Before our Founding…?

“The simple truth behind that fact is that there was a section of the geography in this country that was set aside by a very powerful group of Freemasons, called the Colombian faction, working behind the scenes during the founding of this country.”  (Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power“)





I don’t remember when, nor exactly why, I began to suspect.

Initially bedazzled by seeing the hand of God working in the events leading to the ultimate, glorious victory of 13 colonies who stood & fought, against all odds, and triumphed…smitten with patriotism, it was a little disconcerting to begin to accept that all was not well within the borders of the Land of the Free.

Others have known this for quite some time! But it can take me awhile to catch on & catch up. Becoming aware of resident evil led me down a backwards trail into the past. Suspicions gained form. As they did so, I struggled to integrate the acceptance of the now clear (to me) presence of a dark agenda at work in the young United States of America. When did it arrive? Through whom? How many of our Founders were complicit? Or were they unaware?

IF any of our Founding Fathers partook of the deceptions which snaked their way throughout the budding landscape of the American experiment, then…my God…what are we today to believe is truth? I could accept that, at some point, say, after the Constitutional Convention men of malevolence, serving the devil, undertook devious methods to derail the new United States of America…but…what if those agents were here & operating during her very formation? BEFORE it? If so, how much of their unholy agenda was possibly worked into our very founding documents?


(At the bottom of this article, I posted part of a comment by battlebow. The rest of his thoughts & insights on the Christopher Columbus narrative are worth checking out.)


Today, I grow more convinced daily that such plots were in effect well prior to the Revolutionary War. It is no longer a terrible shock only because I have had enough time (by God’s grace & provision) to process this new (to me) truth and now focus more on rising up & out of it, to keep reaching for the mark of the prize of the high call of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen? (Philippians 3:13,14) Because, believe me, these things are all connected.


As I see it, if the serpent was slinking around in a perfect Eden, with an axe to grind & fully intent on doing so – is it any less likely that the same serpent still intended (and intends today, every day!) to subvert any perfect work of God, including what promised to be a glorious experiment in liberty? Of course there were bad seed already having been planted, and budding, back in colonial times & before!


…so I think that it might be advisable, for some of us, to identify where & through whom this bad seed still operates. To become aware of its purposes. To share this knowledge, where possible. The information is out there. Discernment is needed. It may not be for some of you to pursue this course. But it has been pointed out that, in these times of easily accessed media reporting & journalism, hidden things are being revealed. Secret things are being brought to light. Whistleblowers risk their lives/reputations to uncover & expose unsavory truth. God has promised in His Word to do these things (1 Corinthians 4:5), and it would seem that it is happening now. Even if all motives are not pure, rocks are being lifted & veils pulled aside, and we are seeing more & more of what is really there.


In light of this, I submit to you a prophetic word released this past April:

“I am removing the VEIL that has kept things hidden…”

“I am bringing TRUTH BACK TO THE ROOTS” and again I saw “hidden things” in the foundation and roots of the nation that the Lord was targeting with His truth and bringing transformation, change and shift.” (


Today the Illuminati and Priests of the Mystery Religions are prevailing, but I believe that is about to be challenged very aggressively as it was in early and mid 1800’s.We can be true history makers, starting today by continually seeking and spreading the truth, as it really is. The Light causes the darkness to flee at 186,000 miles per second when you flip a light switch on!” (comment by ‘battlebow’, January 2009, (




Author’s note:   Recommended reading –

   New World Order: the Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, William T. Still

   Alice in Wonderland & the World Trade Center Disaster, David Icke







Israel & America – Joined in Promise

Frequently weaving through my thoughts is how the creation, maintenance & continuation of the United States of America is interwoven with the workings of God. Or perhaps a better expression of my musings is, how do these processes reflect the mind & desires of the Lord?

Many years ago, a young woman I’d met at a friend’s home-church type gathering, stated that America was a type of the Manchild – or something like that. Although back then I knew ‘squat’ about America’s founding (nor cared), on some vague level, I sensed she was right. It was my first exposure to the spiritual expression of America.

