & caucuses, I continue to see Godly, powerful growth & support of Trump’s endeavors. If I am right, and God is giving this growth…it is cause for humility and respect on our parts. Many believe that, in the Spirit, they are looking at a clarion call of God and His move on America. For America.


I read certain types of comments, made by brothers & sisters in Christ, online. Their vision is hindered & short-sighted, I think. Understandable but hindered. They are judging accord to outward presentations, and I do not think that they actually SEE beyond the flesh.

There are countless discussions about whether Mr. Trump is or is not a Christian. To that I say, King Cyrus was not a ‘Christian’ either, but he accomplished God’s will for that time & was in fact chosen to do so. (Isaiah 44, 45)  Whether Trump mets your specifications or not as to his evangelical persuasions, those persuasions will have no impact on his possibly being the man for such a time as this. It is God who raises up & brings low. God is the Potter. He does whatsoever He pleases, and He doeth all things well. And if Donald Trump has been called by God to be elected President of the United States of America, then you can be sure that all that has led him to this point in his life has been intended. His background, his experiences & his wealth, his business acumen and the personality that made those things possible were part of the Plan. He has been equipped. And going forward, if he is elected, there will be those in place to provide whatever else may be needed to navigate the office & responsibilites of President.


I want to point out that the above Scripture was spoken to Samuel, when he was seeking a man to replace Saul as king of Israel. Seven ‘nominees’ were presented to the Lord, but on the grounds of looking upon the heart – not externals – each one was rejected. Lastly, young David stood before God. He was the one pronounced to become king. Though David went on to commit adultery & plot murder, yet Scripture tells us that he was a man after God’s own heart, at his core. He paid for his sins, you can be sure, but he was not ‘morally’ perfect based on man’s standards. No one is. You may not be able to wrap your head around that, and continue to clamor for a more’ perfect type’ of man for America’s next President- and if this is the case, your vision may be clouded. The scales need to fall from your eyes. May all such eyes be opened, today and throughout the coming election cycle, within & without the Body of Christ. May Jesus approach many, even now, unto eternal life, and become your Saviour and Friend.

May His victory be great!




God bless America


American Eagle 2



















Depending on your Point of View…

On this Memorial Day, 2013, I had occasion to re-read this post from May, 2009. Though a bit wordy and with a few mistakes, I decided to reblog it today.

May the mighty God continue to bless the United States of America, always imparting His mind and wisdom to our leaders.

Jesus, the Revolution & You

In my reading and studies of our nation’s beginnings, I am frequently struck by an angle or viewpoint that may not be the one usually pursued.

It is said that there are two sides to every story, right? (Personally, I maintain there are at least three…!) Have you ever considered viewing the American rebellion years leading to the events of 1776 from the perspective of the English monarchy? Not, of course, that England was in the right – it just makes for, may I say, an interesting approach. From our viewpoint, perhaps ‘absurd’ would be a better word, in light of where America stands today… I just find it intriguing how a situation, or an individual, can be perceived so very differently by those involved, or by on-lookers, based on…based on what? Needs? Desires? Duty? How we can be so absolutely certain of a thing, but time may soon…

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Is America a Word from God?

The United States of America is not just a country, not just land discovered, settled  and developed.  There is, and always has been, something big going on here.

The Spirit of God has been weaving Himself into and through our history from way back.  I have no doubt He is working His deliberate and perfect will throughout all of America’s struggles, conflicts, achievements & victories.  What I am not at all sure of is, exactly what His purpose is in all this.  Exactly what is being shown to us and the world?  Because America is a living epistle to all mankind, she is showing forth a specific Word from the Creator.  Just as Jesus is the Word made flesh, America also manifests a Word from God.

If it is true, as he wrote in his journal, that Christopher Columbus was called by the Almighty God to  set sail for a foreign shore, a pristine & undeveloped continent, then there had to be a Divine reason for that.  The voyage was perilous, one from which other adventurers had not returned.  Technology had not yet arrived, and navigational instruments as well as the crafts themselves carried great risk of shipwreck.  If God was commissioning a journey so fraught with danger it would seem that the bounty to be found would be glorious, and well worth the risk.  He had something specific in mind.

