Destiny & Glory may yet Await You, O America…

“…all the trees of the field are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men.”  (Joel 1: 12)

We don’t often think about joy, do we…life is often not often joyful, it seems. Times are serious, worldwide. Make no mistake about that. I am one who has never wanted, or been able to accept that the time of the return of Christ is close. That it very likely will happen in my lifetime. I know about dire prophetic warnings, winds of Armageddon horror approaching – unlike many, I’m not so sure that a rapture will catch up believers in Jesus Christ before the nightmare comes upon us. I didn’t want to accept that this suffering might come upon me. It couldn’t be this late in history…could it?

I have continued to maintain as much hope as I could for delays, a reversal in the times. Until just recently. When I learned of Billy Graham’s daughter, Annie Graham-Lotz’s testimony of what she believes was a warning from God to her, of the end of human history, I began to consider the possible truth of what she said. I don’t jump on any Christian/evangelical’s bandwagon, ever…but she is Billy Graham’s daughter. Billy Graham! I put my life on pause & listened. I took her words to heart, and joined in on her MayDay! MayDay! prayer initiative. And I’ve started praying more, and waiting on His Spirit in prayer in a way that has produced some stunning & delightful leadings from Him. I have rejoiced in where He has taken me in prayer! There still can be upswings!

Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before Him. His joy is our strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)  We need to find & grab any glimmer of joy that we can. And build on it, in whatever way you might be led.


I need, like never before, to lay hold of hope & joy. My last two posts, and the research involved prior to writing them, had begun the birthing of a knowledge concerning America & all of history that at first sickened me. It took a few weeks for me to recover, to level off. Since then, my investigations have continued. I am onto something! and will be writing more about this in future posts. Many may already know of these things, but I am not aware of anyone in my sphere of life who does. (Granted, my sphere is small…) I have thought, Like Alice, I’m falling down the rabbit hole! But God has given me a sound mind in all of this, which is astonishing to me. No longer am I sickened. I remain steady. My faith in Jesus Christ, the Gospel and all that pertains to it, remains sure, bright & true. It is in no way diminished nor threatened. He is ever Lord of all and King of all the earth.


Mrs. Graham-Lotz’s purposes for the MayDay initiative are outlined here.  She lists five specific reasons, but I am highlighting only the last one: ” * To delay or soften God’s judgment that is coming on America and on our world. Who knows? He may turn and have pity and leave behind a blessing. Joel 2:13-14″  In her explanatory video, she made the point that a blessing of God can turn into…well, NOT a blessing…but here she suggests the possibility of the opposite. She calls upon the body of Christ to stand in the gap for this country, for the world. Those who do not believe, cannot stand. They simply do not know…we do, and can.


On the heels of this shedding of slight light into darkening corners came an explosion of light. Again, I do not jump on bandwagons…but a sudden and almost overwhelming prophetic word came to me, through a source only recently having arrived in my life.  It is long. I keep re-reading it. This prophecy, and similar ones following it, bear witness to similar words placed in my mind & heart on September 11, 2001, and since then – words that have remained there, held closely within my spirit. nurtured only by the Holy Spirit.

Here are some excerpts:

“I have been feeling a longing on the heart of God for His people to not give up on the United States of America.”

“I feel a longing in the heart of God for His people to see that even amongst the darkness and the way the United States has moved away from Him and His Word, He has heard the prayers of His people.

“There has been impregnation with a divine seed of Heaven into the USA to bring about a great birthing in this nation. A birthing of His glory…”

“I feel a warning from the Lord that many could “abort” the pregnancy and coming birthing through words of “doom” and “curses over the land of the USA,” committing the United States to a destiny of despair and hopelessness…”

“I then heard Isaiah 43:19:
“Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

The Lord has not given up on the United States of America; she is impregnated with something new.”


“There is such a longing in my spirit to encourage the people of God to NOT give up now. Do not give up praying for the USA. Do NOT commit her to failure, but continue to see the GOLD in the nation, for there IS GOLD in the nation. I believe the Lord is wanting His people to focus on the LIFE that He wants to bring to the nation, and the NEW that He wants to birth in this nation.”


Other, related words are linked below. (Again, they are long…)



To any who read and can hear & receive these seeds of vision, hope & life for America, America – I beg you, align your thoughts, hopes & prayers with the rest of us who do. Share this word if you can, where it seems appropriate.

God bless America.


 “…I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places…”  (Isaiah 45:2)


Looking Back might Help…

In today’s very troubled world, as threats & turmoil seem to increase almost daily, concerned citizens of the United States would want to be able to choose hope. But faced with such constant danger & unrest around the globe, when ‘around the globe’ can be as close as your television screen, or iPad, it is often hard to maintain optimism, isn’t it?

Fortifying me in this regard are periodic visits back to our Revolutionary beginnings. A wealth of understanding and vision abides in the words of our Founders. Renewed faith, hope and joy are so often the treasures I bring back with me, after time spent in a meeting of the minds with such as George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson. These men, and their compatriots, lived in a time of boundless possibilities. We’ve ‘been there, done that’ and may be sadly jaded, or deadened, but not so those stellar patriots that gave us, and in fact ARE our heritage. Like the blood of Abel, these men “still speak”.

To renew your hope for America, it might be helpful to catch a glimpse of how our Founders saw her…and us. We are not separate from them. Though over two centuries have passed, and technology, industry and corporations have transformed our lifestyles – there yet remain those voices from the times when quill & ink on parchment, and horse & carriage were the order of the day. There yet remains in many of us the blood & spirit of the patriot. Some may not realize it – but they will, with God’s help.


