Jesus is the Way Out of the Matrix…or, The Devil & his Posse Feed on Fear

About 6 or 7 years ago, I began seeing in my mind’s eye a sort of vision of what I believed represented any general situation/encounter etc. The imagery was of a ‘pool’ of liquid/water – clear, smooth, fluid with no sharp edges or corners. I saw this as, let’s say, a roomful of people just being people, socializing etc. No particular problems here – then someone else enters the room. This new element is agitated by something and brings that agitation in with him/her. His/her ‘vibe’ alone begins to unsettle the ‘pool’. It disperses another kind of liquid, darker, polluting. Maybe people shift their positions a little, feel anxious. They sense a disturbance coming.

And come it does!

As the agitated person vents, people respond accordingly. Depending on the nature & severity of the issue being vented, the previously placid pool becomes Einsteintroubled, rippling, even sloshing. Maybe muddy…the balance, harmony & nature of the situation has been changed by what entered it. I have come to see this ‘vision’ as my first Divine lesson in physics.


…and since then, I’ve had other ‘visions’ or insights that seem to expand my, uh, understanding (?) of this kind of thing, that seem to kick back to physics also. Maybe I’m pushing the envelope here…but I have become increasingly interested in, and enthralled by, these Divine interventions into my trains of thought! I just love it! I have yet to actually get my hands on any physics books to actually read, but I am fairly sure that when I do, my belief will be confirmed.

(Note: a few days after I wrote this, at a local church yard sale, I saw a physics text book with a ‘Free’ sticker on the cover…guess who now owns her first basic physics book!)


Long story short, now I think a lot about molecules & atoms. Particles. Charges. Energy both positive & negative. . Really, it makes sense…charged energy particles must somehow create vibrations & waves. Which are – what? invisible (at least to the naked eye)! What else is invisible? The Spirit of God, and spirit, period. Right? I see science, physics & God, like the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, all as One. I who once had NOOOO interest at all in anything science-related and in fact even opposed it as antiChrist-related, am now rejoicing in it! Because in the end, when all is said & done, we will see Jesus in it, through it, and by it. That which the devil intended to use to disprove the Son Of God, will instead accomplish just the opposite.





…but I’m digressing from the main thrust of this post…or maybe not…


Conspiracy theories reading, over the past 3 or 4 years, has introduced me to some bizarre & sickening ideas. So far though, despite their shocking impact, to me they make sense. So far, none seem to contradict Scripture, as I understand it. The Word does tell us that the whole world lies in evil…

,,,and one of these theories concerns bloodlines & blood itself.

I have sometimes wondered, as a Christian, whywithout the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.” I would think, if God institutes & designs all things, why did He make this to be so? Why not another means to forgive sin?\


I want to be careful here, in what I am going to try to explain next, based on some of my readings. In Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster, author David Icke exposes in detail much that has been hidden from the majority of us. One of these topics concerns blood rituals. He writes that the letting of human blood produces a vibrational frequency that creates an opening, or portal, through which entities outside our 5-sense dimension can pass, or make a connection. This is why, Icke alleges, blood sacrifice rituals are practiced in Satanic cults and such. (Fear produces this as well – “When we feel fear, it generates a vibration, an energy field.” [p.471]) Italian physicist Giuliana Conforto has said that it is in fact the vibrations created when we feel fear – or anger, stress, aggression etc. – that produce the energy required for ungodly entities to continue to exist. This may explain why Jesus taught us to ‘fear not’ – besides the harm such negative emotions inflict on us. We don’t want to be providing energy for demons…)

In past posts, I’ve written about the possibility of Eve having had physical intimacy with the serpent in Eden.  If this be true, then one could more easily consider the just-as-repulsive concept of Reptilian beings existing to this day. (I have seen video/article titles pertaining to these Reptilians over recent years, but was at a point where it was just way too bizarre for me to even consider…and too frightening. I’ve moved past that point now, though, at least as far as my being willing to consider such things as being true…)

IF Eve really did join sexually with the serpent, who did not always crawl on his belly, then to some extent that serpent DNA may have been passed on down through the timeline/bloodlines. Which might explain what scientists call the Reptilian brain [Alice, p.472] as being part of the human brain, or at least some human brains. (The Flood should have wiped that out, but we do see that somehow evil re-surfaced on the earth…)