Scripture tells us that all things are summed up in Christ.  A simple, succinct statement…yet mind-blowing.  Is America’s entire existence a representation of divine principles & truth?


Redeemer Nation
Ernest Lee Tuveson, Author

It was believed by many that America was intended to be the New Jerusalem of the Scriptures.  We’ve seen the term ‘Redeemer Nation’, and in fact,  books have been written bearing that title.  It was also believed by many that no such destiny was the case; rather, America was an experiment “conducted without divine guarantee by mortals of limited wisdom and power.” (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Cycles of American HistoryJohn F. Kennedy, in his first annual message, while speaking of the continued endurance of our nation, said “The outcome is by no means certain.”  In ‘An American Dilemma’, published in 1944, Gunnar Myrdal wrote, “America is continually struggling for its soul.”Many of us – probably most of us – stand here today, as Americans, simply assuming that the United States of America turned out as was intended, and that there never really was any other option.  Our success was a given, and everyone knew it from the first.

But we would be wrong.

Finally triumphing in her war for independence, Americas was just beginning myriad battles of other kinds, in which she continues to this day.  There seems to have always been present, in any new enterprise, those forces that oppose or seek to ensnare, robbing of precious victories, robbing of liberty & life.  It seems to have been destined that there should & would be conflict.  Starting in Eden and travelling through time & history to, say, issues between you and your spouse, right in your own living room…up ’til now, at least, tears have not  been wiped from every eye, and there is still pain and sorrow.  The Founding Fathers had glorious vision for America. but it was not without doubt.  They “had an intense conviction of the improbability of their undertaking” writes Schlesinger.  History had demonstrated – at least up ’til 1776 – that republics inevitably fell to corruption.  That knowledge caused some of our Founders to be “deeply troubled by the ill success and ill repute of the only form of government which was possible for them”.  (Henry Maine, Popular Government) 

But there comes a time when the tide is turned, the dye is cast, and we forge ahead, creating a new path into the future.  Desire was stronger than doubt, and faith, though with trepidation, was stronger than fear.  Give me liberty or give me death prevailed.  Against all odds and against the mightiest nation in the world at that time, America was born.


Considering ‘America as destiny vs. America as experiment’, my own conclusion is heavily slanted towards the destiny angle! but actually, I believe both are true.  Experiment played a part as a means to the destined end.  We still, as always, can play a part in the experiment because we believe in our destiny.  And though I would have to agree with JFK that the outcome is by no means certain, for that very reason we must press on.  Hope remains alive in some of our hearts.  All were not in favor of the original Revolution, all may not believe today…but some still do.  Maybe more than you might think…God continues to have His remnant in the land.   The light of His truth still burns in hearts across America, forcing the darkness back.



…more to come…


Not just another Pretty Planet!

Have you ever stopped to think about the earth? Ever thought much about this planet on which we live, or wondered about its significance in the Grand Scheme of things? Or, like me, have you pretty much just lived here, walking on its surface, breathing in its air, drinking its water, etc., etc., etc….involved in everything else that goes on in your life and oblivious to realities that would, if you pondered them, stop you in your tracks.

I don’t think God was just looking for something to do during the days spoken of in Genesis Chapter 1, “In the beginning” when He “created the heaven and the earth.” Stop and think about that! This was not done on a whim, to while away some time…much was afoot. Much. When we read in verse 2 that His Spirit ‘moved’ upon the face of the waters, we are being told that God was brooding over things. This is the only place that this particular Hebrew word appears in the entire Old Testament.

Can you even begin to imagine just how deep, how vast were those broodings? Exactly what was God planning? Why would He fashion an ‘earth’? To what end? What was going to be that important to Him, that He not only would create a planet Earth, but an entire cosmos around it, to support, sustain and protect it? Do you find it hard to believe that what was so important to God was you? Do you find it hard to believe that the enormous, galactic detail involved in His creation was for the purpose of providing you and I with a home…a life-sustaining planet?

