…sometimes Keeping the Faith is Hard…

Events have transpired in my life, over the past year, in such a way as to have very much hindered my writing pursuits.  “Jesus, the Revolution & You” while never leaving my heart, has even so floated to the back burner of actual production efforts.  Mainly, I’ve re-blogged previous posts.

I’m writing today simply because I want to get my toes back in the water.  A slight reprieve from what has become an unexpected lifestyle routine has been given to me today; so, after lollygagging awhile, I’ve decided to let the dishes sit,  leave the laundry in its pile, and forget about responsibilities in general.  I’m headin’ towards the water’s edge!  Perhaps some  encouragement for others, similarly re-routed in life, can be salvaged from my current experiences.


I have worked all my life.  Because I’ve been trying to walk with the Lord, and follow Him, I did not pursue a career – even job training.  I never felt that He was leading me to do that.  At age 50, I did believe He was leading me to choose between either that course of action, or writing.  Though it may have appeared foolish and risky, I chose writing.  It was an easy decision.  I knew that I had writing ability and had never really used it.  I also knew that if I should die any time soon, I would not regret not having, say, pursued a career in law…but I would SO regret having wasted the gift of creating with words.

It took a few years to realign my routines & activities with more creative pursuits.  Long story short, finally, last March, I retired.  Finally, I could write.  EVERY indication pointed in that direction.  And I still do not believe I erred in my decision, but…though I prayed, got numerous confirmations, sought counsel, thought & thought about it…and had a very clear vision of unobstructed, prosperous writing bliss…and would bet money that God was leading me to follow this path….

…it is almost a year later and I have done almost no writing.


The details aren’t important here.

What is important is faith.


I remember hearing a pastor once say, while preaching on 1 Peter 4:19 regarding suffering, that if after you enter a situation, it changes in a way that causes you difficulty/suffering etc., and you yourself are not responsible for the change – then it is God’s will.  Now I am really not lovin’ hearing about suffering of any kind.  But, things come to pass and there you are, somewhere you hadn’t intended and don’t want to be.  If you are not yet one of His, it may be easy for you to just leave.  But once the Lord has a hold on you…not so easy.  You may not be happy where you are, but your heart is inclined towards “…Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  You are getting a hold of that pearl of great price, and will not let go.  It is not just for you or about you, is it?  You endure, for the joy set before you, hallelujah.


A very helpful principle to consider, in times of deprivation & disappointment, is that of death & resurrection.  More than once, I’ve heard messages on this subject.  In a nutshell, when God gives you a vision, it may come to pass that right afterwards, everything relating to it goes kaput!  In fact, circumstances lead you in the exact opposite direction.  God said “Up!” but you find yourself “Down.”  Someone once outlined the three R’s of such situations – revelation, reversal, then reality. Like a seed being planted, in a dark, pressured place, roots go – where?  Down.  Then, over time, results are manifested.

Keep the faith.


When I ‘stumbled’ upon this Scripture about a week ago, my heart leapt.

“Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward.  For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.”   (Hebrew 10: 35, 36)

Each of us who believe have our own walk with Him, and each of us hear Him.  You can ascertain, even faintly, what specifically His will for you might be.  His sheep hear His voice, and another’s voice they will not listen to…so…test out your thoughts on this.  An event is about to happen, and when it does, you will understand.  And you will be glad you stayed the course.. 


…1776 yet Continues in my Heart…

“…those who study…the American Revolution and the years immediately  following it cannot escape the conclusion that this was…one of the great periods of history in which to be alive.”   (Robert G. Athearn, A New Nation, American Heritage Illustrated History of the United States, Volume 4)

We live our lives day-to-day, so many similar details & routines swallowing up those days.  This is the nature of things.  Pretty much unavoidable for many of us.  For me, these details & routines play out in the United States of America, the land first set aside for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Considering this, it seems that my experiences here should be much more vividly colored!  They should be pulsing, thrilling, and rivetingly focused.

Well, much of the time, they are not.

Splotched  on top of what they are not,  frequently enough to weigh me down, are  forays into things Islamic and Middle Eastern.  I am led down the paths of the knowledge of jihad, sharia law, homeland security, and counter-terrorism.  Because of these things, I have also felt the weight of the glory of profound honor for our troops.  Because of these things, every day, more & more I deeply respect and highly value all those who serve in our covert operations, our surveillance and our intelligence missions.  

I can live the life that I do, the way that I do it, because these men & women, these soldiers & patriots, serve, defend & protect the American homeland and the American way.  They make it possible.  Because they make it possible, the environment necessary for freedom to flourish and be maintained yet continues.  In that environment may yet continue debates over Constitutionality, national and political challenges, government scandals…protests, strikes & sit-ins…the good, the bad & the ugly can continue to come and go in these United  States of America.  And if you have the eyes and heart to see it, amidst & throughout it all, is the spirit of the men & women who started this ball rolling over 235 years ago.