We have as well the Biblical accounts of sons of God leaving their first estate and coming down to earth to lay with earthly women. I cannot imagine that the angels true to God are these sons of God; this Scripture must refer to fallen angels? Regardless, women of earth were impregnated by beings from another realm. Hybrid (?) beings resulted. (We read here of giants in the land.) IF these beings were of a fallen nature, their…offspring…would carry the same corrupted DNA, and who knows what their appearance may have been. IF these beings were in collusion with a cast-out Lucifer (whom most assume became the serpent in Eden), perhaps they as well as he had been…re-assembled?…from their former glory in heaven, with serpent-like characteristics which may have manifested in their appearance and that which they procreated…so it might conceivably be that a reptilian type of being was produced on the earth, and may yet be so. Because the Scriptures indicates that angels can manifest in human form, it is possible that such transforming ability could be misused by a fallen angel/being/reptilian to mask its true appearance & nature. (Scripture warns of wolves in sheep’s clothing…)


Normally, my first reaction to these premises might have been disdain, or at least disbelief, but as a Christian I know that Scripture does speak of the third heaven (dimension?), and demons, evil spirits & fallen angels. As just mentioned above, I know the Word also presents the concept of angels taking human form…so I assume fallen angels can also ‘shape shift’ (entities?).


…so let’s assume that a Reptilian DNA/brain does exist.

And that ‘vibrations’ & ‘vibrational frequencies are involved in its operations & very existence.

And that the shedding of human blood, and fear, facilitate these things…



Because Jesus Christ, God with us, was born of a virgin, His DNA would not have carried any such reptilian gene. When His blood was shed on behalf of all who would believe, I don’t think there would have been that kind of vibrational activity. HIS blood carried the genes of His heavenly Father. HIS blood was not shed to invite, to feed a reptilian/demonic being, but rather the very opposite – to weaken, neutralize, destroy & OVERCOME.


Derf 6










What Went Down in Eden…(Part 2)

(See What Went Down in Eden” for background leading to this post…)



Grieved ‘at his heart’, God repented of having created man.  (Genesis 6:6)

Enter: the Flood

So, at this point, we might think the slate has been cleaned. Fresh start, right?….but something goes wrong….

Noahs arkThe flood waters subside. Noah & his family leave the Ark. They set up house. God more or less instructs Noah as He did Adam & Eve : “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth.”

Somewhere in this period of ‘replenishing’, bad blood/seed re-surfaces. I don’t know if the Bible clearly states this anywhere…but it is obvious. Just look at the world around you. Consider the headlines. From local to international, crime, corruption & hostilities are served up almost daily on our television & computer screens. Wars, threats of wars, cyber & EMP attacks loom. Everything has its root; these things came from somewhere….

Something hinky happens in Genesis 9. Right after God gives the rainbow as a covenant token of His promise never to flood the earth again, we read about an incident with Noah & his son Ham.

Noah gets drunk, in his tent.. (Genesis 9:21)

Ham ‘saw’ this.

Noah states: “Cursed be {Ham’s son} Canaan.

Doesn’t this…punishment…seem way out of proportion? Because of an inadvertent sighting of a father’s nakedness – and the father was drunk! – the offender’s son was cursed? Not the offender? What went on here? What am I missing?

I point this out because it seems as if this is the juncture from which we can begin to trace a re-surfacing pattern & process of eventual ungodliness, leading to Nimrod, theTower_of_Babel_(Vienna)_-_Google_Art_Project_-_edited tower of Babel, and cities & nations from within which idolatry sprung & flourished. Did something exist that was connected to Noah’s son, Ham, that allowed entrance into the newly washed world, of the serpent’s influence? Was there a lingering trace of the serpent seed somehow in or affecting Ham – or his progeny?

Sidebar: (“Shortly after the Flood the serpent’s evil nature began to manifest itself in Noah’s son, Ham.” EHSw/D) But WHY? did this nature ‘manifest’ in Ham, is my question. Supposedly Ham’s wife Egyptus {I cannot find too much information about this woman) still had tainted blood, but did Ham?)


