What God hath Wrought…Treading on Snakes!

I think that many people do not have any idea what has actually happened – what IS happening – that resulted in the election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th. President.

Many may not recognize that Heaven has moved on earth. Not since the appointment of George Washington as our first Commander-in-Chief has there been such an epochal move of the Almighty on our nation, as the coming to power of Donald J. Trump. He has come to power in a way that could not have been stopped. Universal evil shook with fear. There is a Force coming against them that they are realizing will not stop. They know that the darkness is going to be rolled back, and they will be exposed. It has already started.


Right now, we are witnessing a tectonic shift away from the Establishment in virtually all arenas… President-elect Donald Trump destroyed the Establishment model on how to run for President. Establishment politicians are hanging on by a thread, having been exposed for being out of touch with mainstream Americans. The Establishment media is crumbling under the weight of its own incompetency, being replaced by alternative sources of information and action…All the trends in technology are de-centralizing power and information.” (Steve Elliot – Grassfire newsletter)

But “those who control the levers of power are not going to give up without a fight.” says Elliot.

We see this, of course, in continuing protests & riots , as well as Jill Stein’s annoying attempts to – to what, actually? It is acknowledged by quite a few of us that this Clinton/Soros based effort is 1)exactly that, a Clinton/Soros based effort & 2) an attempt to “diminish President-elect Trump“, as “Soros has to get something for his millions.” according to Rick Wells on Constitution Rising.com (http://rickwells.us/trump-mi-attorney-general-file-lawsuits-stop-frivolous-soros-recounts/

Apparently, there is even a petition to the Electoral College circulating, with over 4 million signatures, requesting an election result reversal. (http://usapoliticszone.com/index.php/2016/12/05/petition-reverse-us-election-result-stop-donald-trump-president-becomes-popular-history/)

And, as well, we have the assassination threats.


Well…the tenacity & intensity of this resistance should make it clear to us all that a powerful conflict yet ensues. Power structures that I believe are far greater & malignant than most of us know, do not want to let go. They are activating all this turmoil. I liken them to Pharoah’s army, sent to re-capture the Israelites after he had set them free. He couldn’t let go. And that stubborn refusal to do so resulted in the demise of every single soldier pursuing God’s people – they were swallowed up by the Red Sea. “…there remained not so much as one of them.” (Exodus 14:28)

I believe that President-elect Donald J. Trump is spearheading a mighty Divine parting of a dark sea of wickedness that has ruled our country & this world long enough. This is a cataclysmic event, ordered by a Sovereign God who fights with us and for us. Though battles are yet being fought, and the Body of Christ needs to remain vigilant & constant in prayer, I believe that the United States of America is about to see that “path of the just…as that shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” (Proverbs 4:18)




Trump Max.png    Note:  This prophetic word was posted on Lana Vawser’s site 3 days after the above content was written by myself.


Stand with God!






Returning to Monarchy?


benIt was a great concern of Benjamin Franklin’s that, eventually, America would return to monarchical rule. When I first learned of that fact, I was confused. I could not understand why Franklin entertained such a fear, in light of the monumental struggle against a monarchy, only recently survived by the thirteen American colonies in the Revolutionary War. The pieces of such an ominous puzzle eluded me.

Today, I understand. I see how it could conceivably happen.


Life can be dangerous, and freedom brings with it responsibilities & obligations, perhaps burdens. Even so, who would desire imprisonment instead? Would any one of us choose slavery in its place? A Power timeless and eternal has undertaken to “…bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.” (Isaiah 42:7) A Servant has been sent forth, and a proclamation of liberty has been made. (Isaiah 61:1) While you were held captive, that which was precious to you fell into a state of desolation, and seemed wasted…but a Promise has been sent, to raise up and repair (Isaiah 61:4), even the very years that seemed lost. (Joel 2:25)

Provisions have been made, and are at work today, to set men free, and to keep them free.

I believe that that the United States of America was raised up so that such Provisions could be displayed to humankind, and learned, and lived.



Monarchy was NOT in the heart of the Lord for His creation. You need to get that fact straight, right from the start. The Lord was looking for willing relationship, for fellowship, with man. Genesis shows us communication between the Creator and the first man & woman (Genesis 3:8-13) Granted, that particular conversation was not a casual social exchange – but it would seem as though perhaps it was part of an accepted, expected routine. Adam and Eve recognized the Lord’s voice; they’d heard it before.

In a previous conversation, the LORD had instructed the man Adam not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This command was given to Adam because, if he ate of this fruit, he would surely die. He would die. Got that? No shades of gray here. A certain kind of knowledge kills. This is as true today as it was then. God was not trying to rain on Adam’s parade: He was trying to preserve the paradise of their existence from corruption.

