The Ultimate Solution…a baby?

It seems, at times, absurd to even consider any other option than ‘choosing sides’ when the topic at hand is political, or national or international crises, etc. We jump on bandwagons, we sound off in what I’ve seen dubbed as online ‘echo chambers’. I wonder if many of us simply want to be led around by Pied Pipers…

Post Trump inauguration, I myself was so sickened by the intensity & constancy of hateful rhetoric & actions, that I backed out of most online activity. (Serendipitously, at that exact time I lost regular internet connectivity anyway…) Then & now, in hindsight, I only see darkly-intentioned forces inciting a tearing of the fabric of wholeness & healing.


These forces will use any & all issues/conditions etc. to their advantage, if possible. I don’t believe that their goals are what they say they are. In a large majority of the conflicts we see in America, that are able to arise because we champion – as we should – freedom of speech & peaceful protest, the real goal is division. It is spurred by a root of hatred. Harm is intended.


No doubt these situations are going to happen. What are the answers? Where do we find solutions?


Again, it would seem absurd to even consider, in these times, not beefing up our military/law enforcement & keeping it well-oiled, well-nourished & at the ready, fully trained & equipped. I am all for that, and am so grateful that the Obama administration’s paring down of it has been reversed in this new day. But…

…in moments of reflection, I can’t help but remember certain words found in the Scriptures that challenge my position & mindset.

In the beginning of the epistle of James, we read that not having because we did not ask, or asked with wrong motive, are causes of war/conflicts. Do you take this Scripture seriously? If so…uh…then how can that be incorporated into seeking solutions to world conflicts? Is this what diplomatic talks are all about?


Astonishingly, in Isaiah 7, we find another key to responding to war.

In those days of Isaiah, Jerusalem was being threatened by Syria. (Sound familiar?) Long story short, Ahaz king of Judah was given a sign by God regarding this situation after He promised that the approaching enemy would not prevail.

The sign was a baby.

Granted, not just any baby, but one conceived of a virgin. One to be called ‘God with us’.

But still…what kind of solution is this? A baby? What is this supposed to mean? Military might approaches and God is talking about an infant? Come ON !!!


As completely unrelated as this answer appears to be on the surface, it is nonetheless a Word from God. With us.

We have just finished celebrating Christmas, those days of marking the birth of this infant. In fact & in theory, many fully believe that such an event took place. And all that came after it. We honor, praise & worship this Jesus, as King, Lord and Savior. But because I have just this day been impacted with the substance of Immanuel, I wonder how many have yet to see or receive this Light, this Truth?

Religious sounding words & phrases, solemn churchy hymns, may not do it for some of us. Normal Sunday sermons might not crack through a helmet of dullness around our ‘mind’. But of all the catastrophic events taking place in the world today, the non-stop stream of fear & dread parading across our screens, all that lays claim to too much of our attention…NOTHING shall ever prove to be as Mighty as God with us.




To Adopt You, God did Great & Mighty Things !


I love seeing how God works! I know it is a blessed thing to believe without having ‘seen’ – it really is – but when the shadows lift and you ‘get it’, there is such delight!

Newly saved, we are presented with certain ‘formulas’, explaining some of the purposes & methods of salvation. If you were like me, at that time in your walk with the Lord, you accepted, basically understood, and repeated them to any who would listen. Just as a child would. And I am not saying there should or could have been a different way of beginning our walk with Jesus.

(I do recall, however, a certain preacher pointing out that there was a great need for more of the right kind of teaching for new believers, so that they would not be misled. That’s a whole other story…)



Perspective can shape conclusions.

I always saw the devil-fueled world system as being our opponent, desiring to oppress & enslave us. Mentions of the world system in Scripture embody warnings against it, it seems. There are no endorsements, only negatively slanted commentary & instruction. Love not the world, nor the things of it, for example.

So…years ago, I first came across Galatians 3:23, telling me that we were deliberately ‘shut up’ unto faith and ‘kept’ under law. I was more than a little bit surprised, as I equate the world system with law…and sin. God intended this? Not what I had at first understood at all!

As the ‘cherry on the top’ of a sundae, that Greek word translated as ‘kept’ includes the meaning ‘to be a watcher in advance’; better yet ‘to hem in, protect’.

I never pursued further investigations of the topic, but this ray of light appeared in my thoughts & musings off and on over the ensuing years. As though somehow there was a redemptive quality to this system structure, which had previously eluded me.


