What Went Down in Eden…?

There have been certain Scriptures, throughout my years of Bible reading, that have troubled me. Often, I had to – and sometimes still do – shy away from them. There is enough uncertainty & inherent threat in life, without that which is supposed to comfort & illuminate me, adding to it! Until I can get a better understanding of these Words, I have to ‘walk away’. I do not disbelieve them. I just can’t handle them. In fact, in Peter’s 2nd. epistle we are specifically warned about those Scriptures ‘hard to be understood’. If you have yet to become ‘learned’ in these things, they can destroy you.

There were other Scriptures that did not trouble me, but yet…I sensed truth not revealed. I couldn’t put my finger on it. And most of the time, I don’t think I was even cognizant of the fact that I even perceived this. I just kept on reading…


I think the reason for these ‘gaps’ might be found in Jesus’ statement to his disciples, that there was much more He had to tell them, but they could not bear it yet. There is a place in our spiritual awareness & growth where we, too, cannot bear knowing certain things. Just as you would refrain from exposing your children to certain kinds of topics, so God does with us.

Until we are ready.

When that time comes, the Lord will bring that information to you, and lead you by His Spirit down paths of increase in learning. In some cases, the information might not ‘go down easy’, even then. You may need to use wisdom in managing your intake. But as you become acclimated to a greater fullness of truth, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It is at once awful & glorious. It occurs to me that such instruction could be compared to Peter’s counsel concerning discipline, that in the moment it takes place, it is ‘not pleasant but grievous’ – yet afterwards it yields the ‘peaceable fruit of righteousness.’

And I must say here, that I am truly enjoying these times of ‘peaceable righteousness’!


A riveting Scripture which has always caught my attention is the beginning of John 8:44. Speaking to certain Jews (who sought to kill Him, v.40), Jesus said point-blank, “Ye are of your father the devil…”, adding, “…and the lusts of your father ye will do.” Jesus was speaking to physical beings, as far as we can tell – sooooo….how could Jesus say their ‘father’ was a fallen angel/devil? The Hebrew word used here is a primary noun meaning ‘father’, and can include ‘parent’. Now, it would be one thing if at some point a physical, human being became influenced or possessed by another entity or spirit, but I don’t think that would qualify such entity/spirit as a ‘father’.

Hmmm…what are we talking about here?

On sJesus & Phariseesome level, I always felt that Jesus’ words were literal. These persons were of the bloodline, or lineage of Satan. I didn’t understand that, but in my gut…it resonated.

How did such a condition come into being, though? I didn’t know. The obvious answer seemed preposterous, so I left it alone.


Today, the obvious answer no longer seems so preposterous to me.


These same Jews protested, We be Abraham’s seed! Abraham is our father! (v.33, 39) We have one Father, even God! (v.41)

Jesus saw it differently.

“…ye seek to kill me, a man that has told you the truth…this did not Abraham.” (v.40) (Meaning, you are NOT of Abraham…)

“If God were your Father, ye would love Me.” (v.42)

…let me clarify here, with more of our opening verse (John 8:44): “…and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning…”

So we have these certain Jews, who sought to kill & did not love, claiming faith-filled, Godly lineage, a bloodline descending from Adam, a “son of God” (Luke 3:38) In fact, they are not who they claim to be. Or appear to be. They are rather, according to Jesus, descended from Satan. I submit that it is possible they, or some of them, did not realize that. But they somehow entered the timeline of human history through a procreation process that hearkens back to Satan, and includes flesh & blood.


…at this point, one’s thoughts might turn to the Garden of Eden, where we know the Scriptures tell us about an interaction between a serpent and a woman named Eve. The conditions of a satanic being and flesh & blood are met here in this environment. It may never have occurred to you before, that perhaps what actually transpired in this Garden was an illicit sexual act; if so, you may be revolted by the thought. It is awful. It is sickening. When this concept was first presented to me, decades ago, I was probably being guarded in heart & mind by God, because I was able to stomach it. But I wasn’t sure if I believed it.

Over the ensuing years, the idea faded into the background. But recently, it has re-surfaced. Seen in light of the globalist world that has been developing, and its accompanying movements & entities now pushing to a culmination point, I now find this explanation of the Fall palatable & clarifying. The pieces fall into place. For me, they SO fall into place!


