Monarchy Encroaching?

When I first published “They wanted a King!…or, The Evils of Monarchy” in July, 2009, I had no idea, really, of the…magnitude…of that topic. I could not relate at all as to why Benjamin Franklin was so concerned about the colonists possibly reverting to monarchical rule (W. Cleon Skousen, The 5000 Year Leap, p.18,19.) My thinking at that time was, after all they suffered? such spilling of blood & loss of treasure? how could anyone EVER consider monarchy again!! To me, such an action was unimaginable. And beyond foolish.

Greater awareness of what goes on in the world, and exposure to types of information once completely foreign to me, has broadened my perceptions.


Deception ever seeks to lure the innocent & unsuspecting. Some who should by now be partaking of strong meat are still desiring only milk! We need to become those who partake of meat. There are realities beyond foundations of repentance & faith, doctrines beyond resurrection & eternal judgment, and we are exhorted to move past them to perfection. (Hebrews 5:12-14, 6:1-2) When we find ourselves in places demanding that we learn to discern between good & evil, we become those partaking of meat. We may not then be so easily deceived.

I say these things because I think, based on my own experience, that this ‘leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection’ (Heb.6:1) encompasses the kinds of knowledge & understanding that are needful in, say, avoiding a return to monarchy. The desire for an earthly monarch (king) can be, at root, a spiritual error. In a world torn by hatreds, divisions & conflicts, pummeled daily with lies & fear, people want an answer. What they DON’T want is more chaos & discord in governing bodies.

They wanted a King !....or, The Evils of Monarchy

Samuel imparts the LORD’S warning


Israel of the prophet Samuel’s time, similarly wanting security in their own world, where fraud & corruption abounded in their ‘government’/judges (1 Samuel 8:3), wanted an answer also. Against the Lord’s extremely clear, warning counsel, they demanded…yep…a king. A monarch!


Although on the face of it, the demands of those people seems more like simple bull-headedness, it is not. First came a forsaking of their God. Then a serving of other gods. Webs entangle, darkness clouds vision & judgment. We may hear but not listen.


What the people did not seem to care about was that their God wanted to be their King. Israel instead wanted to be like the other nations (Multiculturalism? Globalism?), having a king of flesh & blood. Somehow they had been deceived into believing that an earthly king would be preferable, more effective than Yahweh.


There was a moment in my life when the Lord told me that I was not to look to people or organizations, insurance or company benefits, government or improving economies for my help. Though He may send help through persons or agencies, He was the Source. He wanted me to trust Him alone. . “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” (Psalm 146:3)

…so for the peoples of our world today to reach a place of need, or desperation, where they believe any man or any agenda can bring solutions to their crises – apart from God working in & through them – would seem to be a big mistake. Yet more & more, we hear talk of global organizations/leaders/agendas that would seem to point to this very thing.

Something very big is going on. Hiding in plain sight, it gains mass & momentum.

Conceivably, at the ‘right’ time, it will manifest & the world will fall for it. It is manifesting now, and many do not see. (Perhaps they should not see, perhaps it is not necessary & would be of no benefit to anyone.) The complete manifestation would be so timed as to coincide with a readiness of the world’s peoples to welcome its arrival & its programs. IN THE MEANTIME the way is being paved by large & compelling issues: borders/immigration & climate change (whether real or a hoax). In order for a globalist agenda to be accepted, there needs to be conditions that affect all peoples & nations around the globe. Well, environmental conditions affect the entire world. And if the world was one big, borderless mass, well, there you have it, ready-made for a one world leader. No separate countries with separate cultures & governments, let’s just all blend together & be one big happy ‘family’ without individual citizen’s rights, so we can easily be taken over.


“The Old World Order was characterized by {individual, separate} monarchies, countries with independent standing armies, metals and fiat currency. The New World Order will be characterized by One-World government {single ‘monarch’?}, open borders, a world army, world court, and a world cashless credit-based currency managed via microchips.” {parenthesis mine}




IF WE ARE NOT looking for a ‘monarch’ to provide solutions & security – if we are seeking our help from the LORD instead, and through HIS ‘agenda’, purposes & people – such events as just described wouldn’t happen. Humanity’s focus would be elsewhere, not fixating on an earthly ‘king’ & his World Court, nor so willing to buy into the narratives that accompany this.


Guard Your Heart…but not from Jesus

Is God real to you?  How about His love?