Recently, my studies led me to the fourth chapter of Galatians. As though for the first time, I began seeing similar threads of God’s processes, as described above. Light entered the room of my mind, and began filling it. Bible studies from my past came to life. Charts, outlines & analogies began breathing. What I had never realized – though I know I would’ve read the related Scripture – is that to receive the ultimate Adoption by the Father, we first had to be redeemed. I saw that there is a time appointed to be redeemed. (Gal.4:2) Leading up to that time, our Father protects us (under what we later know as bondage to the elements of the world system.) Tough love? But love nonetheless, Divine, necessary. He did not leave us floating around in chaos. There was always a Plan.


…and so I got to thinking, just how are we ‘protected’ by being shut up within law?

My conclusion is purely my own. I have done no research. But my thinking on this is, that as a human being with a conscience, we will suffer the psychological consequences of our wrongdoings – because before Christ finds us, we do not know or understand that there is available to us a place of no condemnation – so we need a means to be psychologically absolved of that condemnation. Satisfying world system demands just might provide that. 

…in addition, it occurred to me that perhaps in order to be willing to receive His solution in Christ, man had & has to go through all that he does, in this worldly system, to learn through experience that this system ultimately doesn’t work.



Side bar:  While I did not write this post with any political slant in mind, something similar that occurred to me last year came to mind.

I believe that one reason President Trump is in office today, is because the Presidential season preceding him paved the way for his election. (Similar to the law being a ‘schoolmaster’ to lead us to Christ.) Because so many were so dismayed over the handling of the United States presidency during Barack Obama’s two terms, those many were ready to consider electing a man who in so many ways offended them.  In other words, the Obama years were perhaps intended to prepare a citizenry for God’s solution to impending doom for a nation – though in the natural that solution otherwise would likely have been rejected.

There are some others who see this as well.



The time appointed by the Father for our adoption process to begin, took place in a stable in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. This historical event has repeated itself in the lives of individuals worldwide, throughout the centuries, and continues today. The Savior is born in hearts, and destinies are forever & victoriously changed! We mark this matchless beginning of redemption on December 25th, every year.




Christmas w-Sandro 2015






Broken Nets & Sinking Ships

Recently I was thinking about the Scriptural account where Jesus got involved in his disciples’ fishing activities. (There are actually at least two different accounts – one takes place after his resurrection.) In the first, Jesus had entreated Simon Peter to launch his ship out a little ways onto the lake of Gennesaret, from where he then proceeded to teach the people who had gathered on the shore to hear him speak. Afterwards, he instructed Simon to launch out further, and drop the fishing nets. Though toiling “all the night” with not a catch, Simon complied, and his net “inclosed a great multitude of fishes”. So great, in fact, that the net broke. The men beckoned a partner ship to come to their aid. Both ships became so heavy with the weight of their fish, that they began to sink! (Luke 5:1-6)

In the second account, again involving Simon Peter and another fruitless night of casting their nets into the water of the sea of Tiberias, the resurrected Lord specifically instructed the fisherman to cast their nets over the right side of the ship, promising results. Again, the men complied, and the catch was so great, so heavy, that the “they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.” It took the help of another ship to finally drag the net full of fishes to land. (John 21:6)


So it seems pretty clear that following Jesus’ instructions is the way to go, if you want results. In these instances, He directed the disciples to specific locations, either further out into deeper waters, or a particular side of the boat. For this reason, in this post, I’m focusing on location.


Some years ago, teaching on these events, I remember a preacher comparinFishesg the sinking of the ships with being immersed in humanity, rubbing elbows with people of all types, when we are trying to follow Jesus & do His work. The preacher pointed out that a sinking ship, with nets loaded & bursting, would be full of not only the desired cargo of fishes, but seaweed, refuse thrown into the water, probably dead things, etc. It could be a foul, smelly, quite unlovely environment!


While recalling this message, it occurred to me: is this a picture of the great ‘melting pot’ that is America? The poor, huddled, shivering masses that came to our shores? The immigrants (legal & otherwise) that still struggle to reach our borders, and cross them? All the elements, desirable and not so much, that find their way to our soil, and take root, or at least try?

I know it is generally understood that these Scriptures are referring to becoming fishers of men, and reaching souls in the name of Jesus, to bring them into His kingdom. But if one considers that thread of the possibility of a Divine origin & destiny weaving throughout American history, and that destiny is primarily & ultimately to be that place where the most powerful expression & manifestation of Jesus Christ will ever be seen on this earth (apart from His actual life, death & resurrection 2,000 years ago, and His final return) and radiate outwards….then the process of drawing to Himself the yet unredeemed from every walk of life would & will be a massive undertaking, stretching resources to exhaustion, almost sinking ships as it were. The criminal element, the dangerous, the poor & unlovely, the greedy, the sick in many ways…will be hauled in, within those ‘nets’ of outreach. Our systems, our borders, our infrastructure may be over-taxed and threatened, for a season. But Jesus deliberately invited over-loading the fishing nets & sinking the ships, for the cause of the prize of the catch.