Here I want to construct a chronological sequence of events, that hopefully will illustrate the basic process of corruption that has transpired since ancient times –

  • In the glorious & hallowed Halls of Heaven, Lucifer, God’s most beautiful creation, rebelled against Him.

a. Satan (Lucifer?), and those who followed him, were cast out of heaven.

b. It is considered that this catastrophic event occurred in the space of time    between Genesis chapter 1, verse 1 & verse 2. The violent power released here might explain v.2: “…the earth was void, and without form.”

c. At this point, it might safely be conjectured that Satan begins to plot his comeback.

  • God brings the garden of Eden into being. He creates man & woman within it.

a. Enter the serpent. (Here comes the ‘comeback’!)

b. This serpent beguiles & seduces Eve. (Note: Assuming this was an actual physical sexual seduction, the DNA was here corrupted. The intended embryons27-th (2)ic process that would have transpired between Eve, the *virgin & Adam, a son of God, was usurped. Eve’s firstborn, Cain, carried ‘bad blood’.)

c.  *I say ‘virgin’ because sexual activity between Eve & Adam is not mentioned in Genesis until after the Fall.

Question: Did the serpent/aka Satan/Lucifer somehow know about a future plan of God to bring HIS firstborn into the world through the human procreative process? Was this a pre-emptive attack, hopefully thwarting His purposes by tainting & transforming the bloodline?

(Even though God’s plan of redemption through our Savior was a direct response TO Satan’s seduction – perhaps Satan did not have full foreknowledge.)

  • Now a bloodline is tainted.
  • Eve bears another son, with Adam: Abel. That bloodline is not tainted with the serpent seed.
  • Time passes. Men multiply upon the earth. Two blood lines exist & compete

Question: Did Satan think, Hmmm…my chances of domination will increase if more ‘people’ on the earth have MY tainted blood..what can be done about that?

  • So  “…the sons of God {angels who left their first estate as did Lucifer, in a sense} came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them…” (Genesis 6:4)


Immediately following this verse in Scripture, we are told that God “…saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth…”  It was so bad, in fact, that “every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”.  Every imagination…only evil…continually. “…the earth was filled with violence.” (Genesis 6:11) I have to consider the appearance of such pervasive, consuming iniquity on the earth to be related to a possible serpent seed bloodline, and its reaching of critical mass proportions finally accomplished by the couplings revealed above, in verse 4.


(At this point in time, God brings the Flood, wiping out all mankind except Noah, his three sons, and their wives. The slate was wiped clean. 

But it did not stay that way.

Next post, some thoughts on that…)


It Started Way before 9/11…

…a post from December, 2010…

Jesus, the Revolution & You

In the days following September 11, 2001, I heard something like this from the Lord : that He took no pleasure in that horrendous, vicious wounding of our nation. While many who stood behind pulpits, or listened from pews in front of them, preached judgment on America for her sins, I heard something else. I heard that a silent poison had been spreading, and was far more advanced than we knew. Stopping its spread required perseverance and a ’never forget’ mentality, and these in turn required such a wounding as the catastrophic tragedy that took place in New York city that morning. A lesser event could fade from memory, and not elicit the sustained vigilance necessary to combat terrorism and preserve our land.

This was how I understood what I believed was shared with me that day.

Today, I understand more. I understand the poison that had been spreading was…

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Before Returning to my First Love…a few thoughts on ‘Weird Stuff’


For probably about a year now, I have been drawn more & more into exploring what I call ‘weird’ topics. Another term for these topics might be ‘conspiracy theories’, or something similar to that. I have wondered, along the way, if I was wandering too far off course. At times I have actually felt in danger – of what, it is hard to say – and have had to back off for awhile. Recently, the Lord reminded me that the Scriptures tell me to be rooted & grounded in Christ, not the increasingly gripping lure of ancient ‘myths’, civilizations, and personages both physical & otherwise. There was never a moment when He told me to give up my research on & writing about, such subject matter, though. And so for this reason – and the fact that I was able to withstand & process it – I believe I was being led into truth that He had prepared me to be able to receive.

And so I am now a believer in things ‘weird’.


I write this post because I want to try & summarize what I have come to see as reality. Though unnerving, even nightmarish in its substance, Scripture appears to back it up. So I want to present a simple overview.


