Election Day, 2010 – Will We Change our Future?

Tomorrow voting Americans decide which way the pendulum will swing.

If forced healthcare purchase wouldn’t have fully convinced me, this whole Ground Zero mosque business, combined with it, has. I am no longer ‘on the fence’. I want Obama out.

After about two-and-a-half years as author of ’Jesus, the Revolution & You’, I still know very little about many, many issues, topics, and people – from our past or in our present. The wholeness of things eludes me. But I try. I learn what I can, as I go. Often, I fear, the tip of the iceberg is all I see. I can’t debate, and the details? Hah! They dissolve in my mind after awhile.

Except…not all of them. Some stick. And an overall perception remains. The Bible tells me that, as a believer in, and into, Jesus Christ, I have His mind. I don’t need to know if every thought I have is of Him – it would seem dangerous to assume that, I think – but I do believe that, on the whole, His thoughts direct mine. So maybe such ’perception’ is all I need. I can then, at a certain point, move forward with a certainty that doesn’t need the reinforcement of facts & details.

Reading “Is Obama Submissive to Islam?” , coupled with those growing perceptions, put me over the hump. The beginnings of a near-frightening awareness of Muslim/Islam ideology and motive seals the deal, for me.

In God we live and move and have our being…He is the Greater One…and I know that mortality is swallowed up of Life…so, because of these things, I am not terrified because America is in trouble.

But we need to make better choices.