…about George Washington

  Way Back When
While the United States of America is undoubtedly the world’s superpower, a mighty land, so many (even of her own citizens) denigrate her. I cannot say these accusations are entirely unfounded, of course; this country is inhabited by,and governed by human beings, who are subject to the failings that accompany that nature.
 But…going back in time, learning some of our history, I have been surprised and comforted to see a Power at work in the eventual formation of the United States, a Power beyond human control. What started out as a shipwreck became ultimate victory and glory. What some may see as a mere chain of events, I see as Almighty God making His plans, preparing the leadership for a young country yet to be born.
Early in 1657,the Sea Horse of London,a merchant ship having been loaded with tobacco, was caught in rough weather as it sailed down the Potomac River,heading back home to Europe. The ship capsized and was washed ashore.
It took the crew of the Sea Horse some time to effect her repairs, so long in fact that one of her mates had time to meet and cultivate a relationship with the daughter of an influential Virginian landowner. The Sea Horse departed Virginian waters without her mate, who remained behind to marry the young woman and build a life with her on American soil.
 The crewman’s name? John Washington, the great-grandfather of George Washington, the first President of the United States of America.



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