…but afterwards, I think I will be focusing much more on my first love, and returning to things Revolutionary, Founders & God-related. I believe some of our greatest answers lie in our history & Constitution, and some (many?) of our leaders need to submit to that premise – so that also will be included in my subject matter here, going forward. To everything there is a season, and I think this particular season of ‘dark matter delving’ has just about ended, for me. It is time to look to the light in the land of the living. It is time to turn back to hope, and it is time to be refreshed & instructed in God-given solutions that can restore & sustain America, yet beautiful but gravely wounded.



“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” (William Shakespeare / Hamlet Act 1. Scene V)


While I strongly believe that EVERYTHING is under God’s control and direction, I also now believe that within His control is allowed the ‘control’ of others. These ‘others’ manipulate. It is God’s choice to allow this. There is a Divine & perfect reason for this, which one day all creation will see & know. At that time, the rejoicing of the righteous will be off the charts! but at this time, we who are in His name need to practice remembering this, and remembering to rejoice now as well, in His promises to us, and in His faithfulness to keep them. We need to actively employ these promises in the Word, and the knowledge of Him, because in the end, this is our only escape from the other realities that exist in this world. These realities are gaining momentum, it seems, and are working towards an age-old agenda. The King of Kings will crush them, once & for all, in a day yet to come. But until then, I think is is good to at least be aware of the existence & intent of these ungodly powers. They are God-wannabe’s, and will stop at nothing to convince themselves & everyone else that that they are God – when, of course, they are not.



Some years ago, I came to the conclusion that essentially, just about everything boils down to the conflict between Christ and anti-Christ. That may seem over-simplified…and if you don’t believe in Christ or His Word, then this may be where I lose your interest. Hope not.

I can see no other possible explanation for EVERYTHING ‘wrong’ in/with this world, than that the age-old tale of Lucifer rebelling against the Most High is still playing out. Like leaven, it has spread slowly, invisibly & inexorably throughout time & history, moving towards a final culmination. As we get closer to it, we notice more & more ‘change’, or perhaps we don’t notice it…or we do, but don’t see it for what it possibly is.

I’ve written a few articles detailing my thoughts on this matter. Rather than recounting them all, here are links to them, if you are interested:

America: the Founders’ Vision…or Something Else?

America: the Founders’ Vision…or Something Else? (Part 2)

 Lucifer Keeps Busy

Once, “the Anointed Cherub”…but Now?

Frustration: Eternally Old


There are those who have been following certain happenings worldwide, and who see patterns & real possibilities that I had not – until this past year or so. Specifically, there seems to be a global & celestial plan underway to usher in the return of Lucifer, in the guise of the anti-Christ. Many are involved in this.  Much of it is probably not apparent. It is happening behind the scenes, worldwide – yet perhaps hidden in plain sight.  What is apparent probably confounds & frustrates those who see it. Or they see it as entertainment, fantasy – but it may not be so innocent.

Other evidence that is presented either doesn’t interest the average person, or it is dismissed as myth or some such fabrication. Increasingly, I am not so sure that it should be.

I doubt that any theater of life- government & politics, education, science, economics & business, religion, the media – is exempt from its invasion.



I don’t see how the appearance of certain themes, in certain television shows, springing up in a cluster all at the same time can be ‘coincidence.’ Perhaps people are being conditioned to view malevolence in a MUCH less threatening way. Suddenly ‘Lucifer’ & ‘Angel from Hell’ present the viewer with a quirky, cutesy overlay to beings from a realm where nothing is quirky or cutesy. ‘Sleepy Hollow’ (my favorite show, actually) is devolving more deeply into that being-from-another-realm-returning theme. Suddenly I’m noticing that. The X-Files suddenly returns. In ‘Super Girl’, ‘Flash’ and other television series,  inter-galactic/hybrid/alien beings either become part of Earth’s forces, or attack it. Our screens are deluged with plots & images that get us thinking about situations & conditions that do not, or we think do not currently exist – and get us more accustomed to them. More accepting. Less resistant should these situations develop, or to allowing their development.