I have believed that Jesus is Lord, and Savior of the world, approaching 40 years now. In a heartbeat, I can look to Him, and He is there.  But yet…for me, a more conscious apprehension of His love, and especially His love for me, has remained elusive.  Sure, there are moments…but something has been missing.  I questioned if I really was one of those included in the Scripture “God causes all things to work together for good to them who love Him…”  I knew I needed God, but I wasn’t at all sure that I loved Him.  Because I wasn’t at all able to have a sense of God as love.  Though the Scriptures make that clear, for me it seemed a void.

I don’t see a final, permanent solution to anything outside of God’s love, which engenders His promises.  I have concluded that if you can’t trust in His love…for you…you won’t be able to consistently believe His promises.  This inability to believe leaves an open door for doubt & fear to enter, to gnaw away at your peace and make you sick.

Ours essential battles are not against flesh & blood, but powers & principalities which deal in fear.  At root, the issue isn’t that money is tight and costs prohibitive to even survival. The issue is fear.  The issue is, do you really trust in God?  If we really trust God, we will not fear.  And I have yet to guarantee an easy way to trust somehow you don’t know.  Perhaps some can, but with God. who is invisible, it might take some effort for others of us.

I have had to work at it. I have had to really think about certain Scriptures, and make decisions – repeatedly, over the past few years.  And I am telling you, though you may struggle a lifetime, when the love of God arises like the day-star in your heart and all around, every wall falls down, and every strong hold is broken.  You KNOW.  You know He is the Mighty God, King of the Universe, Who alone is good and will always do what He promises.  In Him, you stand in power and truth, and you KNOW it.


When this Light ,which is God, causes there to be no place found for darkness, the alacrity of His faithfulness becomes astonishingly apparent.  It is mind-blowing.  It is real and true.  If you are not in that place yet, be absolutely assured that it is there.  It exists.  Keep fighting your particular good fight, and stay the course. As difficult as it may seem to do so, there comes a point when it is the only recourse left to you.  Like those final throes of a woman in labor, give it your one final push.  Make the decision to forge ahead, in Christ, for all you’re worth, not looking back.  At this point, for you, His kingdom is very close.



Tamerlan Tsarnaev: beyond the Obvious? ((Looking for Root Causes)

A question being asked these days, following the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings, is this: what happened to lead these two young men, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who had called America home for a decade, to turn so violently against her and her citizens? The obvious assumption would be, of course, conversion to a radical Islamist ideology. But behind that conversion, more specifically, at what point is an opening found through which to recruit a young man or woman into such an agenda? Why is it that he or she becomes susceptible to such a thing? And what could be done now to possibly short-circuit such an event in a future incident? These are not questions that have not already been considered; watching a special presentation of CBS’ “48 Hours”, aired the Saturday night after this horrible, horrible event shattered so many lives, I glimpsed a possible clue or two, I think.

  The father had very high expectations for his son.”

(Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s aunt, Maret Tsarnaev)

Anzor Tsarnaev was tough, a championship boxer back home, and he wanted his oldest boy to be tough too.  (link)

The Tsarnaev family gained political asylum in the U.S. just over a decade ago, escaping from the war-torn areas of Kyrgyzstan and Dagestan. They had managed to move to Chechnya from that turbulent area years before, but were eventually forced back.

They arrived in Boston in April, 2002.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two brothers, began boxing shortly after their arrival in America. Tamerlan “registered with USA Boxing, the governing body for Olympic-style boxing and consistently rose through the ranks.” (link)  He represented New England in the Golden Gloves competition in 2009 and 2010.  In fact,  he won awards for his prowess in the sport.  According to reports (1), (2), Tamerlan had wanted to represent the United States in the Olympics boxing events, hoping to gain citizenship by being selected for the U.S. Olympic team. Despite being “In that weight division…probably one of the best out of New England,” according to gym owner Kendrick Ball, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was disqualified from entering the Olympics in 2010 because of complaints that non-U.S. citizens should not be allowed to compete.


Anzor Tsarnaev, Tamerlan’s father, seems to have been instrumental in developing Tamerlan’s drive to engage in boxing activities. He “would ride his bicycle as his son Tamerlan jogged to a Boston-area boxing gym, pushing him to run faster, to punch harder.” and “…make him run for miles.”  (link)


Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has stated that the brothers grew up in America, therefore the roots to this tragedy should be sought in America.