Let’s take Congress, for instance…

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times – the American people complaining about their elected representatives in the House & Senate.  I am not saying the complaints are without good reason – I’m just saying, complaints frequently abound!

Well, so it was in 1783.

Of course, the scenario at that time was quite different from today’s.  The United States of America was barely just born.  Can you even imagine it?!!  On the verge of a final peace treaty with her former monarch, a fully free and independent new nation, burgeoning with magnificence, her potential boundless.  Where, oh where to begin?  Most fortunately for America, “Never has a young nation been so richly endowed with vigorous leaders” because  she “…had need of all the brilliance that the Founding Fathers could bring to bear…” (Athearn)   That potential, boundless though it was, was fraught with risk.  How does one harness freedom?  Yet without some sort of guiding rein…some form of structure…anarchy, chaos and destruction could be lying in wait in a rocky, uncharted future. 

At this time, the United States had the least government of any country in the civilized world.  A far cry from Washington, D.C today, isn’t it?  All over the Internet, I see cries for less government.  People hate Washington.  Many are the times I’ve read/heard the general sentiment, ‘Let’s fire ’em all, elect a whole new Congress’.  Turns out the Congress of post-Revolution days wasn’t all that popular either.  For different reasons, perhaps, but  I think it bears pointing out that Congress was “abused, laughed at, and cursed in every company”. (Athearn)  Congress was so abused, in fact, that in the summer of 1783, they literally fled for their very safety, from Philadelphia to Princeton, New Jersey. They had to escape  across the river!

Elias Boudinot

Aggravated to the point of mutinous revolt, Philadelphia & Lancaster troops surrounded Congress Assembled at Independence Hall, demanding back pay for their military service. Both the Congress and its President, Elias Boudinot, were held hostage there until they somehow managed to slip away and seek the protection of the New Jersey militia. 

…sooo…irate, disgruntled citizens of the United States of America, thronging the streets of Philadelphia, protesting economic conditions & demanding satisfaction…bearing arms, no less!…sounds like America to me!  The way it is, the way it was and the way it was intended to be. 


Sadly – yet almost with a twist of wry humor – not only were citizens disgusted with Congress, it sounds like even Congress was disgusted with itself.  There was a six month period, through 1785 into 1786, during which there were only three days “when enough members were present to conduct business.”  This kind of discontent & frustration reminds me of  the mood often prevalent at my place of employment – many of us, if we did not need the money, would just throw in the towel.  One scenario government, the other civilian, centuries apart yet with a familiar ring  –  America then, America now. 


Independence Hall

…lest I should be remiss and overlook an opportunity to encourage, let me point out here that because of the conditions & circumstances producing the above events, and others soon to follow, a Philadelphia convention was eventually called, seeking remedies.  That convention resulted in the unparalleled Constitution of the United States of America.



and now…"Throwing in the Towel!"

Most of us have heard that motivational pearl ‘Winners never quit, and quitters never win’. So it can be a little confounding to realize that, in fact, a person can quit, and end up still winning.

Following the French attack against Washington’s troops, [see previous post] (to avenge the deaths of their men in the forest ambush), and Washington’s surrender, the future first President of the United States of America threw in the towel. It is spectacular to me to learn that George Washington had been expecting his Virginia Regiment to become part of the regular British army, and he himself an officer therein. How much less was his own vision of his future, than the one God had in store for for him! (‘Less’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.) And not only was Washington’s a lesser vision, it was headed in the exact opposite direction of his divine Destiny. I have to cheer for the Lord and His faithfulness to His plan for our nation. He used Washington’s discouragement to steer him in the right direction.

George’s ambitions towards a military career were now seriously thwarted. After his defeat and surrender to the French, the Virginia regiment was disbanded. Hopes of possible advancement in a future endeavor were dashed as well – colonial officers would no longer be allowed to rise above the rank of captain. And all colonial officers of whatever rank would be subordinate to regular British army ranks. With such a reorganization of ranking protocol, Washington saw only demotion in his future…unwilling to accept that, he resigned his commission.

He quit.

(Well, we all know the story doesn’t end there! And so it may hold true for many of you today, that what you think is over in your life may just be a changing of direction, or a temporary hiatus, a step back to re-group or the re-fueling necessary to move forward once again on the right path, the true path of your destiny! )

Thank you, as always, to my readers, may God bless you all, especially those of you who at this time may be uncertain about your own future.