…so, if you are considering the implications or validity of my suspicions, it needs to be pointed out that such events would all be part of God’s Plan for the ages. Though unnerving, such happenings are not outside of His Hand or knowledge or purposes. Having briefly laid out my general worldview & suspicions, I want to emphasize that we not be consumed by them. Be aware. But seek instead He who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He alone is the Way out of this.


Jesus, the Way

Once, “the Anointed Cherub”…but Now?

It seems that my attention is being more & more directed to that ancient Biblical event, spoken of by Jesus in the 10th. chapter of Luke: “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

Warfare against Powers & PrincipalitiesSatan falling from heaven….

It seems to be generally accepted that before this falling, Satan was that glorious angelic being known as Lucifer. Big difference, though, between the ‘before & after’ persona…and motivations, of this being. Again, it seems to be generally believed that pre-fall Lucifer was wondrous, dazzling; those who inquire further, seeking details. learn that Lucifer was ‘perfect’ in his ways, the anointed cherub. and from within his very being emanated musical glory. He ‘was upon the holy mountain of God’. He was in the garden of God! (Ezekiel 28: 13-15)

Lucifer had everything going for him…something went wrong, though. We are told, ‘…iniquity was found…’ in him. (v.18) The verses following this first indication of reversal in Lucifer’s condition, seem to describe pride & vanity…we know from Isaiah 14 that Lucifer rebelled against God, his Creator, deciding that he was going to become like God. I don’t think Scripture actually says that this mutinous being intended to oust the Most High…from being the Most High…and ruling in His stead…but I get the feeling, that was the plan.

Whatever the depth or magnitude of Lucifer’s deluded intent, God’s ruling was “…thou hast sinned; therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God.”


…thus, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”


(Note: I am not aware of any Scripture that actually states that Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan. However, my Bible reading & study over the years has led me to that assumption, as it has many believers of Scripture, I think.


Now…Bible scholars have postulated that there existed a possibly great time lapse in between the events of Genesis chapter 1, verses 1 & 2. That a catastrophic, cataclysmic event took place during that time, which rendered the earth ‘…without form, and void…’ Darkness prevailed upon the deep, and the earth was in undistinguishable ruin.

Can you see the hurling down of Lucifer and his legions to the earth, as the cataclysmic event that caused such destruction?


…assuming that it was, we now have a mighty fallen angelic being roaming about this scene of violently darkened destruction, an angel who had possibly only seconds before walked in the glories of Paradise, an elite & highly privileged creation of God. I don’t think any of us can actually imagine what he must have been feeling. But I would think that, on the heels of this initial shock, Lucifer’s thoughts may have been something like, “Now what???”

“Where do I go now? What do I do next?”

…and those desperate, frantic questions probably led to this next one:

“How can I get it all back?”


I am telling you now that, at its root, (whether known or unknown to its participants,) whatever plans, programs or agendas that have been or will be implemented under the heading of globalism, One World anything or New World Order, are the results of Lucifer’s attempts to get it all back.


…now, Lucifer was created (Ezekiel 28:15). He came to consciousness in fullness of his power and beauty. Having known nothing less than an exalted state, once cast down, it would seem to me that he would grab at ANY possible means of regaining it. Let’s take a brief but more detailed look at what this exalted state encompassed –

Based on the Scriptures pertaining to him found in Ezekiel 28, we can learn a few things:

!) It sounds like Lucifer’s wisdom & beauty were unparalleled (v.12).

2) He was in Eden, the garden of God.(v.13)

(We know from other Scriptures in Genesis 3, that the serpent was found in that garden of Eden, not one whose name means ‘day star’…so, this is perhaps somewhere or something else? Perhaps this ‘garden of God’ existed in the heavenlies, just as the heavenly Tabernacle, after which the earthly one was patterned.) Not only was Lucifer in this garden of God, but is described as having coverings of bedazzling jewels & precious stones (v.13) – which possibly represent attributes inexpressible, according to C.S Lewis in his Christian Behaviour.

3) Tabrets & pipes were prepared ‘in him’. Music resided within Lucifer! and surrounded him! (v.13)

4) Lucifer was deliberately placed by God in a high – possibly the highest – position of government over all of the rest of the creation of God, “upon the holy mountain of God” (v.14). (This verse can possibly be construed to represent promotion to a place of authority in the affairs of God.)