In some of the articles I’ve read, the term ‘disenfranchised’ has appeared as part of the description of young recruits to radical Islamic organizations.  This term denotes being dispossessed of certain privileges or rights pertaining to citizenship. Something a person should have, they don’t. Learning about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, I wonder if a variation on that meaning could be applied to him.
The media has painted a picture of a Chechen family living in sometimes brutal conditions amidst wars and conflicts, and finally becoming political refuges here in the United States. We may not know exactly how much of their pre-American life was unsettled and in turmoil, but we do know that they came to America to escape it. It has to be assumed that they hoped for something better. The dream of America beckoned.

Tamerlan was fifteen when the Tsarnaevs arrived in the United States. He would have had more exposure to difficult living conditions than his younger brother Dzhokhar, who was eight. He also, being older, was closer to an age where one begins to think & perhaps learn about or train for a career. His desire for stability, for acceptance and an established life was probably greater than Dzhohkar’s, and would probably have determined Tamerlan’s choices & course in life.

Accounts indicate that his father Anzor had his own dreams for Tamerlan (as quoted above).


I wonder how much of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s boxing ambitions were truly his own. I wonder if he absorbed that drive into himself as a means of pleasing his father & gaining his approval. Perhaps that, to a young Tamerlan, would’ve been the ultimate success?
 I wonder if, as the years passed and he continued to train and develop his boxing skills, on some level Tamerlan became aware of a dissatisfaction gnawing within. On some level, perhaps he had begun to suspect a conditional acceptance by his father. As long as he succeeded, as long as he excelled at his boxing…but what if he wanted to ease up? Anticipating possible conflict with & rejection by his father may have produced a resentment that proved an eventual fertile breeding ground for other resentments, other grievances. “He was never happy, never cheering, never smiling. He used to strike his girlfriend. … He was not a nice man” was how Zaur Tsarnaev, a cousin, described Tamerlan.  And an uncle cited “Being losers — hatred to those who were able to settle themselves” as a motivation behind the carnage at Boston.

Additionally, Tamerlan himself is reported to have stated that he had no, or very few American friends, and had commented that people “smile at you all the time and forget about you the next moment.”  Perhaps he believed that achieving ‘star’ status as a boxer might alleviate a sense of isolation?  So when, in 2010, he was refused entrance to the Olympics boxing events because of his non-citizen status…all his efforts to succeed, all those years and all that work, hopes for acceptance and status and his self-esteem…crashed and burned.

I wonder if these circumstances in his life conspired to bring Tamerlan Tsarnaev to a place of readiness to hear and finally receive an extremist ideology.


In no way are the thoughts expressed here, should they be valid, meant to be an excuse of any kind for this man’s actions, nor those of his brother or any other co-conspirators in this inexcusable crime.

Nor am I implying that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s father is responsible for his eldest son’s decisions to kill and destroy. I am speculating on the possibility of his son’s harboring a suspicion of conditional acceptance. That may not have actually been the reality. It may, however,  have been Tamerlan’s reality.

And I am definitely not pointing a finger at an American policy of not allowing non-citizens to represent her  in the Olympics.

I am looking for root causes, period.


In this world, any of us can be deceived.  And there is plenty of disillusionment to go around.

Who does not want to be accepted and valued? I think there are very few who don’t care and are not affected if their lot in life doesn’t provide these things.  But what do you do if you are one of those people who, for whatever reason, find yourselves propping yourself up, self-esteem wise, with no or very little encouragement from the sidelines?  And you are hard-pressed to find solace, or cause change?

Any goal for which we strive can elude us.  Or, once we’ve attained to it, could yet be lost…or worse, not provide the satisfaction we thought it would.  Much falls into that that category, I think…and so I wonder, what events or interventions could have altered Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s path in life?  What might have yielded a kind of peace and self-acceptance that could have changed everything?

I only know one thing, that God alone loves unconditionally. Even our parents, our spouses and our close friends may or will let us down, as we will them, and withdraw support if the chips are down far enough. It happens.  Our human needs and our human identities can be very, very much intertwined with acceptance by others, and it can be painful, maybe too painful to stand alone. But at that point, should it come, there is a God whose Everlasting Arms are underneath to catch you, and in whose Son, the only begotten of the Father, you are accepted.


…here’s real Hope & Change…!

I wonder sometimes if the real underlying, ever-present battle is one between hope & despair preceded by fear.

