Counterfeiting God

As I progress through life, and continue in my ever-widening investigations of ‘hidden’ topics, I am finding a certain aspect peculiar to just about all of these activities & occurrences.

They are all attempts to counterfeit/circumvent or subvert God, His ways & His works.

It is still, and was always, the battle between Christ and anti-Christ. The locations may vary, the specifics & persons involved may change, but whether we are talking the #SpiritCooking attempt to influence the 2016 elections, or ancient Babylonian goddess worship, the fueling centrality is the same: the root producing the fruit is hostility to God.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.” (Romans 1:28)


Paramount on the agenda to subverting God’s work is a malevolent plan to destroy mankind. Man was the crowning glory of the Lord’s creation of the earth, and man was the form through which Emmanuel came down to it. Man is the form through which Christ continues his habitation on earth today, in His Body. In flesh & blood humanity came He to dwell, not in angels of any kind. Angels serve & worship Him – they are not Him & are not inhabited by His Spirit.

This is only a problem for the ‘fallen’ variety.

But for these fallen ones – and especially for their leader – it is a thorn in the side of infinite & cataclysmic proportion.


It is my judgment that many have no idea as regards the scope of the hateful, demonic responses to the Lord and His creations, especially mankind. I thought I knew – until I began learning & realized how little I actually did know.

I believe it is a case of our ability to ‘handle’ certain knowledge. Some, perhaps, do not need to know & never will. But there must be more than meets the eye, because Jesus Himself told his disciples that He had more to teach them, but they could not bear it yet. (John 16:12) He told them this before He ascended, and Scripture doesn’t provide us with any further information (that I know of) as to when or if they reached the point where they could bear it. So while Jesus may not have expressed any more specifics to His disciples, the fact is that those specifics exist.

Because the Scripture tells us that the Spirit of Truth will guide us into all truth (John 16:13), I expect to receive guidance & information – one way or another – for all kinds of situations. I think there may be a tendency to limit the expectations of that ‘Holy Spirit leading’ to truth only about Jesus – yet I have found it to be otherwise.

(…I must add though, that in the fulness of times, all things finally being gathered together in Christ (Ephesians 1:10), whatever information comes our way, it will somehow ultimately lead us to Him and to the Cross – even if by virtue of showing us the enemies of the Cross – if we continue seeking His truth.)


Some of the specifics I’ve uncovered, in my searching, smack of ‘counterfeiting God’. It iss27-th (2) so clear! Or else I see a definite continuance of the original ‘insertion’ of the unclean (in Eden) threading its way down through the centuries, to our time. You might think that Lucifer/Satan would have given it a rest by now…but such is not the case….as ones blinded, he & his cohorts relentlessly conspire to achieve that declaration of old “I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:14)

The information out there is astounding. It definitely can get to be too much. But once a person is ready for some of this stuff, and can receive it, his/her eyes might really be opened. Mine were.

Yet I proceed with caution.

Everything must be viewed & considered in the light of Jesus Christ is LORD, and LORD of all. We are looking to know Him better. We are seeking His explanations, provisions & protections, found in His Word. Surprisingly, through learning more of the flip side of heaven, I find that these goals are becoming ever more true for me. I so much more understand what I have been saved from, and Jesus is so much more real to me because of this. How so like God it is, that shattering, negative reality redounds to His glory! Hell seeks to triumph, but instead is/will be swallowed up of itself. Instead, the Lord Jesus Christ is/will be revealed as who & what He really is. Every eye shall see….


I would like to present some instances of what I perceive as dark, devilish attempts to counterfeit God or His works.



I’ll begin with the super hadron collider known as CERN.

I actually had not even heard of CERN until maybe a year or two ago. (I think I should have been more aware! But anyway…) If you are also unaware of its existence, I’ll briefly explain: CERN is a 17 mile-long underground tunnel-like ‘machine’, located in Switzerland, I believe. It was allegedly developed in order to move particles at an astounding speed, in an effort to discover the ‘God particle’.

(There’s more to this story. But for now…)

Even on the face of it, not considering any other possible motivations, this whole theory seems to be ignoring & attempting to supplant the Word of God, in a way. What an incredibly convoluted path to God!!! We already have the means to find & know Him. We have the Scriptures. We have the Bible. We have Jesus, who Himself told us that if we have seen Him, we have seen the Father! (John 14:9) We do not need a ‘particle’ to reveal to us His existence, or really, ANYTHING about Him.


…but the inventors of this super-machine perhaps needed a cover story for their true purpose in designing it. Scuttlebutt is, that purpose is actually to open portals to other dimensions, allowing for the passage of other entities through to earth. (Depending on where you’re at on the conspiracy scale, this sounds anywhere from absurd to frightening to definitely plausible. By now, I’m closer to the plausible end…) As one researches this theory, one uncovers troves of ‘information’. But one also uncovers a satanic face on it, and behind it. The CERN collider is possibly & primarily yet another means by which Lucifer is planning to insidiously insert his own kind into our population, subvert the pure intentions of the Creator and yes, become like the most High.