5) Finally, it seems that Lucifer had also ministered in the office of priest, offering worship to God and having, therefore, access to a nearthe Mercy Seatness to His throne. (v.14)

(Lucifer is called the “anointed cherub that covereth” (v.14) What does this imagery bring to mind? The cherubim with overspread wings, covering the Mercy Seat on the ark of the Covenant, right? How could there be doubt, then, as to a sacred & priestly aspect of Lucifer’s existence?


We don’t know what kind of conversations may have occurred between Satan & God, at this point. One possible aspect of the forward-going machinations of Satan, would have been an attempt to restore God’s original earthly creation. Donald Barnhouse, in his The Invisible War, suggests this. To me, it does seem most likely…Barnhouse also states that Satan was/is still trying to show God that he can do it. If I can only prove to the Most High that I can get this whole mess all straightened out, renewed…if I can fix it!!!…then maybe I can get back MY former glory and still have a shot at running the show…might be how Satan thinks still today. Because Satan’s goal is to bring order out of chaos (for his own selfish, vain reasons, of course,) Barnhouse continues, organization is a major tool. But we know how so many – if not eventually all – organizations collapse. Underlying malevolent agendas, love of money, lust for power…look at the ‘great’ civilizations (organizations) of the past. Gone. Corruption scandals touch even the most initially (apparently?) benevolent committees & corporations …their CEO’s etc. can’t keep their hands clean, one way or another. (I recently heard something unsavory even about the Red Cross…although I never looked into the details…) My point is, as Barnhouse writes,”Satan cries, ‘Let there be organizations!’ And there is chaos. He calls out, ‘Let there be United Nations!’ And there are vetoes and wars….He commands, ‘Let there be brotherhood!’ And there are race riots…”

Satan can’t make it happen.

What he does bring to the table is…more death & destruction.


Think about these things when looking at the world around you, the world across the oceans…the world both visible and INvisible. Don’t count on the organizations of this world-system. Yes, some are still good, and may yet be so for awhile, but keep in mind, IF they are good, then God is probably on their side & in their midst. He dwells yet in some of us, and therefore His touch and impact is still felt in the world. In addition to His sovereign actions. The Scriptures tell us that He works all things after the counsel of His own will (Ephesians 1:11,) so…keep that in mind, when observing the downward spirals of what appears as loss or defeat, or catastrophe. Satan is far from the only player…even with his hordes of fallen angels (Revelation 12:4).

Think carefully through with whom you align.

There is more going on than you know.


Lucifer Keeps Busy…

“{Being}…vigilant of where the real battle lines lie, can postpone for awhile longer the inevitable reign of the Antichrist, and provide yet another generation of Americans with a chance, not only to live in this, the most kindly and benevolent society the earth has ever seen, but to have a chance to attain true salvation.

(William T. Still, New World Order: the Ancient Plan of Secret Societies)


I cannot emphasize enough, how central to understanding the realities of our kaleidoscopic world, is the ancient intention of Lucifer to control it.

I used to think that once God cast Lucifer out of heaven, he was essentially dismissed. Case closed. Yes, I knew that Lucifer/Satan was cast down to earth (Revelation 12:9), and still prowls about down here, as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).  But I always assumed these actions of roaring & devouring were simply the result of his Lucifer-Fall-of-by-Gustave-Dore-1866_630w_tnhateful, malicious nature. He didn’t get what he wanted.  Jesus got that!  So instead, Satan was/is ‘acting out’ a resentment so strong that it consumes. God was/is letting him get away with it, up to a certain point in time; there will come a Day, when Satan’s time of causing trouble will be over. (Revelation 12:12) 

It never occurred to me that Lucifer/Satan was/is still trying to be like the Most High. (Isaiah 14:14)


Now…Satan isn’t stupid. He must know that he’s never going to win, right? He knows what took place at the Cross.  Or does he?   If he does, I would wager, he was/is counting on the rest of the world not knowing that. As long as he can fool people, as long as he can deceive & blind them (he probably half deceives himself!), he can get away with quite alot of counterfeiting. For many seasons, he has done that. He is doing it now.