Sadly, or so it seems today, such was not to be the case.


Even if you are not a Bible believing follower of Christ, you probably know this account of what is termed ‘the fall of man’. She ate the forbidden fruit, he ate the forbidden fruit, the LORD confronted them, the LORD cast them out.

At first reading, these actions of what we probably perceive as a displeased God may seem heartless & cruel. But one needs to discern the motive behind them. Because the mans27-th (2) now had the knowledge of good and evil, he, and therefore his progeny & the world they would fashion were in dire trouble. Trouble such as would take millenia to come to pass. Adam could not have imagined it…but the LORD could. Already knowing the atrocities and horrors that mankind would eventually perpetrate upon the earth because of this first error in human judgement, He had to act. He would not allow this catastrophe to run rampant into infinity. A redemptive Plan was begun.

“…and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat , and live forever…the Lord GOD sent him forth from the garden of Eden…” (Genesis 3:22, 23)


In this account of the Creation, we learn that the crafty serpent lured God’s first couple into partaking of deadly knowledge by introducing doubt – a doubting of the nature of God’s intentions towards man. By skillfully inserting one question, “Yea, hath God said…?”, this diabolical being set in motion a process which still goes on today. and which, when engaged in, brings with it destruction on every scale. He questioned God’s statement, then flat out denied it. Lastly, he lied about God’s intentions with a devious implication. The implication was that their Creator did not want this first couple to know what He knew – not because it might harm them but because He wanted all the attention, all the power. He didn’t want to share. Without actually coming right out & saying so, the serpent painted a picture of God as being petty, jealous & selfish.

In a very short conversation, this beast of the field dismantled Paradise.


I have always believed that motive is paramount. Often, more so than what you say to me, I want to know your motive. More so than what you do, I want to know why you are doing it. It is way too easy to get caught up in the spider’s web! Where people are concerned, look before you leap…we are needy, selfish, prone to change on the turn of a dime…God, however, is not and does not. It behooves us to learn of Him, so that we may stop doubting. Faith builds up on itself, and results can endure.

Without, however, that enduring trust in God & His motives, man will seek out other ways & means to make their way back to Paradise. We may not realize that is what we’re doing. The problem here is that any other Way will at some point fail you. It will disappoint, it will run out when you need it most. Worst case scenario, it will enslave and kill.

On man’s journeys back to Paradise, he mistakenly sought out monarchy as a means to get there.


Going back to Biblical times, prior to and during the years of the prophet Samuel, we learn that judges & prophets ruled over the affairs of the people of Israel. They had no earthly king. That was the Plan.

Ushering Samuel in as one who judged over Israel were brutal onslaughts against Israel by the mighty Philistines. The children of Israel pleaded with Samuel to intercede for them to the LORD, for deliverance from this powerful enemy. Long story short, “…Samuel cried unto the LORD for Israel; and the LORD heard him…and they {the Philistines} were smitten before Israel…so the Philistines were subdued, and they came no more unto the coast of Israel…all the days of Samuel.” (1 Samuel 7:9,10,13) From that point on, Samuel was the man.  He judged Israel until his death.

It appears to me to be a case of ‘we, the people’ seeking out a leader, who was NOT a king. Rather, this leader acknowledged, worshipped & served Another, the King of all the earth. And it sounds like it worked out very well.

What changed?

As he grew old, Samuel appointed his two sons as judges, also. They, as it turned out, craved money. They “took bribes, and perverted jundgment.” (1 Samuel 8:3) (Does this sound at all familiar?) Distressed by this shift in leadership style, the elders of the tribe decided a regular king (more government?  Big government?) would be the answer. Despite Samuel’s resistance and the LORD’s detailed warnings, they persisted, and got their way.

According to these Scriptures in 1 Samuel, by desiring an earthly king, Israel was rejecting the kingship of the LORD. In doing so, though they thought that such a course of action would bring peace & prosperity, the Israelites were in fact setting themselves up for servitude (v.17). They were inviting many an evil king to sit on their throne, as Bible history shows us.