So I have to wonder, have I been misguided in my support of building the wall on the Mexican border? in my support of the travel ban enforced against certain Middle Eastern countries? and especially my stand against illegal immigrants? I have fully stood with President Trump in these issues, and do not want to be foolish in changing my stance now. Sadly, I see these actions as necessary for our safety, but…when you look at a situation from perhaps the Divine perspective, it gets you thinking.

Thinking deeply.







Government by the People…It has Deep Roots!

As I continue to learn more & more about the founding of America, I am becoming more & more fascinated with the workings of governments. Coming from someone who, in the past, couldn’t care less, this in itself is pretty amazing!

Also, coming from someone who looks to God’s grace & His new Covenant – which replaces completely the old Covenant (Galatians 4:22-31), wherein we found the Old Testaments laws (government) of God given through Moses – this is all the more surprising. Government produces laws. But the just shall live by faith…there seems to be an antithesis at work here, doesn’t there? Yes, I’m mixing spiritual truth with temporal environments & workings, but…can they really be separated?

In a post from March, 2014,  America…and Law vs. Grace, I wrote about the possibility that no matter how perfectly our Constitutional laws were applied, in the end, even the glorious *Redeemer Nation, the United States of America & her government would fall short. In the end, only the ways of God in Christ would prevail, not through the systems of man but through the Son of God, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Well…I didn’t realize at that time, how instrumental were the Old Testament systems of government in our own.** If someone doesn’t point this out, I think many of us would not realize it. So now, I’m in the middle of quite a rethink, and it’s going down deep….


Everyone knows that, according to Scripture, in ancient times the nation of Israel wandered 4o years in the desert, with Moses leading them. Up until now, my understanding of this long, drawn-out trek was that the Israelites just weren’t getting it. They were going about everything the wrong way. The LORD had His hands full, bringing them into the Promised Land of Canaan! I’ve heard sermons about being bull-headed & rebellious resulting in long stretches of wilderness in our own lives…

.. and I’m not saying all these things aren’t true.

Moses -Peoples LawBut it occurs to me, one thing that isn’t normally taught, is that during this time the LORD gave the blueprint for the government of the future United States of America. The same Moses who brought those stone tablets of Law down from Mt. Sinaiand because of that is called ‘one who accuses’ – is also the Moses who implemented rulership of ‘the People’!! The Moses who, according to Josephus & others, was being groomed to be the next Pharaoh (The Hidden Moses ), a Pharaoh who ruled the people, instead became the Moses who set up the system that allowed the people to rule! And perhaps, even in large part, this was one of God’s purposes for that wilderness jaunt. If this be true, how foolish we are today to ignore that miraculous gift! We have been given the answers!

How much God loves us, how much forethought & effort He put out so long ago, to bring America forth in her time! People, we need to catch this vision! This IS the vision of our Founders! When they produced our Declaration of Independence & our Constitution, they were working in accord with the mind of God!


“…in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.”

(Matthew 18:16)

….so we have here a first example of people’s government, seen in the structure of ancient Hebrew life.


Enter (many, many centuries later) the Anglo Saxons.

Around 450 AD, the Anglo Saxons arrived in southern Britain. Their intention of temporarily joining with the king of Kent to combat his enemies resulted in a permanent arrangement, as well as a name change from Britain to Anglo-land (or England). With their ruling presence came their “institutes of constitutional government…almost identical with those of ancient Israel.”**

I cannot help but draw a connecting line between these two ‘testimonies’ of sorts,Anglo Saxons spoken, written & enacted in the governments of each of these two nations, the Israelites of old & the Saxons who eventually peopled England, the mother country of those forever gloried thirteen colonies now known as the United States of America. Is it not then possible, that this strong & free nation of America, with her fortifying Constitutional rule of law by the People is – and was always intended to be – an established word of God? Of which it was testified & foreshadowed by two powerful ‘witnesses’?


GREAT & MIGHTY is our God!








*Ernest L. Tuveson, Redeemer Nation   **W. Cleon Skousen, The Making of America, pp.41-62, ‘Discovery of the Ancient Principles’.

