Tolerance…at What Cost?

It was with deep relief that I read a news article  ( yesterday regarding President Trump’s refugee prohibitions plan. I cannot state enough how important & how necessary I think this action is. I also can’t state enough how much consternation I have felt over the previous administration’s totally opposite course of action. It is confounding to me that anyone could have been in favor of not only allowing such a mass influx of potentially dangerous foreigners, but also actively seeking to import even more.

What were the motives here?


I have to be suspicious of any news event that suddenly erupts onto the screen or over the airwaves. You never heard mention of it before, then one day you learn that it is already underway en masse. C’mon!!! These things don’t pop up overnight. There has been veiled activity going on for possibly awhile; someone had a plan. Why did we not know about it?

For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved (discovered).” ( John 3:20)


“…this whole refugee thing has never been about helping people. It’s about helping people take over the Western civilizations, the globalist…objectives” says Rick Wells, author of the above-cited article.

Let me expand on that thought a bit.

…and begin at the beginning…where we once again find ourselves in the Biblical Garden of Eden, a pristine & perfect creation of God that is invaded by a snake. Now this snake was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field. A smooth talker. (Sidebar: this is the main reason I so distrusted Barack Obama from day one – he was too smooth a talker.) Because he was so slick, he confused & deceived the first woman, Eve, and through this deception, death entered. Death shifted the balance of everything! The poisonous die was cast.

My point here is that, there is a good situation/environment. Then something arrives to tarnish it, weaken it, corrupt it.

…plus, it often arrives in the disguise of something that seems ‘good’ but is not.


So we were presented with multitudes of refugees flooding our shores, being planted in our cities. On the face of it, we may see “…your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore…”. From that perspective, how could anyone turn them away, right?

But is that what this was?


Many do not know that an invasion technique used within the world of radical Islam, called hijra, employs refugee resettlement. Increase their numbers, strengthen & solidify, work Shariarefugee-resettlement-etc-hijra-_federal_immigration_policy_amazonbutton1-684x1024 law into the legal system…change the cultural, religious & legal landscape to their image. Keep this up until a takeover can be effected. The world-wide caliphate is not an imaginary fairy tale. It is the goal of radical Islam.

So it seems feasible, to me, to be suspicious of this kind of activity here.


There are other possibilities to consider as well – if a globalist agenda really is the driving force behind so much of what goes on our world today (I believe it is), the melting of borders would be to the globalist’s benefit. No separate nations, no sovereign governments… no citizens & no individuality, ultimately. Just  people being controlled (whether they fully realize that or not). Rights would dissolve as well. A one world government & ruler, a New World Order, will tell you what to do and you’d better do it.

So there is much to be said in securing & maintaining borders. Which would absolutely include processing, vetting, documenting those crossing those borders legally, to ensure homeland security. To prevent drug trafficking, human trafficking. Terrorism. Crime. Murder…the list goes on, you’ve heard this before. Within those established & maintained borders, you as a citizen of your own country will have the rights ascribed to you by that country’s laws. Your country will remain sovereign & hopefully solvent. It will not become destabilized & threatened by masses of refugees whose agendas we do not know, who will place I think great burdens on the societal infrastructure & economy. Which will weaken us. We do not want to be ripe for the picking, nor sitting ducks.


A question asked is, how far does a country go to prove it is ‘tolerant’? (In other words, to allow the out-of-control resettling programs to run amok. To allow weak border control.) WHY do we need to prove we are ‘tolerant’? And at what cost?

The false god of political correctness has been attempting to force Americans to prove how tolerant they are by embracing more & more inherently dangerous activities & conditions. Think this through. “Security experts warn that we don’t have enough homeland security agents to monitor suspected terrorists who are already in our country. If we increase the number of refugees from terrorist-supporting nations…” the price we would eventually pay, for allowing ourselves to be exposed to such risks, would be ever-increasing surveillance & loss of liberties.  “Who We Are As a People—The Syrian Refugee Question” (Edward J. Erler, Imprimis, October 2016(


Because God has graced & highly favored the United States of America by ushering the man of His choosing into the Presidency, Donald J. Trump, I think it may no longer need to be said that “time grows short for the American people to reassert their sovereignty…to stop the self-sacrifice which the political elites…have determined is necessary to satisfy the gods of political correctness…”

We are on the road back to wholeness & health as a nation.

Thank Him with all your heart!  REJOICE!!!!




…yes…another ‘Fast & Furious’ article…

“The sad truth behind Fast & Furious is that it was designed from the onset as a back-door measure for gun control.”  (Northeast Intelligence Network)


(I know this post is a day – well, many days! – late and a dollar short, but nonetheless, here it is…)

When I first saw mention made of Operation Fast & Furious – and I am not exactly sure when that was – I was stopped in my tracks.  I thought, I should write about this.  But impacting me more than the desire to write about this operation was the fact that I was unaware of any other media mentions made pertaining to it.  I am not all that politically savvy, so something must be off when I know about a current event apparently before any of my friends, neighbors or associates.  The silence made me wonder…

During the following weeks, maybe more, though on the lookout for related news about F & F, I don’t recall anything showing up.  Then, maybe an isolated piece or two.  I could not fathom this.  If I understood the nature of the beast,  Operation Fast & Furious was a very serious deal, risky and dangerous.  I thought perhaps I hadn’t really understood the gist of it correctly, because at some level it seemed almost ridiculous.

I never did a post on it.