As it turns out, ancient Hebrew commonly speaks of uncovering a man’s nakedness to refer to sexual intercourse with the man’s wife. (“The nakedness of thy father’s wife thou shall not uncover: it is thy father’s nakedness.”  -Leviticus 18:8)

So when we read here in Genesis 9 that Noah “was uncovered within his tent”, we might not be reading about Noah being naked in his tent, but rather that his wife was ‘uncovered’ because sexual activity was being, or had been, performed with his wife. And he was not the man involved.

…and since Ham saw his father’s nakedness – that is, his mother uncovered – he had to have been there with her. It can be inferred that he was there for the wrong reason. Based on this information, the statement could be made that possibly Ham committed incest with his own mother, while Noah her husband was drunk & unaware.



If the preceding supposition regarding Ham is true, this Scripture: “Cursed be he who lieth w/his father’s wife; because he uncovereth his father’s skirt.” (Deut.27:20) would inform us that Ham was then cursed. As a result, “Canaan was cursed inherently by being conceived through incest.”  (Why was Canaan Cursed)

And incest “…set the background for centuries of conflict between Noah’s Hamitic descendents, especially those through Canaan, against the descendants of Shem, the Semites, especially the Jews…”




Yes, You Know Jesus…but does it feel like Something’s Missing?

Have you ever found that, in some cases, certain words or phrases pertaining to Christianity don’t quite ‘sit right’ with you?

…or maybe I should say, that I’ve found that to be true…!

We enter into Christ more or less clueless. We are blinded by Light! and thrilled! imbibing joyously, zealously, what we are told. Our hungry infant spirit, newly quickened, can’t get enough. Like newborns in the natural, though, we too drool, drip & create messes wherever we are…

The mind of Christ & the Spirit of God are certainly at work, guarding & guiding our intakes of spiritual truth, and the processing of it. Which might explain the many times something I’ve heard – maybe someone’s ‘drooling’ – didn’t feel quite right…in some cases, even up until the present. Along the way, I’ve agreed & amen’d to the general chorus, or maybe withheld verbal assent because privately…hmmm…I wasn’t sure so I didn’t challenge, but some issues I’ve always doubted, or was unconvinced. In some cases, I don’t know if I even realized I was…not on board.


As a new believer, it seemed that every time I turned around, that ‘Four Spiritual Laws’ booklet was turning up. Declaring myself ‘born-again’ & that Jesus was my Lord & Savior was more or less…what everyone was saying. Expected?

At some point I began to think that such literature & statements may not really be the best approach. I believe that every set of circumstances is tailor-made, in a sense, and requires sensitivity in the Spirit, if one wants to have Christ shown forth. At that point I myself abandoned ‘Four Spiritual Laws’ & became much more discerning in my use of the ‘born-again’ label. Proffering the ‘my personal Lord & Savior’ phrase seemed even inappropriate somehow, at times.


Most of these…glitches…I’ve held in my heart, until a moment when the Lord may come, revealing & uncovering. It is a joyful, grateful moment indeed! when I finally ‘see’ that I was not wrong!! and why I felt the way I did. (Because I suspect that there is a rebel & a revolutionary yet in me that never quite burst forth…there is always the possibility that it’s me who is in error, yet rebelling… )


Along with the types of doubtfulness already mentioned, have you ever felt in general that something is missing?

You heartily accept & believe in Jesus Christ, His cross & His blood. No doubt there…not a smidgen. But…there is a fulness of which you sense that you are not partaking…maybe?


…so all this preamble is leading to the priesthood…

“Faithfulness to God is defined by faithfulness to the (New) Covenant & the priesthood” (10:36) *

“If Christians would…relate to Jesus Christ as Lord & Priest forever, Christians might learn the New Covenant & their own priesthood.” (about 28:00)*


(*“Bring Forth the Topstone”, pt.2 – Rev. Wayne Monbleau audio, Monthly Meditation – Feb.2018 )


Newly saved, I learned of Jesus Christ as our High Priest. It wasn’t that I’d never heard about that – and for sure I accepted that teaching. But to me, it seemed ethereal, distant…something Jesus was still doing, taking care of business for all of us who believed, ‘up there’ in heavenly places. I was much more impacted by Him as my Lord & Savior, though; that relationship seemed so much more immediate & accessible. And this approach to Jesus Christ is understandable. We learn & grow by degrees, here a little, there a little, faith upon faith, from glory to glory. But as I am finding out, I was missing a big piece of the whole reality.