“Having Done All,…Stand. Stand therefore…” (Eph.6: 13,14)


“The Lord is looking at the heart, and I believe that Donald Trump has a genuine love and heart for the United States and the people of the United States to see change, healing and freedom come back to the nation again. ”  (Lana Vawser)


Melania & President blue



Accusations, turmoil & all the other usual suspects continue to plague our President and his administration.  The Scripture makes it clear that the devil only departs for a season – he’s not going to stay gone – so we should expect this kind of troubling.

But in those moments when even a President Trump supporter might…flinch…the above post on Lana Vawser,  from this past Inauguration Day, has greatly encouraged that supporter, and warrants re-posting now.


Jesus is Lord, and He reigns.







Are You Waiting for God’s Axe to Fall?

Are you sure, as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He will always come through for you? Are you SURE?

I know that you know at least some of the pertinent Bible verses that tell us we will be provided for, in the now as well as in the hereafter…but do you really feel completely secure in this? Are there not at least a few occasional doubts…that wiggle around in the back of your mind like the nasty little evil worms that they are! And then grab every possible bit of opportunity to grow into gobs & blobs of worry, anxiety, & fear?


I used to speak frequently with a very interesting brother in the Lord, who had attended seminary, pastored, held house meetings & ministered at a teen mission center. He started his own janitorial supply business, was married & had (at the time) 2 children. He cast out devils. (He cast something out of me.) In fact, this brother told me that, for about a year, he had walked in the knowledge of being as God. Now, I know of no one else who has had that experience – and I would think that, anyone who has had it, would not have any problems at all trusting God. Yet, my friend had lived under the constant fear of not believing God would come through for him.

I couldn’t comprehend that inability. This brother seemed so…well, advanced…in the things of the Lord. And at that time, I was fairly sure of God’s ‘coming through’ for me, and I was nowhere near as knowledgeable in such matters, as this man was.

Now, knowing more & having walked decades with Jesus (through both valleys & atop mountains!), I too am ofttimes much less certain. Yet I constantly see His touch & provision, in the smallest details to the larger issues. As recently as today, I have been delivered from the hand of him who was too strong for me. (Concerning one of those larger issues!) Even so, I suspect that the next time I’m suffering, or anxious…He will leave me to my own devices. Which causes more suffering…

So I thought that I might lay out some Scriptures to counter-act this kind of doubt. I want to halt that train of thought in its tracks.


There is absolute assurance. It is found in covenant, and only in covenant.


“It will be an everlasting covenant.” (Ezekiel 37:26)

“I…will set My sanctuary in their midst forever…” (v.26)

“My dwelling place also will be with them” (v.27)

“You (Jesus) are a Priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek” (Hebrews 7:17)

I suspect that, when you’re struggling before a pile of bills that you can’t pay, and maybe your kids are sick and it was a rough day at the job, Melchizedek is not the first thing on your mind! You’re getting a headache and it’s all just too much at the moment…talk of covenants & priesthoods & kings, really, aren’t even in your rearview mirror.

But they need to be.




Those things which we cannot be guaranteed that we can accomplish for ourselves, or for those we love & who need us, are prime causes of worry & anxiety. The list could go on & on, right? What great comfort would there be in some kind of guarantee outside of our own attempts!

“Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant.” (Hebrews 7:22)


In the message ‘Our New Covenant of Grace’, Rev. Wayne Monbleau states that “God did for us what we could never do for ourselves. That’s grace…”( @2:40) 

You really need to let that sink in.


This is our starting point.

I think that before we can experience complete rest in God’s Abba Father nature, and His caring for us in all things, we first must arrive at that watershed moment when we accept that we cannot. Period. I know this sounds contradictory, but before we begin doing what we can do, in any realm, we first must acknowledge that we cannot.


WHEN we accept this, and turn to the One provided for us, Jesus the Son of God…

WHEN we understand that every answer lies in Him…(because the lasting answers do not lie in us)…

THEN everything pertaining to Him becomes important. And we realize that we are not wasting time learning about ancient Bible history or seemingly irrelevant details & instructions, thinking we should instead be stressing out over financial shortages & running ourselves ragged working overtime…

WHEN we understand that lasting security will not come through stressing out & running ragged, I think it is much easier to exhale and begin to become more fully engaged in learning about your New Covenant of grace.


What I’m finding to be an unexpected comfort, is the continuity of covenant. It has always been available. (John 1:29 + Rev.13:8) It is not going away.

I used to perceive the different covenants of God as being in two separate categories, Old & New. My thinking was, the New Covenant is what’s happenin’, baby! The Old, not so much – it foreshadowed the New, of course, but other than that….it’s history…and I also used to be a little conflicted over my own perspectives here because the very Scripture itself tells me that the Word of God endures forever, so…how could any of that Word be just ‘history’? How could it not be potent & alive?