Let me also mention, I have read somewhere that the world-wide web was created by those who also created the hadron collider. Think about it…the implications of the word ‘web’ alone…


Moving on…there are interviews & videos & articles out on the internet telling us about the Vatican’s interest & involvement in alien life. The world’s largest binocular telescope (I’ve read) belongs to the Vatican, is located at the Mt. Graham International Observatory in Arizona, and is unbelievably named L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (Again, so I’ve read Why would avATICAN TELESCOPEn organization that presents itself as a path to know God in Christ, extol the adversary to Christ in any way? It is assumed by some that the Vatican is positioning itself to keep their finger on the pulse of approaching extraterrestrials, which will be introduced to us as – get this – saviors…yep…saviors.

Something is obviously afoot.

Now, it is suggested that there may have been incarnations of Christ on many other planets, and that is who/what these supposedly coming alien saviors may be. Considering that the Scripture tells us that with God, all things are possible, and I’m sure that He can do whatsoever He pleases with time…one might begin to suspect that just maybe…hmmm…but I would advise against that. Jesus must have seen this coming, because in Matthew 24:23,24 He warns us “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets…insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

So we see an attempt here to supplant Jesus by the possible arrival of counterfeit saviors.


Next, I introduce the Ark of Gabriel.

In a nutshell, this Ark strikes me as a mimic of the Ark of the Covenant/Mercy Seat.

I don’t think I should go into detail about this artifact. Rather, if anyone is interested in learning more: “The Ritual Ashes of Justice and the Ark of Gabriel Observation”  (

(Note: this video presents a viewpoint that may seem, to many, way too far-fetched. At this point in my own explorations, it makes, finally, some sense as regards Justice Scalia’s death.)


For my final submission of counterfeiting evidence – and really, I’ve noticed so many along the way but did not keep a list! – I present the sickening concept of hybrids of any kind. GOD created man, GOD tabernacles with man, in and by Jesus Christ. HIS Spirit desires to make a habitation within us, as we receive Him by faith. GOD and man are meant to be co-workers on this earth, and going forward, in those wonderful things which eye hath not yet seen, nor mind imagined!

So when I read about such things as micro-chips meant to be inserted under the skin, and the possibilities of our very DNA being altered through this action, I am horrified. In Apollyon Rising 2012, author Tom Horn tells us that his wife suggested to him that perhaps a beast/animal type programming would be coded into these chips. Their implant would produce non-human manifestations & qualities in those who receive the chip. Of course, the subjects of this implant procedure would most likely never have been informed of this outcome…

Maybe such a process sounds bizarre to you, but can it – or something similar – be absolutely ruled out as a potential tool/weapon of those who seek global control?

…and there are many accounts and opinions to be heard & read as regards mingling of alien DNA with our own. Horn also tells us that, well over a decade ago, about one quarter of all research dollars were used towards grants to fund the research of transgenics – which is the science of mingling species DNA…(audio interview

I repeat, the only ‘DNA’ meant to be mingled with our own, for good, is GODLY. Not alien, not animal. Once again, the thieving, murderous nature of anti-Christ forces is revealed.

While the intention of these dark-side beings is certainly not to lead one to the God they hate…well, turns out that, for some of us with eyes to see, they might end up doing just that.






Christopher Columbus has taken Me by Surprise!

Christopher Columbus was not, as our history lessons taught us, seeking a new trade route to the Indies when he set sail westward in August of 1492.

Christopher Columbus was following what he believed was a call & a mission from Almighty God, a mission to bring the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the vast, pristine land we now know as America.

If I had not ‘happened across’ a mention of ‘The Light and the Glory’ (see previous post) some months ago, I still would not know this. Now that I do, I’m finding more information available on this subject than I would’ve thought. As I’ve begun to delve into the topic, rather than my original sense of elated euphoria, I’m feeling a heaviness. And I feel sick. I’m not sure if I am physically getting sick, or if the weight of what I’m learning is having a psychosomatic effect. Either way, this dye has been cast & I’m in it now…

Following several relevant articles, I’m getting an impression of a passionate but prideful, headstrong man, who, though seemingly following his heart-call from God, succumbed to ambition, greed and cruelty before all was said & done. And while at first, he appears to the novice reader to be, truly, the man of God’s choice for God’s purposes, (and still appears so to me!), upon learning more one finds that some of his beliefs/supposedly divinely-inspired goals never happened…Columbus was off the mark. (Or so it seems…) Moreover, mention is made more than once of Columbus’ eventual ‘madness’.

No matter his flaws & downfalls. We all have them. Even King David, whom Scripture labels ’a man after God’s own heart’, committed adultery and murder, so…a man’s life mission, once accomplished, ought not necessarily be judged according to his mistakes, though grave. In this case, those issues are separate. And when we consider the enormity of Columbus’ victorious discoveries, and the life-threatening risks involved in navigating three thousand miles of essentially uncharted seas…like I said, separate issues. I can’t even fathom the kind of courage it would take to sail into the unknown like that. I wonder, without such pride, or desire for fame, would one ever maintain such focus, keeping their ‘eye on the prize’ throughout? Maybe the less ‘lovely’ aspects of the character of Christopher Columbus in fact provided the staying power needed to accomplish Divine purpose.