In the above-mentioned audio message, Wayne Monbleau made a statement concerning Jesus as our personal Savior. It pricked me. Troubled me a little. As I continued to listen, new meanings emerged from old Scriptures that I thought I understood…

Nowhere in the Bible will you find the term ‘personal Savior’. (Don’t freak out, I’m not saying Jesus doesn’t save individual people personally.) But Wayne presents a strong Biblical case for seeing Jesus primarily in another light – that of our High Priest. And seeing ourselves as “…“men from every tribe & tongue & people & nation, and You have made them to be a kingdom and priests unto our God.” (Revelation 5:9)

He asserts that most of the Body doesn’t recognize this fact, nor live & operate within it. I have to confess that though I think I have, and sometimes do minister to the Lord – I think that’s what I’m doing – I do not experience myself as a priest unto God. But now, the shape of my whole picture is beginning to shift. The ‘pause’ button has been pressed, and I am contemplating a whole new, other reality: the priesthood. I have begun…just begun…stepping out into an eternal action. Entering into His gates with thanksgiving, following through into His courts with praise.

Ministering to the Lord


My reality for so long has not been this priest mentality, and so I’m finding I easily slip out of it. But my times are in His hands…I try not to allow my relationship with God to become works-based…but because His word declares the priesthood, even though I often seem to be elsewhere! I believe it is real, and that it changes things.






(The above-quoted audio message, “Bring Forth the Topstone”, is a monthly mediation teaching that I receive in CD form as a monthly partner with Loving Grace Ministries, and as a result this message may not be accessible to my readers. Therefore, I am going to try to re-cap one aspect of this teaching that impacted me with delight. Here goes…)


“…not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.”  (Zechariah 4:6}

I have always been stirred deeply by this Scripture. In times of group prayer or testifying, it has often been a boldly declared pillar of faith. Well…yes…

The next verse, though, wasn’t quite so clear to me. It resonated vaguely, but, uh…I never understood exactly what was being said. I was missing the connections. As it seems to be turning out, there is an underlying, very practical truth resident within these statements. We already know it but may not realize we do…

“Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel, thou shalt become a plain: and he shalt bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.” (v.7)



Historically, Zerubbabel led the bulk of the Jews exiled to Babylon (by Nebuchadnezzar) back to Israel. Once home again, rebuilding of the temple is begun under his continued leadership. Opposition halts its progress. The temple foundation then lies dormant for 15 years.

The Holy Spirit gets in the mix, and the people resume work on the temple, Zerubbabel still leading the charge.

…so we might see the connection here, of this problem of finally re-motivating the people to build and supervising of the building process. to ‘O great mountain’. And you might get the idea that, with God’s help & power, Zerubbabel will knock it out, maybe shouting in triumph, declaring the grace of God as he places/brings forth the final headstone/topstone in the temple! Makes sense to me…


Except…what’s this about a headstone, or topstone? (I’ve seen the term ‘cornerstone’ & ‘capstone’ used also. Not sure but I think these terms can be used interchangeably, at least in a general principle way.)

“The stone which the builders refused has become the headstone of the corner” (Psalm 118:22)

In his audio teaching, Rev. Monbleau explains a little bit about a topstone, as used in an arch. It is placed in the strategic position of bearing the stress & weight of the structure. It is critical. The entire cohesiveness of the arch depends on the topstone.Jesus cornerstone 2

Sound like Jesus?

…who also was refused/rejected by many in His time, and crucified…and is still refused by many today.

But because of these similarities, we can attribute spiritual meaning to these verses in Zechariah. We are not just being taught Bible history – something deeper is going on here. It isn’t just about faith in God providing Zerubbabel with the fortitude & means needed to overcome & rebuild the temple, either. It is about the topstone.

The Hebrew word for ‘stone’ in Psalm 118 above, includes the concept of High Priest. Our Lord and High Priest Jesus Christ is seen in this imagery of Zerubbabel’s day. Zerubbabel & his workers kept working until the were able to place the topstone. Rev. Monbleau likens this process to our own seeking out of Jesus as our High Priest, in any mountainous obstacle we face. As we continue to seek & search for our High Priest, Wayne asserts that the obstacles will lessen & flatten out – they will become as a plain before Zerubbabel (you).