Never in a million years had it ever occurred to me that, for instance, certain other planets in this galaxy protect the Earth from potential bombardments by other damaging space elements, such as comets. It would appear that these guardian planets (Jupiter and Saturn) were deliberately positioned for this purpose! How amazing is that! In fact, the molten metals forming the Earth’s core cause the planet’s rotation, which in turn serves to create a protective force field around it. Again, blocking asteroids, space debris and the sun’s rays from harming the Earth. Additionally, the tilt of the Earth is stabilized by the moon, its proximity being just right to accomplish that purpose, and thus allow for a diversity of climates and environments planet-wide, supporting many & varied forms of life.

Having learned these astounding facts has given me a whole new perspective on our universe and its design. I had never actually connected these dots.


 In the past, it was considered that the processes which occurred on, in and around our planet Earth, processes which produce & sustain life, probably existed in other planets in the cosmos as well. But scientists now know that such is not the case. Earth stands alone in this regard.


 Coming to a knowledge of even just a few scientific & astronomical facts, such as these, begs the consideration of a very Divine mind and hand at work in our universe, towards a very Divine purpose. That Hand reaches far back in time, and that Mind was looking just as far ahead, to the fulfilment of this purpose, a purpose involving the grand march of life through history unfolding on planet Earth. This planet which became a home for man also became a home for God in man, and continues to be so today, through spiritual rebirth. We move ever closer to the culmination of all things, according to His plan. That such a cosmic, infinite plan was launched eons ago, in such unbelievably perfected detail, pointing to the creation of a place – just this one specific planet – designed to support human life – well, do the math.

 Much is afoot.


Times, Seasons & Changes…

Though my move to WordPress was motivated by escaping suspected ‘government interference’, now that I’ve relocated, I think other forces were at work here.  I think maybe this move represents other shifts as well, shifts in degree of involvement, priorities, and even subject matter.

I can’t help but notice what seems to be a lessening of intensity in my desire to learn, and then write about what I’ve learned.  I really seem to be on mental cruise control lately!  I hope this is only temporary!  Recent events, compounded, have left me feeling empty, burdened, even crushed.  Flat.  Add the lessening strength of aging, and the fact that ours is very much a youth-oriented society – at this time, I have no starch left in me.  There was a moment when I feared I’d lost my ‘salt’.  Having been, along the way, the ‘salt of the earth’, and knowing its value, I also know that losing it is not a good thing.  How can it be regained?   (Matthew 5:13; Mark 9:50)

I believe I may see solutions to some of the issues here, but am concerned that I no longer have the stamina & endurance to pursue those solutions.  I’m not young.  Now what?


 Because my passion & focus has so much been on early American history during recent years, then current & Middle East events (and I still believe that’s where it should’ve been) the scales have tilted in that direction, as far as reading matter is concerned.  Sure, I’ve always had my Bible right here next to me, but…eventually, the human body will need whatever nutrients it has been lacking, and spiritually, it’s no different.  I’ve been without significant spiritual B12 for awhile now.  God has surely kept me, but I am now weak.

So lately, instead of pulling up the Internet when I first get up, I sometimes open my Bible.  (I started doing this earlier in the year, but didn’t need it as badly as I do now, I guess.  Didn’t stay with it.) I’m reading John.  How amazing & greatly uplifting to find a cross-reference that took me to Psalm 69, and lo & behold, I was reading about myself!  Talk about encouragement!   And beyond that, I found that simple statements of Biblical truth touched me much more deeply than ever before.  I found that my acceptance & understanding of the Word was easier by far, yet that experience was profound. 

In other words, BECAUSE I had been otherwise involved, I had been readied to receive. 


Ideas & thoughts are at the point of beginning. It’s occurred to me though, more than once, that perhaps I should be moving beyond just writing about those ideas.  Being the quintessential hermit that I am! the possible courses of action I’m considering are not courses I want to leap into overnight, but…I am almost certain, at some point soon, leap I must.

I have also had a mildly shocking personal epiphany. Admirable, even apparently altruistic traits & behaviors can mask a whole other animal, and I know that.  But I didn’t know it was true of me.  I pretty much am rocked to my core right now.  If I wasn’t feeling so flattened already, from the last couple months of my life, I probably wouldn’t be able to accept this realization.  In fact, I would probably cling all the more tightly to life with Christina as I’ve known it!  But it would seem, I’ve been prepared.