Though Fast & Furious appeared to fade away, it did not.


What was its true purpose?

One comment I read suggested that Attorney General Holder and President Obama themselves arranged for the weapons’ manufacturing, contracting with North Korea for it and then personally benefitting from their sales.  This view seemed ludicrous to me, but anything’s possible, I guess.   I asked for a source on this, but to date have not gotten a reply.  I don’t expect to.

Would our government go to such lengths to provoke greater gun control laws?  There are elements in our government whom I would put nothing past, so….and much general consensus, as well as specific evidence, points in this direction.

“The intent was to put firearms into the hands of narcoterrorists and then continue that program after guns began turning up at crime scenes to support more gun control regulations.” is the opinion of retired law enforcement officer R. Cook.  Dan, who identifies himself as someone who has spent much of his life in & around the firearms industry, suspects that the dealers were coerced into buying these guns.  He suggests “…pressure or even downright threats that these gun dealers were under to comply [with ATF agents]....,”  and calls Fast & Furious an idiotic plan.  (Dan’s suspicion turns out to be confirmed by Washington Times columnist David Keene in this statement: Straw purchasers were allowed to buy more than 2,000 guns from dealers along our southern border who were pressured by government officials to look the other way.”)

Commenter Frank Laureyns has this to say:   “i have followed this story for several years. little has changed. . my read began with a dealer in px ,az. excaliber arms. i know this man . it was big headlines in the px area. now google it and little remains. he was involved with around 1000 guns . . this is a bag job was ment to distroy gunownership plain anf simple. dealers were being used and later indited {dbl crossec}by atf agents. obama is behind it all.”    (Comments taken from  ‘Fred Thompson’s America’ )

David Limbaugh, author of  Crimes Against Liberty, endorses Katie Pavlich’s book Fast and Furious as an expose’ of “a radical administration that put Mexican and American lives at risk for no discernible reason other than to advance an ideological agenda.” (emphasis mine).  Congressman Darrell Issa discovered incriminating emails in July, 2011 that confirmed F & F was intended to promote gun control.  One of the many sources of information on this botched operation reported that it was suggested testimony for F & F be used to support gun control. (I did not bookmark that page, it seems. Can’t find it.)

In April, 2009, Barack Obama, Eric Holder & Hillary Clinton made the claim that 90% of guns in Mexico came from the U.S.  Doug Hagmann & Judi McLeod, reporting in Canada Free Press,  assert that  the objective of Operation Fast & Furious was to substantiate these false claims, thus creating a reason to enact stronger gun control and attack Second Amendment rights.

Up and down the pike, we’re seeing a trail of Machiavellian manipulation, it appears.


A Bush-era program, designed and run by U.S. and Mexican agents, planted electronic tracking devices in a few hundred guns, so agents could follow the guns on both sides of the border. The idea was to compile evidence that could be used to prosecute gang kingpins. This program was known as Operation Wide Receiver.

Fast and Furious was launched by many of the same ATF and Justice Department officials.  It appears they got the idea for F & F from Wide Receiver.

Might it  be true, then. that the expressed intent of Fast & Furious actually was to be led to drug cartels and their leaders, by tracking these very guns, so as to squelch gun-running/drug trafficking activities and eliminate their existence?  Might it actually be true that this was a safety & security motivated operation?   “…this is a problem that must be met as part of a comprehensive attack against the cartels – an attack in depth, on both sides of the border, that focuses on the leadership and assets of the cartel.”   This statement was made by Attorney General Holder at an arms trafficking conference held in Cuernavaca, Mexico in April, 2009.    He spoke of being  “…committed to putting the resources in place to increase our attack on arms trafficking into Mexico.” 

Of course, Holder’s statement could also very well have been a carefully worded set-up, creating a cover for a completely different government agenda.


“It { F&F} was never designed to enable anyone on either side of the border to trace firearms. Guns simply were handed over to criminal gangs so U.S. officials later could see how many of them turned up at crime scenes,” the Washington Times reports.  Also reported is the fact that no attempts were made to actually trace the guns.  Fast & Furious turned into a pipeline funneling arms to drug cartel enforcers and smugglers.

It has been reported  by the American Center for Law & Justice that, between March and July, 2010 applications for SEVEN WIRETAPS PERTAINING TO OPERATION FAST & FURIOUS WERE SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT of JUSTICE. These wiretaps were then approved by several senior DOJ officials on behalf of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Each wiretap application included “an affidavit that details the case-related facts supporting the request for the wiretap.”

“The application also explains that law enforcement agents purposely stopped their surveillance of criminals in possession of Fast and Furious guns and thereby lost track of the suspects and guns”.

“..senior Department officials can no longer disclaim responsibility for failing to shut down Fast and Furious because they were unaware of the tactics used.”


I wonder if, in a final analysis, it could come to be seen as a mixed bag.  The wheat & the tares grow up together.  It isn’t usually advisable to pull up the tares,  you’ll uproot the wheat as well.  What would be so bad about staunching the flow of arms into and out of Mexico? (Rhetorical question…)  Perhaps early on – and we can only hope – initial motives were…well, not Machiavellian at least.  But then, perhaps another opportunity quickly presented itself.  Using law enforcement to promote peace became instead a springboard for a Second Amendment annihilation attempt?  Cover-ups, lies, denials…questionable use of executive privilege…behavior in contempt of Congress.

I’ve seen this called ‘Obama’s Watergate’.

Ugly, nasty business.