Our High Priest came forth because of the grace of God. What He accomplished for us was made so because of the grace of God.

As your mountains become plains, your heart will shout “Grace!”



 Cornerstone, Hillsong Live 2012







Not as the World Gives…

Jesus contrasted the natures of His peace versus the peace given by the world in John 14:27.  My understanding of the difference is, Jesus leaves His peace with us. The world will eventually withdraw its peace.  You can never absolutely count on it…

Today someone likes me, we have a good rapport…but maybe next time I see that person, expecting acceptance with a smile! instead I get brushed off, not even eye contact. In fact, it might seem like deliberate avoidance of eye contact. This kind of thing, though minor, will trouble me. I will notice it & feel small. Over-sensitive or not, I will be bothered by it.

Magnify an incident like this many times, magnify it a hundred times! and we might have an overview of how it is in the world. For multitudes of reasons, our boats will be anything from rocked to shipwrecked! The capriciousness of stability in worldly relationships & situations often does NOT lend itself to peace.


In Old Testament Scriptures, we have seen God referred to as a Rock. Fortress. Those words testify to a powerfully solid, reliable, enduring One. I want that kind of peace. We all know by now, whether through the Word of God or just life itself, that the world doesn’t give this.

I need something within me that remains.

…so you’re thinking, well yes, of course that would be Christ in you, the hope of glory or something similar. Absolutely. But let me be more specific, bringing it home to where the rubber meets the road.


Has it ever really hit you that the actual righteousness of Jesus Christ is within you?  (1 Corinthians 1:30)

What can stand against that?

Nothing can change that!

My incomprehension, forgetfulness or unbelief will rob me of the conscious awareness of such joyful protection…but none of these things alters its reality. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today & forever…

Nothing can change that!


“…let the peace of God rule in your hearts…”

(Colossians 3:15)

Alpha Peace

Physics Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Jesus!

Hopefully, most of you are not like I have been, in your perceptions of the timing of the Word of God in your life.

A few weeks ago, I saw – in a specific, real-time example in my own life – a manifestation of how a prophecy only recently declared, had been operating in my time & space for years…and that, because of that timing, events in my life were now perfectly aligned with the results aspect of this prophetic word. When I first read this word, I had thought that the whole process was just beginning for me! but soon saw that it had already been in motion. So, even though the prophecy was just released…can I even find the right words to say what I’m trying to say?…its substance had been alive & operative for years in earth-time. Since Jesus is most certainly not late-to-the-party with His declaration! this brings us smack in the face of “…with the Lord a day is as a thousand years…”

This particular Word had to do with Jesus drawing up new blueprints for the lives of some of us, in His Body. I was a little slow on the uptake. When it hit me that I was on the edge of stepping into a newly designed layout, that I wasn’t going to need to wait 6 months or a year or two…that all that I had been going through for years was this blueprint being put into motion…it also hit me that this testimony of Jesus (the spirit of prophecy) is alive now & was alive before now. It is alive going forward. It was alive while it was producing itself?

It is not at a specific point in time that the prophetic Word is true.

…so while we ‘earthlings’ see a result manifesting today, with the Lord, that spirit & Word have BEEN happening!  Is this a reverberation of “…Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come”? (Revelation 4:8)


…and so I want to encourage by emphasizing the…continuity…of God’s Words for you, about you, whether spoken through a prophet or prophetess, or spoken to your heart.





Like the Energizer Bunny…Prayer doesn’t Quit!

I remember a preacher once suggesting that we strive to live ‘by design’. He was suggesting this, as opposed to attempting to meet obligations, take responsibility etc. On the face of it, that sounds…well, irresponsible! I wasn’t so sure about his approach, yet still, I got a sense of a ‘Be still & know that I am God’ kind of thing. He frequently hosted segments of a late-night worship television program, that got me through many a rough time. He was always SO very mellow.

Along these same lines of thinking, I also remember watching a corporate-type manager speaking about not trying so hard to ‘manage’, but instead let God arrange events more. If I recall correctly, he had begun to practice that office policy, and found it so much less stressful.