Now, decades later, I am convinced that the United States of America is a powerful New Covenant representation. We were never just a country. Should we fall, still…we will never have been just a country.

Neither is Israel just a country.

America & Israel are living expressions of enduring New Covenant promises, concerning the blindness of the Jewish people ’til the fulness of the Gentiles be brought in. (Romans 11:25) We two countries are bound together in promise. Like it or not. At this time, the ‘grafting in’ of we Gentiles into that olive branch of spiritual Israel continues, as Gentiles come to Christ. (v.17-24) (I wonder if the awakening in some minds & hearts to a greater acceptance of and respect for the Jewish state, and its people & leaders – whether we are Christian believers or not – is somehow part of that process.) It can be no coincidence that Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and the United States, the greatest democracy in the world, are both nations always involved with either Yahweh or Yeshua. (Yes, I said the United States. I promise you, there remains a remnant.)

Yahweh or Yeshua. The Old or the New Covenant. Hmmm…



Israel is becoming more & more hemmed in, as her adversaries advance closer and closer to her borders. As they develop weapons’ capabilities to do the same. As world-wide anti-Semitism is reportedly rising. And I wonder if the spiritual ‘fulness if the Gentiles’ is represented by American prosperity & power, in a sense. Perhaps, should the United States reach her maximum potential for good – which is not a desired state! – she will wane in that power & sovereignty. ‘Fulness’ will have been reached. Her abilities to stand with & support Israel impaired, perhaps Israel may then experience a reversal of that ‘blindness’. Standing alone, looking for that final solution to war, Israel will be ready to receive Him when their Messiah arises throughout the land.


I am just ‘thinking out loud’ here. May there be another way. Nonetheless, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The earth is the LORD’s, and He doeth all things well.


Looking Back might Help…

In today’s very troubled world, as threats & turmoil seem to increase almost daily, concerned citizens of the United States would want to be able to choose hope. But faced with such constant danger & unrest around the globe, when ‘around the globe’ can be as close as your television screen, or iPad, it is often hard to maintain optimism, isn’t it?

Fortifying me in this regard are periodic visits back to our Revolutionary beginnings. A wealth of understanding and vision abides in the words of our Founders. Renewed faith, hope and joy are so often the treasures I bring back with me, after time spent in a meeting of the minds with such as George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson. These men, and their compatriots, lived in a time of boundless possibilities. We’ve ‘been there, done that’ and may be sadly jaded, or deadened, but not so those stellar patriots that gave us, and in fact ARE our heritage. Like the blood of Abel, these men “still speak”.

To renew your hope for America, it might be helpful to catch a glimpse of how our Founders saw her…and us. We are not separate from them. Though over two centuries have passed, and technology, industry and corporations have transformed our lifestyles – there yet remain those voices from the times when quill & ink on parchment, and horse & carriage were the order of the day. There yet remains in many of us the blood & spirit of the patriot. Some may not realize it – but they will, with God’s help.


Today, we know that America prevailed in her war for independence. Now, it seems obvious that it should have been our victory, and those who deliberated, decided & fought that Revolutionary War knew they would triumph. We sit assured that we were meant to win. But back then, they were not assured. The Founders did not know. No militia fighter, nor soldier in the Continental Army, knew. A victorious outcome was not a foregone conclusion in their minds.

Afterwards, Washington speaks of “…the magnitude of the prize we contended for…. (We today, who by inheritance daily partake of this glorious prize, possibly do not view it that way. We need to be reminded.)  Washington had seen the coming battle as being not only for the liberation of the thirteen colonies from English tyranny, but for the rights of all mankind. He believed that ‘the destiny of unborn millions’ would be impacted by whether America stood, or fell, during and after her Revolution. Before 56 other valiant patriots counted this struggle to the death as being worthy of their lives & fortunes, and so declared it in writing, George Washington did the same: “It is my full intention, to devote my life and fortune, in the cause we are engaged in, if needful.”  