During President Obama’s first-term campaign, (or was it early on in his Presidency?) his ‘politics of division’ was often mentioned. I remember reading that he was deliberately seeking to create class warfare; this, to me, as a fairly novice embracer of things political ,was a confusing notion. Now, everything is suspect! – but then I was ignorant of the darker, devious motives that might be employed to achieve one’s political goals. In my naive, lala land, God-bless-America mentality, I just assumed that both God and Washington, D.C. were good. All the time.

I still don’t absolutely know if Barack Obama was working on the warfare thing, or if he still is, at times. I read this, I hear that, and I think I get it – then someone I respect presents a whole other viewpoint that makes perfect sense, and I am again befuddled.

The thing is, once an idea like promoting division through envy, and employing scare tactics in the process, gets in your head, it can be almost impossible to blot it out. There lingers a grain of suspicion. Add that to all the other grains of other suspicions…or bushels of them…one remains cautious. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe but the truth is more important. Judge nothing before the time, and perhaps always retain some skepticism until you are absolutely sure.


Lately, I keep coming across the idea of the Obama adminstration (or President Obama himself) employing scare tactics as a means to their/his ends. Despite my slight change of heart towards the President (link) , I find that my earlier suspicions remain intact. Though I am trying not to be adversarial, in my view, he is still suspect – so I seriously consider this fear maneuver as being a reality.

Just 2 days ago, in her article ‘The Anti-Confidence Man ‘ (guess who that is?), Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal columnist, wrote: “Their whole approach is still stoke and scare—stoke resentment and scare the vulnerable…” “The White House is, as always, confident of its strategy: Scare people as much as possible and let the media take care of the rest”, she declared the week before.  Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal advises the President to “… stop sending out your cabinet secretaries to scare the American people.”  “Then the Sequestration cuts won’t scare people like the current administration is trying to do.” (“The Politics of Fear and Sequestration” )

Fear is a powerful inhibitor.When I find myself in the grips of it, my ability to think is frozen. That is usually not a good thing. The opposition could easily manipulate and overtake. Our Founding Fathers knew that, given certain circumstances, fear might “trigger the temptation to surrender freedom to a demagogue promising strength and security in return.” (The Politics of Fear)  Where fear fractures reason, hatred & division can be a problematic result. We might trust the wrong person, become aligned with the wrong kind of thinking, and make choices detrimental to our well-being. Personal choices become a national reality, as citizens and then as a nation we lose our sovereignty.

Is this what you really want?


As with just about everything, conflicts and dilemmas lead me back to God. God does not give a spirit of fear  (2 Timothy:7).  There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this, as far as I can see. The antidote to fear is love – perfect love casts out all fear. (1 John 4:18)  And since Scripture teaches us that God is love and God is perfect…He is the starting point for combatting fear.

How this works out for each of us, on an individual basis, is personal. I can’t say how you or anyone might need to employ these truths of the Word, or specifically how, going forward, these principles can & will – if we try & if we let them – work out in our national realities. But getting a handle on the the true nature of the Lord can only help.


I realize this is my third Peggy Noonan quote, but I respect her thinking and like her style, so here goes:  “…I see an opening for a candidate down the road who does the opposite of what Washington is doing now. Washington now is like a suffering marathon. Which kind of suffering do you want the most, cuts, tax increases, FAA flight controllers leave, it’s all about suffering. Someone coming forward and saying, no, actually, it’s all about growth. We can get dynamism back in our country again…”

Isn’t that a grand and wonderful approach? Doesn’t it make your heartbeat quicken? There are people who actually do see things this way…folks, here is the real hope and change…


A Few Thoughts on Fascism…

So, now I’m learning about fascism

It is a word that, for me, has always conjured up visions of an Adolph Hitler, merciless brown-uniformed Nazi regiments, the Holocaust horror.  Intrinsically, the word insults.  Yet I never really knew what it meant.  If asked, balking, I would’ve said, “Well…you know..Nazis.  Hitler…I don’t know, maybe Communists…”  It would have been unthinkable to consider that elements of fascism had found their way into American society.  Just plain unthinkable.

Attacks on the American way of life are, in fact, almost a part of it.  Until all the kingdoms of this world have become the manifested kingdoms of the Lord, these attacks will continue.  Every good thing will be subject to pollution, to corruption or destruction in one form or another.  Overt or covert, the adversary continues to attempt to activate his plots & schemes in every arena.  It is no different today than it was in the Garden of Eden.  The serpent was there.  He is here, also.