The times, they are a’changing…

What Thomas Jefferson Learned…

Those of you who have read any of my posts on George Washington will recall that I often tied events and patterns together in a way that I believe showed divine intervention. When I first began researching Thomas Jefferson, I was sure that such a presentation was not going to be possible. I was just not finding that kind of information on the man. But I was only seeing the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. ‘Diving’ deeper, it’s another story…

Previously, I’ve touched on the idea of ‘ideas’, declaring that results tangible and otherwise emanate from what we think. And that what Thomas Jefferson thought greatly, greatly shaped our nation and its systems of government. So, what was in Jefferson’s mind was of paramount importance. What he learned well over two centuries ago had everything to do with America being what she is today. “…bedrock Jeffersonian values…determined the shape of {his} political vision…and…remain such a potent influence on ours.” (Joseph J. Ellis, American Sphinx: the Character of Thomas Jefferson) So back in time we go, to the mid-1700’s where we find the ‘point of origin’ of Jefferson’s penchant for learning – his father, Peter Jefferson.

Peter Jefferson started out as a farmer, but his vision, ingenuity and what I see as an entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with strength and endurance moved him well past that. Young Thomas grew up watching the constant dynamic of a self-made, self taught man. A man who “valued education” and instilled that value in his son. (R.B. Bernstein, Thomas Jefferson). A man who seemed not to be content with what came along, but continually learned and expanded his station in life, as well as his fortunes. Having married into the Virginia planter elite when he wedded Jane Randolph, Peter then managed a Randolph plantation in addition to owning the Jefferson’s land at Shadwell. He learned the craft of surveying and map-making, for which he earned some renown, creating the first accurate map of Virginian territory in 1751. His surveying expeditions also afforded Peter first-hand opportunities to acquire frontier lands, virtually unexplored and laden with promise, expanding his own estate. Going on to community and governing positions, Peter Jefferson became a vestryman, church warden and member of the House of Burgesses. If he had not died at the young age of forty-nine, who knows but that he, too, would’ve been a compatriot with our Founders? Such was not his destiny, however. His destiny, it seems to me, was to be that exemplary role model that a young Thomas Jefferson, fatherless at fourteen, would never forget. A father who blazed paths from plantations to politics, a descendant of Welsh immigrants who pursued and found his place in the circles of wealth and social standing. A man who broke out of the ranks, “…who clearly owed nothing to anyone but was his own self-reliant master…” (Max Lerner, Thomas Jefferson: America’s Philosopher-King)

Talk about a spirit of independence!  I don’t think a more effective image could have been placed in young Jefferson’s sights. And perhaps the pain of losing his father so young, caused that image to remain with him (though perhaps unconsciously at times) in such a way as to ceaselessly prod Thomas Jefferson into fulfilling the Destiny that his father set in motion…

More to come on “What Thomas Jefferson Learned…”

Independence Evolving

“When in the Course of human events…”

I cannot imagine a time when the reading or hearing of these opening words to the Declaration of Independence will not profoundly thrill me. Over two centuries later, they are still pregnant with the promise of destiny. Though our destiny has been realized and the United States of America have long since “assume[d]…among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station…to which Nature’s God entitle them”, my heart beats faster, my breath catches as I read these poignant seven words. Solemn decision resonates within them. Having cast the die, there would be no turning back, and so our forefathers “pledge[d] to each other [their] Lives,…Fortunes and…sacred Honor.”


“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”

Truth is powerful. It can speak for itself, by its presence, without words, without sound. It is its own witness. Before even being listed, you know that what is coming here is True, and Right. Your spirit stands at attention, ready to embrace, ready to rejoice…! I thank God for His Faithful and True Witness.


These thoughts, and others to come, on the unparallelled document of Destiny, our Declaration of Independence, were prompted by the beginnings of my research on its author, my next post subject, Thomas Jefferson. Having learned through my previous readings of the ultimate animosity which severely separated Washington and Jefferson, I am now hungry to learn more about the third President of the United States of America. I want to see, through his eyes, how such a thing evolved. How could comrades-in-arms, so to speak, men who pledged their all to one another in the cause of freedom, the spilling of their own blood if necessary, arrive at such an ugly parting of ways?

This and other aspects of Jefferson’s life will become the next object of my hopefully revealing posts. Coming soon, we will be ‘Moving on to Thomas Jefferson’…