Tolerance…at What Cost?

It was with deep relief that I read a news article  ( yesterday regarding President Trump’s refugee prohibitions plan. I cannot state enough how important & how necessary I think this action is. I also can’t state enough how much consternation I have felt over the previous administration’s totally opposite course of action. It is confounding to me that anyone could have been in favor of not only allowing such a mass influx of potentially dangerous foreigners, but also actively seeking to import even more.

What were the motives here?


I have to be suspicious of any news event that suddenly erupts onto the screen or over the airwaves. You never heard mention of it before, then one day you learn that it is already underway en masse. C’mon!!! These things don’t pop up overnight. There has been veiled activity going on for possibly awhile; someone had a plan. Why did we not know about it?

For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved (discovered).” ( John 3:20)


“…this whole refugee thing has never been about helping people. It’s about helping people take over the Western civilizations, the globalist…objectives” says Rick Wells, author of the above-cited article.

Let me expand on that thought a bit.

…and begin at the beginning…where we once again find ourselves in the Biblical Garden of Eden, a pristine & perfect creation of God that is invaded by a snake. Now this snake was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field. A smooth talker. (Sidebar: this is the main reason I so distrusted Barack Obama from day one – he was too smooth a talker.) Because he was so slick, he confused & deceived the first woman, Eve, and through this deception, death entered. Death shifted the balance of everything! The poisonous die was cast.

My point here is that, there is a good situation/environment. Then something arrives to tarnish it, weaken it, corrupt it.

…plus, it often arrives in the disguise of something that seems ‘good’ but is not.


So we were presented with multitudes of refugees flooding our shores, being planted in our cities. On the face of it, we may see “…your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore…”. From that perspective, how could anyone turn them away, right?

But is that what this was?


Many do not know that an invasion technique used within the world of radical Islam, called hijra, employs refugee resettlement. Increase their numbers, strengthen & solidify, work Shariarefugee-resettlement-etc-hijra-_federal_immigration_policy_amazonbutton1-684x1024 law into the legal system…change the cultural, religious & legal landscape to their image. Keep this up until a takeover can be effected. The world-wide caliphate is not an imaginary fairy tale. It is the goal of radical Islam.

So it seems feasible, to me, to be suspicious of this kind of activity here.


There are other possibilities to consider as well – if a globalist agenda really is the driving force behind so much of what goes on our world today (I believe it is), the melting of borders would be to the globalist’s benefit. No separate nations, no sovereign governments… no citizens & no individuality, ultimately. Just  people being controlled (whether they fully realize that or not). Rights would dissolve as well. A one world government & ruler, a New World Order, will tell you what to do and you’d better do it.

So there is much to be said in securing & maintaining borders. Which would absolutely include processing, vetting, documenting those crossing those borders legally, to ensure homeland security. To prevent drug trafficking, human trafficking. Terrorism. Crime. Murder…the list goes on, you’ve heard this before. Within those established & maintained borders, you as a citizen of your own country will have the rights ascribed to you by that country’s laws. Your country will remain sovereign & hopefully solvent. It will not become destabilized & threatened by masses of refugees whose agendas we do not know, who will place I think great burdens on the societal infrastructure & economy. Which will weaken us. We do not want to be ripe for the picking, nor sitting ducks.


A question asked is, how far does a country go to prove it is ‘tolerant’? (In other words, to allow the out-of-control resettling programs to run amok. To allow weak border control.) WHY do we need to prove we are ‘tolerant’? And at what cost?

The false god of political correctness has been attempting to force Americans to prove how tolerant they are by embracing more & more inherently dangerous activities & conditions. Think this through. “Security experts warn that we don’t have enough homeland security agents to monitor suspected terrorists who are already in our country. If we increase the number of refugees from terrorist-supporting nations…” the price we would eventually pay, for allowing ourselves to be exposed to such risks, would be ever-increasing surveillance & loss of liberties.  “Who We Are As a People—The Syrian Refugee Question” (Edward J. Erler, Imprimis, October 2016(


Because God has graced & highly favored the United States of America by ushering the man of His choosing into the Presidency, Donald J. Trump, I think it may no longer need to be said that “time grows short for the American people to reassert their sovereignty…to stop the self-sacrifice which the political elites…have determined is necessary to satisfy the gods of political correctness…”

We are on the road back to wholeness & health as a nation.

Thank Him with all your heart!  REJOICE!!!!




Liberty Endangered

“The rights and liberties of free peoples, as expressed in documents such as the United States’ Declaration of Independence, will be completely eradicated if this ideology prevails.” (Brigitte Gabriel, They Must be Stopped)

I’ve been trying to wait until I’d read more…but I can’t. I wanted to at least finish reading the Introduction…but I can’t wait even that long.

Most of you who read this post are probably established in a career and/or family, and/or church, community, etc., with goals either set & being pursued, or already accomplished. Your plans, your lives have taken shape.

Mine has not. Until now…
Though, along the way, it has crossed my mind that what seems like the millions of failed or thwarted efforts at success of ANY kind! may have been deliberate Divine obstruction, I was never able to fully accept that. (Would that I could’ve! Much greater would have been my peace…) When I considered that God may have bound up my life, my talents & my abilities for so long…saving me for a purpose yet to be realized…I believed that could be true but…maybe not. I once read that Jesus was kept hidden in the Father until He reached fullness of power. Then His mission began. There was an appointed time, and a fullness of time. But of course, that was Jesus…not me…could any purpose be so important that my entire life up ‘til now, would’ve been kept on hold for it?

While I don’t know exactly what my part will be in the critical venture ahead, the answer is ’yes’.


“Political correctness has literally paralyzed many in government and created an atmosphere in which fear of being called intolerant or an ‘Islamophobe’ trumps concerns over safeguarding our lives and liberties.” (ibid.)

Brigitte Gabriel is a survivor of Islamic terror, and one of the most sought-after terrorism experts in the world. She witnessed its operations first-hand, growing up in Lebanon and living in a bomb shelter for seven years. Reading only the back cover, inside flaps, and five pages of the Introduction to her book ‘They Must be Stopped – Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It’, my entire being is almost quivering. My focus is heart-pounding, and it is absolute.
How deceived was I, to have almost fully accepted the peace-and-harmony tune being played to Americans by Imam Rauf and his associates – according to Ms. Gabriel, “To gain widespread appeal in America, they cloak themselves in the garb of moderation and take advantage of America’s freedom of religion.” If the shoe fits…and guess what? It does – consider this: “The unbuilt NY mosque has plans for several floors to study how to get Sharia law slowly installed in our country–we have to elect people who are aware of the inflitration…” (comment on ‘Is the State Department Inviting Possible Terrorists into our Schools?’)
The above-mentioned quivering is approaching nausea. But I am not backing down from this. The presence and spreading of radical Islam in America, and the world, “with its central tenet of jihad” is very real. It is deadly serious. Truly, it must be stopped.


As I continue reading ‘They Must be Stopped’, I’ll be posting updates accordingly…