He knew the outcome was doubtful, and spent “many anxious days and watchful nights” in the pursuit of that outcome.  The Founding Fathers in general were intensely aware of ‘the improbability of their undertaking’, according toArthur M. Schlesinger informs us that author of The Cycles of American History.  The mighty Roman Empire, which Alexander Hamilton considered to be ‘the utmost height of human greatness’ (The Federalist) – and to which the fathers of our republic turned for instruction in achieving their own aspirations of free men governing themselves – fell nonetheless.  Why would one presume the thirteen colonies could do any better?   

And yet, as it came to pass“…the glorious events which Heaven has been pleased to produce in our favor”  Washington considered to be “the parent of future happiness”. How many of us believe that ‘Heaven was pleased’ to grant us this prize? Such an advantageous outcome Washington called “the greatest possible reason for gratitude and rejoicing.”

This Founder, about to retire (he thought) after leading the thirteen colonies through an eight-year-long war, must have known a depth of satisfaction few ever will. He saw this land as being a “theatre…designated by Providence for the display of human greatness and felicity” and as being given “a fairer opportunity for political happiness than any other nation.”

How can we today read such words so full of import, almost bursting from General Washington’s heart, and not be even just slightly encouraged? Going forward, maybe some of us might know a renewed spark of excitement.





Note:  Unless otherwise specified, quotes referenced above are taken from “George Washington: In His Own Words” (Maureen Harrison & Steve Gilbert, eds.)








Safeguard your Independence Days !

I wasn’t necessarily planning to publish a Fourth of July piece today.  I’m working on something else, almost done, and thought I’d finish that instead.  But then I got this Independence Day email from ACT! for America.  Included in it is a link to a video recorded at a recent Arab Festival held in Dearborn, Michigan.  The description of what transpired at the Festival was a bit incredulous – do these kinds of things really happen here?  In America?  Worse, a previous email explained that such incidents have occurred before.  So I watched the video a couple of hours ago.

Now, I’m not totally naive’…not anymore.  But to actually see & hear what I saw & heard in this video has sealed the deal for me.  Though I have read about, and believe that free speech is and has always been under assault in America (and elsewhere in this world), and that certain elements of Islam are a real danger to our freedom, period!…actually witnessing such an event is very sobering, and finalizing.

A group of Christians at this festival were being assaulted by a crowd of Muslims.  The Muslims involved appeared to me to be mainly younger, even adolescent.  They were throwing water bottles and other ‘projectiles’ at the Christians.  I watched the video three times, carefully. I did not see one Christian retaliate in any way.  Some were carrying signs declaring basic Biblical messages and Scriptures.  Whenever the camera caught any of the signs in its range, they were always still being held up as normal, not skewed about or at an angle, because their bearers had not let go to throw objects at the Muslim assailants.  Christian hands remained on the signs at all times, as best I could tell. 

My point is, the Christians were being ‘attacked’, and did not attack back.  As best I could tell.

The outcome of this incident?  A police officer threatened to cite the Christians for disorderly conduct, if they did not leave.  He added that they were creating a disturbance, and said to the Christian man who was questioning the officers’ handling of this situation “I mean, look at your people…”  HUH???  HIS PEOPLE, in that particular shot, were just standing there.

This incident could be considered and analyzed from a few different perspectives, but my perspective here is the American one.  Americans were threatened with the loss of freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech because a group of Muslims, who were not being peaceful nor allowing freedom of speech, created a small riot.  No one stood up to them.

Maybe it didn’t seem like a big deal to that police officer.  Maybe escalating violence was prevented because of his actions.  Maybe the Christians could’ve gone about spreading the Gospel in a different way – I don’t know if Jesus would’ve shown up at an Arab Festival with a crowd carrying ‘religious’ signs…but none of these surmisings are the point.  