If we could simplify it, perhaps these diabolical schemes could be reduced to a root formula of misinformation.  Put something out there that sounds good…many are quick to jump on the bandwagon without thinking things through, or measuring them against tried & true formulas…or maybe just don’t know! those formulas or precedents…we’ve probably all been there…

So what is our measuring stick?

I have to come back to Big Government.  We don’t want it.  The United States of America was created by God and by men, both parties desiring freedom as a lifestyle.  Not reckless, careless, selfish freedom that can itself destroy, but freedom nonetheless…a freedom that needs the Spirit of God residing in men, that it may operate properly.  Living in this world is tricky business, and we are all easily sidetracked.  Following ‘rules’ doesn’t always work, and we need to be saved from ourselves every day.  That salvation, or help of many sorts, could come by God through varied means – individuals, organizations or government agencies – but we need to remember He is the Source of our help.  We don’t want to be trusting the means themselves.  We don’t necessarily want to count on organizations or…wait for it…Government.  Government in large part is not intended to be our Provider.

America was not created to be a nanny state.  We LEFT the ‘Mother country’a long time ago.



just getting started…more on the way…














November 7, 2012 – the Day After…

Barack Obama has been re-elected.

I never even considered that this could actually happen, and I am completely, completely deflated. My heart is heavy. We, the People, kept him in office. Right now, all I can do is cry. I have no starch left in me, and at this point, I want nothing more to do with politics.

When I recover from this setback (and ‘setback’ isn’t really a strong enough word), re-evaluation will be the order of the day. Because I know that the Scriptures tell us that it is God who raises up & brings low, I must accept that it is His intention for Barack Obama to have been re-elected. Things are not out of control, and , though it may appear so, the devil has not won.

A Twist in Eden…or, about those Cave Men…!

As I continue on in my life, and new vistas arise, beckoning…and I set out to explore them…I find that God is there, too.

Not that I doubted that.  But I might have been unmindful of it, at any specific moment.  So when He shows up, it can be such a delight!  We can use all the delight we can get in these times, wouldn’t you say?  Being shown a new slant on anything related to God invigorates me, and revives hope.

God is often in my thoughts in a frame-of-reference kind of way.  He’s the backdrop against which I try to view & evaluate everything else.  I can be doing this almost unconsciously.  I’ve learned that I need to depend on His sovereignty & control in all my situations.  There is ALOT that I cannot handle.   Tasks for which I am responsible on my job I find I cannot accomplish within the time frame given me, relationship pressures cause too much – well, pressure – and I need to disappoint, for my own health – then there’s the guilt that can result from this!  Yeah, I need the Lord…

…and I find it intriguing & refreshing to consider ideas such as the following…


The term ‘religion’ is used by many people to describe their belief system & worship practices.  I dislike that word.   It sounds formal.  Ritual is implied.  Yuk.  Give me the word ‘spiritual’ any day of the week!  God is Spirit. and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and truth…and not necessarily in any specific place, either.  {John 4:21-24}  However, ‘religion’ is the term I’ll be using here today, to make a point.

A better definition of ‘religion’ might be man’s efforts to improve his standing with God, or to make his own atonement for sin.   Think about it – when you know you’ve displeased someone, don’t you sometimes come up with a scheme to get yourself off-the-hook?  Whoops! did I say ‘scheme’?  I meant ‘plan’ (ahem) to assuage that person’s anger, or your own guilt.  You buy her roses, or get him tickets to a sports event, make a favorite meal…we all have tried to buy our way out of uncomfortable situations with a gift of some sort.  Why not do it with God?

That is a rhetorical question, so even though there are Biblical reasons not to try to buy off the Lord, my purpose here isn’t to outline them.  Rather, I’m pointing out a human inclination to placate God, or a god.  In a word,  ‘religion’.

Let’s get really religious – starting with a visit to the Garden of Eden.  Though there seems to be no way of absolutely ascertaining its location, Genesis gives us enough detail to make an assumption.  Four rivers are named as flowing from Eden (Genesis 2:10-14).  Two are unfamiliar to modern man, but the other two, the Tigris & the Euphrates rivers are well-known.  We’ll begin there…

According to the Bible, the God of creation planted this sumptuous garden as home for the first man & woman – besides creating the entire planet Earth! He arranged everything for their comfort & pleasure. It all started here.  Man was given dominion over ‘all the earth’. (Genesis 1:26)  God walked and talked with them in the cool of the evening.  Climate control, animals galore, a perfectly matched mate…no diseases, no war…the Lord declared these things ‘good’.