At root, then, it appears that a love of money was the catalyst toward monarchy. Seems absurdly simple, doesn’t it? Well…“the love of money is the root of all evil…” (1 Timothy 6:10). And, if this was true in ancient Israel, it is just as likely to have been true in the days of America’s Founding. I take you back to my opening statement regarding Benjamin Franklin’s serious concerns about the new young nation returning to monarchy. Impressively, Franklin cites this very same cause. He “…foresaw the possibility of profit in public office becoming the means by which an American monarchy could arise.” He could envision “…an executive with monarchical powers.” (Skousen, Cleon W. The 5000 Year Leap: A MiracleThat Changed the World)  Franklin believed, as did George Washington & Alexander Hamilton, that men tend to progress towards either anarchy or tyranny/kingly government, and that a king – a single leader in charge – is thought by the people to somehow ensure equality. If the people think a king can ensure their safety & well-being, and choose him over the true King’s provisions of these things – and you have avaricious men seeking such offices because they offer ‘honor’ (power) and high salaries (power) – talk about hand-in-glove!

Or talk about history repeating itself.

Jefferson - Machinery of Govt. (2)


How ‘full circle’ it becomes!  A destructive love of money lays the path & fosters the conditions towards monarchy, which office is fulfilled & perpetuated by such a one in whom that same passion dwells. Franklin, while knowing that his belief was unrealistic, nevertheless advocated that public office not be an office of profit. That way, the right men with the right motives would be the ones occupying governing positions.


Optimistically, however, Franklin concluded that his opinion of his country and her citizens was such that there would always be “…a sufficient number of wise and good men…to execute well and faithfully…” such offices. (Smyth, Albert H., ed., Writings of Benjamin Franklin) Thank God for faithful men & women, and for those (though perhaps few) who yet remain with the heart of a patriot.  Faith only as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.



I don’t know if it is me, or the times. 

I have observed that I am less & less inclined to attempt to ‘stay on top of things’, politically.  It’s too much.  Even just glancing at my emails makes me instantly tense anymore.  Do I really need to know all this?  Or do I? It isn’t up to me to accurately assess national & international crises.  I’m not a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, or the Intelligence Committee.  No one needs to know my opinions, and none of the outcomes are my call. Yet it seems wrong to not be at least aware of the major happenings of the day in this extraordinary land I call home.

It’s a dilemma. 

Is it just me, or is it the times?  What is really going on?  I’ve learned enough, over the last 5 years of writing & publishing on this site, to have reached a saturation point where current events are concerned.  I can’t absorb anymore right now.  I may need to do something with what I already know, but I also think I need to monitor what new information I let in.

Where are we going wrong?  What is happening in this country?  What did God intend for America?  What was in His mind, and can we still do anything about that? 

Issues are so complex.  There are no simple solutions.  It would seem that some matters would be black & white, matters of morality, or security, but there is law and there is grace. Drawing a line may not be the Godly move. Motive is everything.  Substance trumps form, does it not?

Barbara Walters was David Letterman’s guest tonight, and they were discussing various well-known international leaders, mainly dictator types.  She demonstrated knowledge, class and compassion.  Yet she too expressed her quandary with the times.  Wrapping up a summation of a current world situation, Ms. Walters declared that she didn’t even know what she was saying.  Trying to describe the realities of the times brought her to a standstill.

I feel exactly the same way these days.  Even as I begin to form a thought or opinion, it fizzles out.  There is no point.  I don’t say this by way of despair or fatalism.  Not at all.  But when I was watching one of the last  government shutdown news broadcasts – before it was ‘resolved’ –  for the first time, I felt a disgust with Washington, DC.  Suddenly, to me, the whole kit & caboodle of ’em were disgusting.  I’ve seen this sentiment many times in online forums and comments, but I’ve never believed it to be true.  Until now.

Is it just me?  Or is it the truth of the times?

Donald Trump was also a Letterman guest recently.  He emphatically volunteered the information that all of them up there on Capitol Hill dislike each other, can’t stand each other.  Trump has been around the block many times;  I would trust his input on a matter like this.

So where does it go from here?


I can only see one solution for this country.  More than ever there needs to be the planting of the seeds of knowledge of our Constitution, and of the heritage of America, still beautiful.  This has to happen.  Whether it is done from your home or in the classroom, through computer screen or the pages of a book, while in a church  or in a university – it has to happen.

We the People




Re-focus for 2010…and beyond !