But maybe he is unable to stop?  Scripture tells us that there is no truth in him (John 8:44) ….that has to be a form of hell right there. Does he try to convince himself that all that untruth IS truth? Going forward, does he seek to manipulate circumstances to ‘confirm’ those deceptions? Is this why we see endless, repetitive bouts of corruption in business & government, lusting for & abuse of power, crimes of passion, theft, murder? Working out his lies through the unwitting – and sometimes NOT so unwitting – devices of men, he has woven his ill-conceived motives throughout known history, wreaking & reaping horror, misery, and perdition.

Is he incapable of accepting the truth of his never becoming ‘like the Most High’?


In her book “Honestly”, author Sheila Walsh (once a co-host on The 700 Club) shares the story of her depression & resulting breakdown. She learned, while in a rehabilitation clinic, that shame produces a need to control your environment so that it validates a false concept of yourself, one in which you are NOT ashamed. You force your surroundings to lie to you. To bear ‘false witness’ to you about yourself. It is too unsettling, even horrifying to face & accept the truth.

The deeper your shame, the more desperately you seek control.

If no one or nothing in your spheres of activity contradicts your well-entrenched deceptive self-image, fine. But should there arise a challenge… look out!!! All bets are off.


This is not to say that any one of us has not, at some juncture in life, sought to work that very same cushioning ‘mojo’ around ourselves…let’s face it, everyone wants to feel good about themselves. Denial, as they say, isn’t just a river! Not endorsing this behavior, but being realistic about it. People do it. I do it, or have done it.

But the more a person looks for truth, or the Truth, the more those behaviors become apparent. Clinging desperately to lies will become so destructive that, if one wants health & life, he or she will be backed into a corner, and will launch a re-think about themselves and their activities.

Herein lies the difference: Satan/Lucifer has not done that. And, it seems, never will.

So he is doomed to perpetual control machinations, in both the visible and invisible realms. Which, I think, is why – as I stated above – “we see endless, repetitive bouts of corruption in business & government, lusting for & abuse of power, crimes of passion, theft, murder? ” These bouts are worked out, into & through every arena of human endeavor. At times, we may have been complicit in them: “For ye were sometimes darkness…” (Ephesians 5:8)  Whether we were or not, however, this Satanic agenda continues today.


“…..this idea of staging, manipulating and controlling the circumstance and the psychological environment of the individual is very much what today’s government, mass mainstream media and Hollywood is all about.” (Bernay’s Mass Mind Control…)


“…of molding and shaping not just one act, but your regular and ongoing behavior into one that is predictable and fulfills the desires of the controllers.” (Bernay’s Mass Mind Control…)


“As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for invisible government {???} {question marks mine} has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented.”  (Propaganda)


Yes, that agenda definitely continues…

…and so the next logical thought might be, Okay, but how do I combat this? Starting where you are, this suggestion has been made: “Be yourself and think critically on your own.” That may sound deceptively simple, weak & inept. But as you think it through, this strategy makes sense.

“…they’ve been pushing collectivism to condition you to think that your personal journey is irrelevant in the bigger picture” so that you buy into the engineered concepts & constructs of reality that are presented to you, without questioning them. (link)

Question them!


Do you really want to be used in a way that subversively, incrementally destroys YOU, in order for an enemy’s ego to be bolstered? Really? Do ya??? Because if you don’t, you need to wise up & start getting back to your roots, who you really are, what you really believe…you need to look inside yourself…and maybe you need to look Up. You need to meet Jesus, if you don’t already know Him, and you need to learn a little bit about America’s founding documents & her Founding Fathers, her early history and specifically, our Constitution. (Hillsdale College Online Courses)

Reach inside, reach back & reach up to find the good substance of life.


“Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”  (Romans 12:2)