So I find it most interesting that some of these very conditions, originally designed by God Himself, played a major part in giving rise to the practice of idolatry.


…but first, a slight though related detour…

Though the Genesis Scriptures tell us that God created man from the dust of the earth, they don’t tell us exactly  how long He took doing it.  Though we are informed that this act of creation took place on the sixth day, the Hebrew word translated ‘day’ does not necessarily indicate a literal 24-hour cycle – it could mean a season, a length of time, or a process.  It could mean milennia…so, during that time, man possibly evolved & developed in many ways.  Thus, we end up with the term ‘primitive man’, or ‘prehistoric man’.  Which leads us to primitive man’s religious beliefs, if he had any.

Sources indicate he most certainly did.`

Records exist of Neanderthal burial ceremonies that indicate a belief in life after death.  Eerdmans Handbook to the World’s Religionsdocuments a burial site of that period, of rocks resting on a bed of flowers, found in a cave in northern Iraq.  Flowers bloom every year, bringing new life, hope & beauty with them.  We place flowers & plants on graves today for such reasons, and it appears so did people of primitive times.  There existed throughout pre-historic eras a practice of dusting corpses with a mixture of clay and iron oxide, which produced red ocher.  This red substance is considered to possibly be a ritual substitute for blood, the symbol of life. (Eliade, Mircea, A History of Religious Ideas)   (“The life of the flesh is in the blood” {Lev.17:11}  seems to have borne witness to those who never even knew the Scriptures.  The covering of the Blood of the Lamb was on some subliminal level known? and acted upon, symbolically? eons before Christ ever stepped foot on the earth, and proving as well that “…He hath set eternity in their heart…” {Ecclesiastes 3:11, ASV})

Mircea Eliade

There does not exist, however, an abundance of evidence pointing us to primitive man’s religious practices.  With no written language having yet been developed, and uncovered artifacts not necessarily revealing anything specifically religious in nature….modern man does not have much on which to base conclusions about our pre-historic ancestors’ acknowledgment of a God, or gods. Except for one particular source….“…the religious beliefs of certain primitive tribes {some of which are still in existence today} whose lives and circumstances closely approximate those that must have characterized primitive man.”  (Graham, James L., Genesis and the Religion of Primitive Man)

Follow the evidence…


…and let’s get some background on ‘religion’…

By the turn of the nineteenth century, a varied and interesting assortment of theories analyzing & explaining how religion developed from a primitive beginning had themselves developed   The common denominator in all these theories was their rejection of monotheism and the advancing of fear & superstition as the driving force behind these early religions. From fetishism – a belief in the power of charms, amulets, etc. – through animism, an attempt to explain man’s basic bodily & mental conditions by developing the concept of a ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ , and including totemism, magic and the worship of ghosts….and the application of Darwin’s theory of natural selection to the area of religion…“The concept of God was nothing more than the end result of the evolution of primitive man’s fear and superstition.”  (Graham)

Providentially (speaking of God!), prior to the introduction of many of these ‘explanations ‘of primitive religion,    archaeological discoveries made in France & throughout Europe had proven the existence of prehistoric man, and proven as well that he had inhabited the farthest reaches of the globe.  Though this very data was implemented extensively in the formation of these end-result intellectual religious theories, ultimately, it also thwarted them. By the time this plethora of God-less religious theories abounded, there also was found in abundance enough factual information concerning primitive existence to eventually fuel a very strong antithesis. The thirteen volume “The Origin of the Concept of God” was built on this information, and was the result of a life devoted to challenging & destroying previously held systems denying a belief in one God.  The works of its author, Wilhelm Schmidt, a Catholic priest, were so significant that by the middle of the twentieth century the evolutionary theories of these primitive religious origins & beliefs became almost totally rejected by most reputable scholars.


Father Schmidt produced such impacting results by refining the concept of cultural stratification.  Suffice it to say that such a method allowed for chronological identification of discoveries, determining which were truly primitive & which were more recent.  In so doing, it was shown that these evolutionary theories were contradicted by historical fact, thus “…destroy{ing} for all time the evolutionary concept of religion.”  (Graham)




Next post , I hope to tie all this in with my earlier statement:   “So I find it most interesting that some of these very conditions, originally designed by God Himself, played a major part in giving rise to the practice of idolatry.”