“…we have never had an atheist President of the United States. Could it be that the people would be unwilling to put their trust in someone who did not feel accountable to a higher power?” (God and Science.org)

Well, that whole ‘kaleidoscope’ effect I mentioned in my previous post continues. My mind is shifting & swirling as I attempt to co-ordinate facts, descriptions, and theories, as well as consider the viability of opinions. Right on the heels of reading (highlighting, re-reading & formulating a plan! for my next post, i.e.,this one) the 14-page transcript of this past Sunday’s “Meet the Press”, I allowed myself to be led down the paths presented by the near-destruction of Flight 253 on Christmas Day. Which means, one article leading to another leading to another, on terrorist networks, individuals, strategies & counter-strategies, and then found myself back at the Guantanamo debacle. And yes, there’s more! but let me not get into all that right now…while not exactly exploding, my head is full! I never attended college, but I imagine this is how college students often feel…


I have found that, in my explorations of current events, especially as relates to Middle East conflicts, probably too much of my focus tends to life & death-type, weighty scenarios & realities, to the detriment of just Life, as in Christ. Though He is the reason, and the power within & behind, what I attempt here, I forget – not Him but the rest that is in Him. I know that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing, with ‘God, History and You’, but perhaps at this juncture, I and my posts need a touch of the Word of God.

While reviewing the issues discussed during this week’s ‘Meet the Press’, one or two seemed to rise to the surface. So, here goes –

When asked what the mood of the country, politically, is at this time, Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick replied, “Sour and angry…” NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea
Mitchell agreed, identifying an “angry subtext” to the spirit of America that she finds “very, very worrisome”. Ms. Mitchell described this anger as not being ‘fact-based’ but rather an “angry populism which is…furious at everybody”. She points to economic collapse as the root cause of this anger.

Governor Patrick sees it pretty much the same way.

Adding his insight to the mix, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich presents a different slant. The initial ‘transparency’ campaign rhetoric, which seemed as almost euphoria to many , built us up to let us down – expectations of openness were instead met with “…secret deals, ramming through stimulus…in a secret way, basically bribing senators…” Gingrich sees this betrayal of a promise, this misuse of power as cause for much of the sour mood settling across America.

Now, what I’m thinking goes something like this – with whom are Americans really angry? A global economic crash? How does one pinpoint anger at a worldwide event? Our President, for not remaining true, or our Congress members? Well, that’s more feasible, but God gave us a warning way back in time that holds a clue to this anger, I think. Few there be that heed it – “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help” (Psalm 146:3, KJV). Or, to put it a different (and by different, I mean, the same!) way – “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” (Psalm 118: 8,9, KJV)

Our human nature wants to feel secure, and we naturally feel more secure when we can see, hear and/or handle that which supposedly is helping & protecting us. You know, like the apostle Thomas needed to see the wounds of the risen Christ before he could believe…but everybody knows that “…blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29, KJV)

‘Man’ and ‘princes’ represent people and government/agencies. It isn’t that help will not come through them, it very well may…but our trust would be much more wisely & safely placed in God. ‘Man’ and ‘princes’ are fallible and prone to err. One way or another, they/we misstep, misjudge, become greedy, power hungry, you name it, the list goes on…how can we fully trust anything/anyone like this? Scripture aside, common sense dictates that we not!

It’s a tricky mix though, a balancing act, because the United States of America is a “We, the people” kind of government, as indeed it should be. Still, having put all our eggs in the ‘economy’ basket, or the “Yes, we can!” basket has left so many of us…angry. Bitter. Scared?

We trusted the wrong thing.

So perhaps a good starting point, internally, for at least some of us in this New Year of 2010 would be to re-focus on how & where we place our trust. Everything else doesn’t have to grind to a halt; obviously, that would not work! Doing nothing isn’t my point…but more is required for certain kinds of success than the activities of men & princes, than meetings of Congress & Presidential decisions, government programs & stimulus packages. As aforementioned, it is not that good will never come through such actions, it very well may and, in times both past and present, surely has & will again. But to count on them alone, to put your trust in them alone, is foolhardy. The mercy of our God is what saves us, and an inner re-set of where we first look for help may be what saves the spirit of America.


Treading on our Heritage

I received this picture in an e-mail Forward recently. This new one dollar coin was received as change, given to the customer at a US Post Office. “In God We Trust” is missing.

I don’t know the history of United States coinage, but I’m assuming this is the first time in over 200 years, the first time since the founding of America that such an abomination has occurred. It may seem like an innocuous omission, but it is no such thing. It is sickening, and I believe it is dangerous. Despite signs all around me to the contrary, I have not wanted to admit that it may be later than I think. I have continued, and perhaps foolishly still continue, to hope and look to the Lord for His best for my country, our country, because how could it be that just as I am seeing what America really has been and is, she should die?

The sender of this e-mail sounds a call to arms, so to speak, and asks Americans to refuse this coin when it is offered to them. I will be one of those Americans who do so. If you know the Lord, if you love your country, please consider doing the same. Let your voice be heard. Such godless action should not go unchallenged, and we should not just bow down to the one who seeks to set himself up as God, who is not God., and works to rob America of her heart and her very existence.