American rights were trampled on and denied.  Because of certain & specific Muslims.  In a nutshell, people, there you have it.  And certain  American law enforcement let it happen. 

…and I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if this situation was reversed, and Christians were pelting Muslims with water bottles and such?  I think we know.



ACT! for America reminds us through this video, “how fragile liberty is.”  I have thought that myself lately.   The more I learn of government, the more I see how easily things could turn.  So we need to become even more aware, more concerned about safeguarding our freedoms here in America.  And more than ever, ‘We the People’ need to vote more carefully, and put into office men & women who love & will truly uphold our grand and powerful Constitution. 

There is still time.  There really is….


Below, ACT for America’s Independence Day message – 

 {Today}… America celebrates the 236th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and its 236th year as an independent nation.
This remarkable document, along with other “founding documents” such as the Massachusetts Body of Liberties, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, and, of course, the Constitution, stands as a testimony to the uniqueness of America“American Exceptionalism.”
It is this exceptionalism that has been the magnet for countless immigrants from every corner of the world.
It is this exceptionalism that has undergirded a rugged dedication to freedom.
It is this exceptionalism that has helped America overcome even its greatest flaws, such as slavery.

The ACT! for America motto is “Rising in defense of our security, our liberty and our values.”

In other words, rising in defense of American exceptionalism.


Freedom of speech is under assault by the forces of radical Islam, from the streets of Dearborn, Michigan, to the halls of the United Nations, where the Organization of Islamic Cooperation continues to press for a resolution that would be incompatible with our first amendment.
Freedom of speech is under assault by government officials, such as those in Dearborn, who in the past have arrested Christians for exercising their rights, and by police officers this year who threatened to arrest, not the Muslims assaulting the Christians, but the Christians who were being assaulted.
Freedom of speech is under assault by the enablers of radical Islam, those pied pipers of political correctness who generally refuse to debate the facts and the issues, instead resorting to name calling and other propaganda techniques to suppress any and all critique of radical Islam.

…ACT! for America…continue{s} to stand firm in the defense of our security, our liberty and our values.


Please join with them!

Moving Right Along…

From my perspective, it seems that much thought, planning and effort were invested in providing the training and life experiences that would be necessary to bring our nation’s first leader into the timeline of American history at the precise moment when he was desperately needed. In addition, the extraordinary qualities that made George Washington almost revered, as well as an effective commander, were cultivated deliberately by the One behind the scenes. A plan was set in motion, and it was brought to fruition. We stand here today, the most blessed and mightiest country in the world, as testament to that fact.

If you believe in a God, (and I obviously do!) the fact that such pains were taken by Him to provide our fledgling nation with such competent leadership speaks well of Divine intentions concerning these United States. It tells me that this country was in His mind and heart, and His desire was to birth it. With this in mind, and despite appearances to the contrary as history has progressed, I believe His hand is still upon us.


Way Back When…

While the United States of America is undoubtedly the world’s superpower, a mighty land, so many (even of her own citizens) denigrate her. I cannot say these accusations are entirely unfounded, of course; this country is inhabited by,and governed by human beings, who are subject to the failings that accompany that nature.
But…going back in time, learning some of our history, I have been surprised and comforted to see a Power at work in the eventual formation of the United States, a Power beyond human control. What started out as a shipwreck became ultimate victory and glory. What some may see as a mere chain of events, I see as Almighty God making His plans, preparing the leadership for a young country yet to be born.
Early in 1657,the Sea Horse of London,a merchant ship having been loaded with tobacco, was caught in rough weather as it sailed down the Potomac River,heading back home to Europe. The ship capsized and was washed ashore.
It took the crew of the Sea Horse some time to effect her repairs, so long in fact that one of her mates had time to meet and cultivate a relationship with the daughter of an influential Virginian landowner. The Sea Horse departed Virginian waters without her mate, who remained behind to marry the young woman and build a life with her on American soil.
The crewman’s name? John Washington, the great-grandfather of George Washington, the first President of the United States of America.