Moving Right Along…

From my perspective, it seems that much thought, planning and effort were invested in providing the training and life experiences that would be necessary to bring our nation’s first leader into the timeline of American history at the precise moment when he was desperately needed. In addition, the extraordinary qualities that made George Washington almost revered, as well as an effective commander, were cultivated deliberately by the One behind the scenes. A plan was set in motion, and it was brought to fruition. We stand here today, the most blessed and mightiest country in the world, as testament to that fact.

If you believe in a God, (and I obviously do!) the fact that such pains were taken by Him to provide our fledgling nation with such competent leadership speaks well of Divine intentions concerning these United States. It tells me that this country was in His mind and heart, and His desire was to birth it. With this in mind, and despite appearances to the contrary as history has progressed, I believe His hand is still upon us.



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