Incorporating this kind of living into our daily lives probably would be a tricky balancing act at first. We have deadlines. Schedules. Financial limitations & budgets. People depend on us for provision & help. Etc., etc., etc. Plus, many of us have to work/live in tandem with others who don’t think like this, and would scoff at the idea – your boss, for instance. Some family members. I think venturing forth with such a plan takes courage. Everyone has to figure out their own way, timing & method. To everything there is a time & season…


Well, for myself, I become anxious easily. And, yeah, I know the Scriptures that apply…I still struggle. I was thinking about this today, and envisioning a sort of inner & outer scenario. Within the inner, I am moving about among the people & places that comprise my events of the day, which would seem to dictate a certain amount of my behavior & responses. I see these people & circumstances as having, therefore, a certain amount of ‘control’ over what happens to me. Despite believing that Jesus is Lord of all, this makes me edgy & worse.

Looking more deeply into my own issues – if I truly believe that He is Lord – I realize that the root issue is between myself & God, Who is operating in the outer scenario all around me & I apparently doubt His intentions. In a way, my lack of faith voids His protection, as far as my thinking goes. So I’m anxious.


A thought I have often had, especially when praying about something pertaining to my own need/desire is, will God even answer? So often we hear the principle voiced, that God meets all our needs, not necessarily our wants…and yes, that is based on Scripture…but frequently leaves me not feeling very assured. Lack of assurance gives rise to worry & anxiety. Somehow, I need assurance.


So, a couple of things here…

During an especially bad time of fear, the Scripture where King David writes of praying ‘evening, and morning, and at noon’ came to mind. I began researching some of theKing David 3 Hebrew words used in this verse. (Psalm 55:17) Now, when gripping unease torments, I rehearse these meanings back to myself out loud.

David writes that the Lord will ‘hear’ his voice. In the Hebrew, this particular word means to hear intelligently. Knowing this does a lot for me, because I consider myself intelligent and when I listen intelligently, I’m focused & looking for a way to respond that will help the speaker.

…and in an earlier verse (v.2), David also asks God to ‘hear’ his prayer & supplication. Here the Hebrew translation includes an implied response. I am likin’ that!


Someone once said to me that prayer is our response to God. My takeaway from that was that true prayer does not originate with us. It may seem like it, as we pause to ponder what words to speak & then have a thought or impression…but since in the flesh is no good thing, if the resulting supplication has sprung from flesh…well…who wants that? Instead, it is glorious to know that an entirely different process can & does take place, I believe.

When God sends a word forth, it does not, ever, return void. It accomplishes & prospers. (Isaiah 55:11) Jesus, who we honor & worship as Lord and God, says that His sheep hear His voice. Get the connection? As we respond to what we are hearing, speaking it in prayer or declaration, are we part of that process wherein His ways are higher than ours? Because the word of God is living seed , as we respond in prayer to what He has sent forth into our minds & hearts, are we continuing to sow it? Continuing to facilitate eternal processes? I say this because immediately following the Lord’s explanation in Isaiah 55 of the efficacy & manner of His sending forth His word, we read a joyful summation that includes this:

“Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree…and it shall be to the LORD for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.”

The fir tree – the evergreen – has always represented endless life. Some may be oblivious to that. But here in this Scripture, that is made clear. The fir, unlike other trees, is not cut off every fall. It continues green! We who know, even, will not always be recognizing the sign before us, when we notice an evergreen tree. There is plenty else, weighty, overwhelming, distracting, to gain our attention! But nonetheless, it IS a sign.

And extrapolating from these Scriptures, I see something else. If I am not mistaken, the fir tree stands as not only a reminder of eternal life in Christ, but it stands also as a testament to the ongoing, ceaseless effects of prayer. I have never before seen this, in these Scriptures, but I believe I do now. We pray; maybe we see an answer, maybe we don’t. We move on, probably forgetting…or anxious. But the words sent forth by God & responded to by us are actively continuing to produce, prosper & accomplish that which He intended. I believe this is going on all the time. We are covered by it & move within it.

…and I point these things out because this conclusion reassures me that one can live more ‘by design’ than one might think.