Picking Up Where I Left Off…

In my last Post, we were considering events that factored into the placement in history of the man who became our first President. We saw that a shipwreck, by almost all definitions a crisis, perhaps even a tragedy, could be seen from a different perspective. Though devastating at the time, the wreck of The Sea Horse of London brought to our shores the genealogy of George Washington. The hand of God was at work generations before this man would be called upon to fulfill his, and our, destiny, setting in motion the lives and relationships that would finally lead to his birth in 1732. But for a violent storm and its subsequent damage, that birth would’ve most likely taken place somewhere in Europe instead. Such, however, was not to be the case.

Bringing this dynamic to a more personal level, if I may, try to remember this lesson from our history and re-think your own ‘shipwrecks’ , when they occur.



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