Safeguard your Independence Days !

I wasn’t necessarily planning to publish a Fourth of July piece today.  I’m working on something else, almost done, and thought I’d finish that instead.  But then I got this Independence Day email from ACT! for America.  Included in it is a link to a video recorded at a recent Arab Festival held in Dearborn, Michigan.  The description of what transpired at the Festival was a bit incredulous – do these kinds of things really happen here?  In America?  Worse, a previous email explained that such incidents have occurred before.  So I watched the video a couple of hours ago.

Now, I’m not totally naive’…not anymore.  But to actually see & hear what I saw & heard in this video has sealed the deal for me.  Though I have read about, and believe that free speech is and has always been under assault in America (and elsewhere in this world), and that certain elements of Islam are a real danger to our freedom, period!…actually witnessing such an event is very sobering, and finalizing.

A group of Christians at this festival were being assaulted by a crowd of Muslims.  The Muslims involved appeared to me to be mainly younger, even adolescent.  They were throwing water bottles and other ‘projectiles’ at the Christians.  I watched the video three times, carefully. I did not see one Christian retaliate in any way.  Some were carrying signs declaring basic Biblical messages and Scriptures.  Whenever the camera caught any of the signs in its range, they were always still being held up as normal, not skewed about or at an angle, because their bearers had not let go to throw objects at the Muslim assailants.  Christian hands remained on the signs at all times, as best I could tell. 

My point is, the Christians were being ‘attacked’, and did not attack back.  As best I could tell.

The outcome of this incident?  A police officer threatened to cite the Christians for disorderly conduct, if they did not leave.  He added that they were creating a disturbance, and said to the Christian man who was questioning the officers’ handling of this situation “I mean, look at your people…”  HUH???  HIS PEOPLE, in that particular shot, were just standing there.

This incident could be considered and analyzed from a few different perspectives, but my perspective here is the American one.  Americans were threatened with the loss of freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech because a group of Muslims, who were not being peaceful nor allowing freedom of speech, created a small riot.  No one stood up to them.

Maybe it didn’t seem like a big deal to that police officer.  Maybe escalating violence was prevented because of his actions.  Maybe the Christians could’ve gone about spreading the Gospel in a different way – I don’t know if Jesus would’ve shown up at an Arab Festival with a crowd carrying ‘religious’ signs…but none of these surmisings are the point.  

American rights were trampled on and denied.  Because of certain & specific Muslims.  In a nutshell, people, there you have it.  And certain  American law enforcement let it happen. 

…and I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if this situation was reversed, and Christians were pelting Muslims with water bottles and such?  I think we know.



ACT! for America reminds us through this video, “how fragile liberty is.”  I have thought that myself lately.   The more I learn of government, the more I see how easily things could turn.  So we need to become even more aware, more concerned about safeguarding our freedoms here in America.  And more than ever, ‘We the People’ need to vote more carefully, and put into office men & women who love & will truly uphold our grand and powerful Constitution. 

There is still time.  There really is….


Below, ACT for America’s Independence Day message – 

 {Today}… America celebrates the 236th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and its 236th year as an independent nation.
This remarkable document, along with other “founding documents” such as the Massachusetts Body of Liberties, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, and, of course, the Constitution, stands as a testimony to the uniqueness of America“American Exceptionalism.”
It is this exceptionalism that has been the magnet for countless immigrants from every corner of the world.
It is this exceptionalism that has undergirded a rugged dedication to freedom.
It is this exceptionalism that has helped America overcome even its greatest flaws, such as slavery.

The ACT! for America motto is “Rising in defense of our security, our liberty and our values.”

In other words, rising in defense of American exceptionalism.


Freedom of speech is under assault by the forces of radical Islam, from the streets of Dearborn, Michigan, to the halls of the United Nations, where the Organization of Islamic Cooperation continues to press for a resolution that would be incompatible with our first amendment.
Freedom of speech is under assault by government officials, such as those in Dearborn, who in the past have arrested Christians for exercising their rights, and by police officers this year who threatened to arrest, not the Muslims assaulting the Christians, but the Christians who were being assaulted.
Freedom of speech is under assault by the enablers of radical Islam, those pied pipers of political correctness who generally refuse to debate the facts and the issues, instead resorting to name calling and other propaganda techniques to suppress any and all critique of radical Islam.

…ACT! for America…continue{s} to stand firm in the defense of our security, our liberty and our values.


Please join with them!


For Those Who Cherish Freedom

ACT! for America

For those who cherish freedom:Why we need to stand with Captain Fields

We need 4,000 signatures to reach our petition goal

By Guy Rodgers, Executive Director, ACT! for America
I have a message from my heart I want to send to every ACT! for America member today.