I have written often of America’s first President, George Washington, and written with deep gratitude & profound respect. It has always been clear to me that here was a man chosen, equipped and empowered by God, for His great purposes in raising up this great country. And I have been so impacted by the character of Washington. The esteem in which I hold him will endure forever.

Though a much different personality (or so I find, at this point in my discoveries), Christopher Columbus has reached into my heart and found a forever place as well.


I am mentally circling the landing field, trying to pinpoint which aspect of Columbus’ life & character I want to tackle first….if I wait ‘til I decide, then finish actually writing it!…could be another couple weeks before I get anything posted! So, for today, the above is all I have ready….

Re-focus for 2010…and beyond !

“…we have never had an atheist President of the United States. Could it be that the people would be unwilling to put their trust in someone who did not feel accountable to a higher power?” (God and

Well, that whole ‘kaleidoscope’ effect I mentioned in my previous post continues. My mind is shifting & swirling as I attempt to co-ordinate facts, descriptions, and theories, as well as consider the viability of opinions. Right on the heels of reading (highlighting, re-reading & formulating a plan! for my next post, i.e.,this one) the 14-page transcript of this past Sunday’s “Meet the Press”, I allowed myself to be led down the paths presented by the near-destruction of Flight 253 on Christmas Day. Which means, one article leading to another leading to another, on terrorist networks, individuals, strategies & counter-strategies, and then found myself back at the Guantanamo debacle. And yes, there’s more! but let me not get into all that right now…while not exactly exploding, my head is full! I never attended college, but I imagine this is how college students often feel…


I have found that, in my explorations of current events, especially as relates to Middle East conflicts, probably too much of my focus tends to life & death-type, weighty scenarios & realities, to the detriment of just Life, as in Christ. Though He is the reason, and the power within & behind, what I attempt here, I forget – not Him but the rest that is in Him. I know that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing, with ‘God, History and You’, but perhaps at this juncture, I and my posts need a touch of the Word of God.

While reviewing the issues discussed during this week’s ‘Meet the Press’, one or two seemed to rise to the surface. So, here goes –

When asked what the mood of the country, politically, is at this time, Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick replied, “Sour and angry…” NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea
Mitchell agreed, identifying an “angry subtext” to the spirit of America that she finds “very, very worrisome”. Ms. Mitchell described this anger as not being ‘fact-based’ but rather an “angry populism which is…furious at everybody”. She points to economic collapse as the root cause of this anger.

Governor Patrick sees it pretty much the same way.

Adding his insight to the mix, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich presents a different slant. The initial ‘transparency’ campaign rhetoric, which seemed as almost euphoria to many , built us up to let us down – expectations of openness were instead met with “…secret deals, ramming through stimulus…in a secret way, basically bribing senators…” Gingrich sees this betrayal of a promise, this misuse of power as cause for much of the sour mood settling across America.

Now, what I’m thinking goes something like this – with whom are Americans really angry? A global economic crash? How does one pinpoint anger at a worldwide event? Our President, for not remaining true, or our Congress members? Well, that’s more feasible, but God gave us a warning way back in time that holds a clue to this anger, I think. Few there be that heed it – “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help” (Psalm 146:3, KJV). Or, to put it a different (and by different, I mean, the same!) way – “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” (Psalm 118: 8,9, KJV)

Our human nature wants to feel secure, and we naturally feel more secure when we can see, hear and/or handle that which supposedly is helping & protecting us. You know, like the apostle Thomas needed to see the wounds of the risen Christ before he could believe…but everybody knows that “…blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29, KJV)

‘Man’ and ‘princes’ represent people and government/agencies. It isn’t that help will not come through them, it very well may…but our trust would be much more wisely & safely placed in God. ‘Man’ and ‘princes’ are fallible and prone to err. One way or another, they/we misstep, misjudge, become greedy, power hungry, you name it, the list goes on…how can we fully trust anything/anyone like this? Scripture aside, common sense dictates that we not!

It’s a tricky mix though, a balancing act, because the United States of America is a “We, the people” kind of government, as indeed it should be. Still, having put all our eggs in the ‘economy’ basket, or the “Yes, we can!” basket has left so many of us…angry. Bitter. Scared?

We trusted the wrong thing.

So perhaps a good starting point, internally, for at least some of us in this New Year of 2010 would be to re-focus on how & where we place our trust. Everything else doesn’t have to grind to a halt; obviously, that would not work! Doing nothing isn’t my point…but more is required for certain kinds of success than the activities of men & princes, than meetings of Congress & Presidential decisions, government programs & stimulus packages. As aforementioned, it is not that good will never come through such actions, it very well may and, in times both past and present, surely has & will again. But to count on them alone, to put your trust in them alone, is foolhardy. The mercy of our God is what saves us, and an inner re-set of where we first look for help may be what saves the spirit of America.