They wanted a King !….or, The Evils of Monarchy

“And ye have this day rejected your God…ye have said unto him, Nay, but set a king over us.” (1 Samuel 10: 19, KJV)
It almost breaks my heart to read through the eighth chapter of 1 Samuel in the Old Testament. It was so not in the heart of the LORD to place an earthly king over the people of Israel. He could not have been any more clear, nor more specific, in His warnings to the people regarding such a form of ‘leadership’. But “Nevertheless the people refused…and they said, Nay, but we will have a king over us:” (1 Samuel 8: 19, KJV) Eerdman’s Handbook to the Bible (p.235) points out that, in those days (and I point out, in days yet to come!) “having a king mean{t} conscription, forced labour, taxation, and loss of personal liberty. But even this does not deter them.”
Now wouldn’t you think such dire consequences as outlined in 1 Samuel would stop Israel dead-in-their-tracks, so to speak, as concerns demanding a king? Plus, the LORD spoke his warning through the prophet Samuel, a man of God well-known by all, and a force to be reckoned with. If the people would’ve listened to any human, it surely would’ve been Samuel. But Biblical history tells us otherwise. The elders of Israel “said unto him, Behold…make us a king to judge us like all the nations.” (1Samuel 8: 5, KJV)
We see here the tendency of man to progress towards ‘kingly government’. It may surprise you to learn that this concept was expressed by Benjamin Franklin, during Revolutionary times!
His concerns for American liberty seem to mirror those of the ancient prophet of Israel. “I am apprehensive, therefore…that the Government of these States may in future times end in a monarchy.” (Albert H. Smythe, ed.,The Writings of Benjamin Franklin) Franklin believed that the American citizenry might eventually fall under the illusion of ‘kingly government’ providing equality among all. (W. Cleon Skousen, The 5000 Year Leap) In a word, security? Which engenders survival, promotes happiness and makes possible liberty and its enjoyment. (Another way of phrasing “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?) Author Michael Novak writes “liberty needs the sunny warmth of culture and ideas and the nourishing rain of favorable institutions of politics and economics.” (The Universal Hunger for Liberty) Conditions must be right, as with the blossoming of any planted seed. Franklin and other Founders shared with the prophet Samuel a great concern for the manner in which those conditions were courted.
In this lure towards ‘kingly government’ which so troubled Ben Franklin, and the clamor of ancient Israel for the same, I see the deceitfulness of law (as opposed to grace) wreaking its havoc. I see in the physical world the demonstration of a spiritual dynamic. Many people seek a structured formula (Old Testament law, or just plain law, period!) which, by adhering to it, will let them rest assured that, before God, they are ‘okay’. In similar manner, ‘kingly government’ will guarantee ‘security’, or equality. Everything will be ‘okay’.
Wrong. On both counts.
In God’s realm, “…by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight.” (Romans 3:20, KJV). Doesn’t work. Not gonna happen. Worse than a waste of time, because “the letter {of the Law} killeth.” (2 Corinthians 3:6, KJV). Conditions are not only NOT ‘okay’, they deteriorate into destruction.
In the earthly realm, government by a ‘king’, or monarch, has never worked, either. Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to George Washington ( from Paris in 1788), wrote this: “ I was much an enemy to monarchies before I came to Europe. I am ten thousand times more so so since I have seen what they are. There is scarcely an evil known in these countries which may not be traced to their king as it source… ” (Edward Dumbault, ed., The Political Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Ch.3, The Blessings of Free Government) Previously, in the spring of 1785, Jefferson had strongly urged James Monroe to visit him in Paris, for the express purpose of gaining a sharper, more clarified view of the American system of government compared to that of monarchical Europe. He wroteMy God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of and which no other people on earth enjoy. I confess I had no idea of it myself.” (Ibid.) Though Jefferson was fully aware of defects in the American system, as is true today still, his belief was that government of and for the People could be repaired and improved by the People – “whereas the evils of monarchical government are beyond remedy.” (Ibid.)
A single human ruler wielding all power is the formula for tyranny. And if you think about it, why would an individual even want to be all powerful? To dictate concerning the lives of others? The answers do not bode well for those under that individual’s rule. Reinforcing a god complex is one answer that occurs to me. Which brings to mind another Old Testament event, when Lucifer (which means ‘day star’, btw – interesting…) made this determination in his heart : “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God…I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:13, 14, KJV) Intending to exalt one’s self as God, however, has this result: “…thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” (Isaiah 14: 15, KJV). God complexes are not healthy. They do not bring health to the people.
Power and authority are with God, and come from Him (Romans 13: 1). Our use of it, when it is in our jurisdiction to do so, whether in the family, on the job, or in the governing of a nation, needs always to be to protect and serve. The temptation is to abuse power, applying it to meet one’s own needs/desires – the challenge to effectively handle it requires His grace, which as its pre-requisite requires in turn our willingness to receive it.