 It’s about something very, very precious to me: Freedom.

You see, my mother grew up in Germany during World War II. I remember as a child her
 telling me the story of a man in her apartment building, who in the late 1930’s would
 publicly criticize Hitler.

One night my eight-year-old mother awoke to hear men yelling and pounding on this man’s
 door. Amid the screams of his family, the Gestapo dragged him away and he was never seen
 again. The message sent was heard loud and clear. My mother lived in fear of her own
 government. She understood how precious freedom is.

I have never forgotten that story.

Because of my love of freedom, I have long been a student of our colonial and founding era.
 Words cannot describe how much I have learned studying the writings of the Founding

Four days ago we celebrated the 235th birthday of our country, a country birthed out of
 passionate desire for liberty and self-governance.

Against that backdrop, police Captain Paul Fields was demoted and suspended because he
 refused to surrender his constitutional rights when ordered to attend an Islamic
 proselytizing event held at a Muslim Brotherhood-connected Islamic Center.

Sadly, very little attention has been paid to this in the media, even in the more conservative
 talk radio media. So why have we at ACT! for America decided this is an issue we need to
aggressively fight?

Here’s why, and it’s the same reason our friends at the Thomas More Law Center have filed
 a lawsuit on his behalf.

Protecting freedom.

I have no quarrel with government officials choosing, voluntarily, to attend religious events
 of various faiths. But Captain Fields should never have been compelled to attend an Islamic
 service and observe classes on Islamic beliefs, simply because he was a police officer and was
 ordered by his superior to do so.

Would the ACLU sit by quietly if a Muslim officer were ordered to attend a Sunday morning
 Christian service, called “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?” We all know the answer to that.

If the disciplinary action taken against Captain Fields is allowed to stand, without protest or
 outrage, the message sent to government officials, not only in Tulsa but across the country,
is that they can compel subordinates to attend Islamic events, and no one will resist.

As much as Islamic terrorism concerns me, I am as concerned about the threat radical Islam—
and the political correctness that enables it—poses to our freedoms.

That threat is incremental, where tyranny chips away at freedom little by little, until one day
 freedom is gone.

Just ask Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, our chapter leader in Austria who was recently
 convicted of “denigrating a religion,” about incremental loss of freedom.

Our Founding Fathers understood incremental loss of freedom. That’s why they protested
even small taxes imposed on them unlawfully, not because the amounts were large, but because
 of the precedents they set.

We at ACT! for America do not have the human or financial resources to engage every issue
 or fight every fight. But the case of Captain Paul Fields is one we must rise up and fight.

Government officials in Tulsa need to know there are Americans who will resist politically-correct
 driven assaults on our freedom. The Islamic Center of Tulsa needs to know this. Groups like
 CAIR and ISNA need to know this. Government officials around the country need to know this.

If we, as an organization, make a strong enough and loud enough stand, they will know.

  • This is why we launched our petition—and why we continue to appeal to patriotic
  •  Americans to sign it.
  • This is why we will go to Tulsa and hold a news conference and rally.This is why we will launch a call-in campaign to selected Tulsa
  •  government officials at the right time.

Because if we don’t, what will be next—the Mayor of Tulsa ordering his staff to attend a
 Ramadan Iftar dinner?

If you cherish freedom as I do, and you haven’t already done so, please join us in
 adding your name to our petition calling for the reinstatement of Captain Fields.
  We’re only 4,000
 signatures short of our goal.

Thank you.

Yours for a safe—and free—America,

Guy Rodgers

ACT for America
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591

Regaining Focus

Unbelievably, once again I find myself sitting in front of my old faithful Compaq Presario, that relic of antiquity that still houses Windows 98 software! And without which, at this point, I would be computer-less…so, no complaints here…! It seems my netbook got infected with a nasty little virus that prevented me from accessing any information through Bing. Supposedly for my ‘security’. Hah. Yeah, right…I will not be forced into using Google, which I suspect may’ve been the motivation here. Attempting a System Restore resulted in a black-out! So, while waiting for a recovery disc to arrive in the mail, I’ve managed to resurrect this baby, and am glad for it!

Christmas is over now, and I’m starting to feel myself kicking back into gear. Feels good! I have found a renewed focus & commitment. Or maybe it found me…

“…Jefferson followed the lodestar of freedom.”

(Robert Schmuhl, Introduction, Thomas Jefferson: America’s Philosopher-King)

Be still, my heart!