I understand now that the promises made by God in His ‘old’ covenants with Israel, Abraham, Levi & King David are in fact fulfilled in Jesus Christ through the New Covenant. They are all in one. There is no separateness in Him. I did not realize how desperately I needed to see this…until I saw it.


“Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine Hand upon me.”

(Psalm 139:5)





























Jesus, Blood & the Devil


It seems to me that an over-riding theme of this world is chronic counterfeiting.

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers……Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light…his ministers also {are} transformed as the ministers of righteousness…” (2 Cor.11: 13-15)

As I learn more & more about…well, everything!…it also seems that I notice more & more attempts to counterfeit the things of God. Really, it’s all over the place…and I don’t think it’s a good idea to be consumed with such awareness, but rather let it be a safeguard of sorts. Forewarned is forearmed. “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (2 Cor. 2:11)


The story of the garden of Eden has been presented to us in different ways & at different levels. First, we are told Eve ate an apple. That version is believable to a child. It is safe, a non-toxic version. Further along, we learn more specifics – oh, maybe it wasn’t an apple? we think, as we read in Genesis “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it…” (v 17). My own experience was such that about a decade passed after I came to Christ, before someone presented me with the possibility of Eve having experienced physical intimacy with the serpent in the garden. It is admittedly a revolting thought.

Approximately another 30 years passed before this topic re-surfaced in my life. Only mildly less revolting to me by now, I have pretty much settled on this last ‘explanation’ as true. Going forward with this mindset, it occurs to me that once again, we see a counterfeit.


Assuming, then, that the theory of Eve’s seduction by Satan is a fact, I see a parallel with this coupling of the human female Eve & a non-human being with the virgin Mary (human) being overshadowed from on High by the Holy Spirit (non-human) (Luke 1:35.)

I used to think that the devil seduced Eve in an attempt to toxicify her bloodline with his …DNA?…and abort the plan of God to produce the Messiah. After all, could One with polluted blood become the very Savior needed to purify with that blood? It would certainly seem not, in what might have been the devil’s thinking.

…but now I wonder if his devious motives were something else, or at least additional ones – did Satan think that he could produce his own savior? Beat God to the punch? Steal Jesus’ thunder? Satan is, among other things, a thief. (Even though the apostle John doesn’t specifically mention the devil by name, in chapter 10 of his gospel, it seems the devil is implicated under the heading ‘thief’{John 10: 7-10}.)

I realize that at the time of this diabolical event in Eden, a Savior of the world may not have yet been needed. The LORD God did not promise the serpent that the seed of the woman would bruise his head until after Eve’s tragic choice, so…perhaps what Satan had in mind was producing more of a ruler than a savior. And/or a race of devils. It just seems likely to me that something along these lines was going on. He was still, after all, trying to be like the Most High (Isaiah 14; 14.)


Something else has crossed my mind several times.

The Illuminati bloodlines…

“This ‘Divine right’ is simply the right to rule by DNA.” Illuminati bloodlines

“This ‘Divine’ right to rule has nothing to do with the ‘Divine’ and everything to do with the real origin of these bloodlines. They claim to descend from the ‘gods’ of the ancient world and who or what these ‘gods’ were and are…”

“…they are seeking to retain the DNA corruption that can apparently be quickly diluted by breeding outside of itself. ”

“…the families of the Illuminati and the power elite do the same to this day. Why? They are the same bloodlines.”

-David Icke, Tales from the Time Loop


For the life of the flesh is in the blood.” (Lev.17:11)

“…for the blood is the life…” (Deut.12:23)


On the flip side, in glorious contrast to the dark manipulations & malignings of such a precious substance as blood, THROUGH IT our redemption came. Through the blood of the eternal Covenant the great Shepherd of the sheep was brought up from the dead. (Hebrews 13:20) And this mighty event was brought to pass by the God of…peace. Reverend Wayne Monbleau, radio host of Let’s Talk about Jesus, has said that throughout His life, Jesus carried the chalice of that blood with Him and kept it pure, untainted, holy…so that God could raise Him from the dead through it.

So we see why unholy powers might want to corrupt a bloodline. And even though attempts to prevent the mighty, redemptive blood-bought victory of our Savior didn’t work, similar attempts continue to be made – through other avenues of worldly opportunity, to produce corruptions that facilitate ongoing counterfeits of that Savior’s works, kingdom & lordship.


Redeemed blood