…something about that phrase…if one was not familiar with who Thomas Jefferson is, an image of someone with his head in the clouds, who is probably no earthly good! might be conjured up. But we know better…

Having recently passed through a sudden & deeply impacting family crisis, as well as having gone through a number of my own personal valleys of darkness, I am finding on the other side flawless clarity of vision. Count it all joy, right?! (James 1:2) (Which, btw, I constantly forget to do…) This morning, re-reading portions of the very books with which I began my glorious venture into the Revolutionary past, I knew certainty. There was no struggle to concentrate, or grasp an idea. I was THERE! More than ever, my heart & mind align with our Founders, and as I’ve always suspected, I am a kindred spirit with Thomas Jefferson. I worship Jesus, am forever in awe of George Washington, but I recognize myself in Jefferson.

I will be reiterating, here & there along the way, sentiments previously expressed in other posts. But they bear repeating.

I have been horribly able, lately, to imagine being a dhimmi. For those of you who may not be familiar with this term, it is the label applied by Muslim teaching to those who do not believe in their Allah, nor practice Islam. ALL Christians, ALL Jewish believers, and probably most of you reading this, would fall into this category. It is not good, ever, to be living in a state of, or even to merely imagine living in a state of dhimmitude. It is everything that America is not. Living as a dhimmi, in a Muslim society, isn’t just a matter of having a label pinned on you. It is a matter of the loss of your freedom.

As I grow in my knowledge of the ideals of our Founders, I am also growing in a piercing awareness of the preciousness of our liberty. I am aware as well, of the hugeness of my own previous naivete in this matter. Reading ‘The Shack’ (Wm. Paul Young) a month or so ago, I came across the term ‘the wastefulness of grace’, I think it was…God lavishes us with such abundance, in so many ways – we simply aren’t even aware of the worth, the value – because we are so used to having this abundance. It’s a matter of course. We take it for granted. Daily. And I don’t point this out with the intention of provoking guilt. Not at all. But rather to suggest that a deadly result of the constant availability of our American life style fosters the belief that we could not lose it. Ever.

So some of us who need to recognize the signs, don’t.


Ever since my blog-writing shifted from primarily Washington & Revolutionary War-related topics to more current events, world-related issues, such as the war in Afghanistan and terrorism, I’ve been strongly & inexplicably drawn to, well – terrorist issues. It seems black and horrendous, but nonetheless…piecing together increasing knowledge of facts & new information, working on this puzzle, I am getting a much clearer picture now. I had thought, along the way, that I was unhealthily obsessed. Yet no matter what issues of national/international importance arose, for me, fighting terrorism trumped all. I also had thought, why are so few even mentioning this reality these days? Why are American citizens so resistant to US troops involvement in these Middle East conflicts, when it is in fact this very involvement in these conflicts that will produce the results needed to keep America safe? And, in keeping America safe, we safeguard freedom as well. And not for our nation only, but for the world. How can people not realize this?
During this last Sunday’s airing of ’Meet the Press’, Peggy Noonan, columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Pulitzer Prize winning author & Presidential historian Doris Kearns-Goodwin underscored this very issue. Discussing the projected troops pull-out in Afghanistan with Bob Woodward and Tom Brokaw, host David Gregory raised the concern that ‘we are still fighting an existential threat in Afghanistan’. Ms. Goodwin pointed out that ‘6 out of 10 people don’t think this is a war worth fighting’. Yet, she says“…the threat of al-Qaeda still remains the strongest question.” And somehow, it seems that much of the American public has become oblivious to that fact. Probably because, according to Tom Brokaw, “less than one percent of the country is fighting the war. I mean, and 99 percent of the country nothing is asked of us.” Consequently, it is not discussed. Peggy Noonan expressed amazement that “It’s just accepted as a fact that one doesn’t comment on”, throughout our everyday activities.

We can’t be thinking about, dreading, or living in anxiety over the possibility of a terrorist attack at any moment, every moment! You just can’t live that way, and thank God, at this point, these aren’t our constant physical circumstances. This isn’t Pakistan, or the Gaza strip…it’s still America. But we can’t be forgetting that this possibility does exist. “…it’s an obligation of all of us as well as the political leadership of this country to make sure that it’s on the table, not just in forums like this, but on a, on a regular basis.” states Tom Brokaw.

And while this is not Pakistan or Afghanistan, Mr. Brokaw reminds us, as mentioned earlier, of the ‘existential threat’ nature of this battle. “…it goes beyond the borders of Afghanistan. We’re talking about Islamic rage.”


I rejoiced to hear these words spoken, for in doing so, they highlighted, as well as confirmed, the priority that terrorism awareness needs to have in our country, but does not. The need for our economic recovery is a sorely pressing one, I know. But if our homeland security is not zealously and ceaselessly guarded, if the invasion of the ideology of radical Islam is not stopped – if the forces that threaten our freedoms are not relentlessly turned back & kept out – having a job will be the least of your worries.
May God continue to bless America, keep her safe, and guide her leaders, present & future, with His perfect wisdom.

It Started Way before 9/11…

In the days following September 11, 2001, I heard something like this from the Lord : that He took no pleasure in that horrendous, vicious wounding of our nation. While many who stood behind pulpits, or listened from pews in front of them, preached judgment on America for her sins, I heard something else. I heard that a silent poison had been spreading, and was far more advanced than we knew. Stopping its spread required perseverance and a ’never forget’ mentality, and these in turn required such a wounding as the catastrophic tragedy that took place in New York city that morning. A lesser event could fade from memory, and not elicit the sustained vigilance necessary to combat terrorism and preserve our land.

This was how I understood what I believed was shared with me that day.

Today, I understand more. I understand the poison that had been spreading was, and is, something other than ‘terrorism’, in the sense that we, as ’Westerners’ know it. It is what produces that terrorism – an ideology that has been at work in our world for centuries. I would go so far as to say, it goes back to Biblical times, to Old Testament Israel, even to the Genesis creation accounts. It is, at root, the eternal conflict between the Most High and the one who presumed to say, “I will be like the Most High.” (Isaiah 14:14) And, in fact, its origins may be even deeper than this, in a sense – the boiled-down conflict is between law and grace.

While the Adversary desires to enslave, He who alone is God wants to set us free.


I cannot emphasize enough how much Jesus came to set men free. I am so very, very clear on that. He knows the end from the beginning, and most certainly, looking down the corridors of time in ages past, saw the condition of our world today. The Ancient of Days knew. By His blood, in the New Covenant, He provided miraculously, fully and finally, for this condition which exists in man, and through man, produces chaos in the environment. (Even trying to reverse this chaos often only exacerbates it!) Man’s finest yet remains flawed, but a better Way has been given to us.



Liberty Endangered

“The rights and liberties of free peoples, as expressed in documents such as the United States’ Declaration of Independence, will be completely eradicated if this ideology prevails.” (Brigitte Gabriel, They Must be Stopped)

I’ve been trying to wait until I’d read more…but I can’t. I wanted to at least finish reading the Introduction…but I can’t wait even that long.

Most of you who read this post are probably established in a career and/or family, and/or church, community, etc., with goals either set & being pursued, or already accomplished. Your plans, your lives have taken shape.

Mine has not. Until now…
Though, along the way, it has crossed my mind that what seems like the millions of failed or thwarted efforts at success of ANY kind! may have been deliberate Divine obstruction, I was never able to fully accept that. (Would that I could’ve! Much greater would have been my peace…) When I considered that God may have bound up my life, my talents & my abilities for so long…saving me for a purpose yet to be realized…I believed that could be true but…maybe not. I once read that Jesus was kept hidden in the Father until He reached fullness of power. Then His mission began. There was an appointed time, and a fullness of time. But of course, that was Jesus…not me…could any purpose be so important that my entire life up ‘til now, would’ve been kept on hold for it?

While I don’t know exactly what my part will be in the critical venture ahead, the answer is ’yes’.


“Political correctness has literally paralyzed many in government and created an atmosphere in which fear of being called intolerant or an ‘Islamophobe’ trumps concerns over safeguarding our lives and liberties.” (ibid.)

Brigitte Gabriel is a survivor of Islamic terror, and one of the most sought-after terrorism experts in the world. She witnessed its operations first-hand, growing up in Lebanon and living in a bomb shelter for seven years. Reading only the back cover, inside flaps, and five pages of the Introduction to her book ‘They Must be Stopped – Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It’, my entire being is almost quivering. My focus is heart-pounding, and it is absolute.
How deceived was I, to have almost fully accepted the peace-and-harmony tune being played to Americans by Imam Rauf and his associates – according to Ms. Gabriel, “To gain widespread appeal in America, they cloak themselves in the garb of moderation and take advantage of America’s freedom of religion.” If the shoe fits…and guess what? It does – consider this: “The unbuilt NY mosque has plans for several floors to study how to get Sharia law slowly installed in our country–we have to elect people who are aware of the inflitration…” (comment on ‘Is the State Department Inviting Possible Terrorists into our Schools?’)
The above-mentioned quivering is approaching nausea. But I am not backing down from this. The presence and spreading of radical Islam in America, and the world, “with its central tenet of jihad” is very real. It is deadly serious. Truly, it must be stopped.


As I continue reading ‘They Must be Stopped’, I’ll be posting updates accordingly…