Today, we know that America prevailed in her war for independence. Now, it seems obvious that it should have been our victory, and those who deliberated, decided & fought that Revolutionary War knew they would triumph. We sit assured that we were meant to win. But back then, they were not assured. The Founders did not know. No militia fighter, nor soldier in the Continental Army, knew. A victorious outcome was not a foregone conclusion in their minds.

Afterwards, Washington speaks of “…the magnitude of the prize we contended for…. (We today, who by inheritance daily partake of this glorious prize, possibly do not view it that way. We need to be reminded.)  Washington had seen the coming battle as being not only for the liberation of the thirteen colonies from English tyranny, but for the rights of all mankind. He believed that ‘the destiny of unborn millions’ would be impacted by whether America stood, or fell, during and after her Revolution. Before 56 other valiant patriots counted this struggle to the death as being worthy of their lives & fortunes, and so declared it in writing, George Washington did the same: “It is my full intention, to devote my life and fortune, in the cause we are engaged in, if needful.”  

He knew the outcome was doubtful, and spent “many anxious days and watchful nights” in the pursuit of that outcome.  The Founding Fathers in general were intensely aware of ‘the improbability of their undertaking’, according toArthur M. Schlesinger informs us that author of The Cycles of American History.  The mighty Roman Empire, which Alexander Hamilton considered to be ‘the utmost height of human greatness’ (The Federalist) – and to which the fathers of our republic turned for instruction in achieving their own aspirations of free men governing themselves – fell nonetheless.  Why would one presume the thirteen colonies could do any better?   

And yet, as it came to pass“…the glorious events which Heaven has been pleased to produce in our favor”  Washington considered to be “the parent of future happiness”. How many of us believe that ‘Heaven was pleased’ to grant us this prize? Such an advantageous outcome Washington called “the greatest possible reason for gratitude and rejoicing.”

This Founder, about to retire (he thought) after leading the thirteen colonies through an eight-year-long war, must have known a depth of satisfaction few ever will. He saw this land as being a “theatre…designated by Providence for the display of human greatness and felicity” and as being given “a fairer opportunity for political happiness than any other nation.”

How can we today read such words so full of import, almost bursting from General Washington’s heart, and not be even just slightly encouraged? Going forward, maybe some of us might know a renewed spark of excitement.





Note:  Unless otherwise specified, quotes referenced above are taken from “George Washington: In His Own Words” (Maureen Harrison & Steve Gilbert, eds.)








America…and Law vs.Grace


I sometimes find myself pondering what seems to be the discrepancy between our Rule of Law and standing in God’s grace.

…and many times I’ve wondered, how does one justify the supposed hand of God in the creation of the governing systems of the United States, when those systems are law-based, and yet His way is one of grace & faith? Aren’t these two ‘methods’ mutually exclusive?

Clearly, the Rule of Law in America has proven more than successful. We became THE world superpower. Some in other countries hate us because we excel. I don’t think it can be effectively disputed that the blessings & favor of God has crowned America up to now. Therefore, our systems of law must not be against God’s plan. Just the opposite must be true…so…

Am I missing something?



As I’m listening to a lecture on the Constitution…or maybe reading something along those lines…like a bird flitting across my line of sight, I catch glimpses of answers. They are there, joyfully, quickly. But if I don’t write them down, well…you know how that goes! So I’ve decided to attempt to round-up a few of them, and write them down here…



I got delightful insight on this quandary from, surprisingly, an Economics lecture. Yes, economics…Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College in Michigan, in his introduction to Economics 101, presents the picture of man as being a political being, with an innate desire/need to live within a political system of laws, or some form of government. History is replete with evidence of man living under various forms of law & government.

History is also replete with evidence of man’s innate desire to worship a higher Power, to practice some form of religion.

The change in religious practices that emerged from Christianity were, according to Dr. Arnn, the essential root of being governed by kings & rulers to being governed by…consent. In other words, ‘We, the People’. In other words, Christianity eventually produced America and her Constitution.


…so, for starters, let’s first travel back in time to ancient Israel. Those Hebrews were loaded with laws! Besides the basic Ten Commandments, there were laws covering just about every conceivable situation, moral, civil and criminal. Rulers & kings were appointed to ensure that those laws were obeyed. God Himself gave those laws, so they weren’t to be trifled with. Not a lot of leeway or flexibility goin’ on back then.

Fast forward a little bit. Jesus Christ has walked the earth, taught, and been crucified. His resurrection sealed the Eternal Deal.In Him, we are free from law. Biblical New Covenant Christianity repudiates all those Old Testament laws, judges, & rulers. Now what? We are still basically the same human beings, with that same innate need to be governed. Hmmm…

…so at this point, perhaps we can conclude that law was meant to have its limits?


freedomNow…this lifestyle of ‘no law’ made possible by the blood of Jesus was made available to all. “…whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” (Rev.21:17)  This offer is extended to people of all nations, throughout the whole world. But the realm from which this freedom is offered to us is actually not of this world. (John 18:36) Think of it, perhaps, as an overlay, or strata, upon your daily life, invisible but there nonetheless. Underneath this ‘umbrella’ of the God who makes Himself available to all will be people from all countries, with different governments & laws. These laws are not meant to intrude into His dimension…ergo, again, perhaps we can conclude that law was meant to have its limits.

Limited government?


“…in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth…”  (Ephesians 1:10)

A magnanimous, sweeping statement like this Scripture seems to support my growing belief that the United States of America is in fact a word from God. It is a living word. From America the Beautiful we can see, if we want to look, a demonstration of the ways & principles of God in action, in consort with mankind. We see God walking with men. We see Satan in action, adversarial & malignant, opposing the Son of God at every turn. ( If you doubt this, look at the world around you, look at the lives around you…look at your own situations.)

Perhaps we are seeing – over the years producing Revolution, birth, young nationhood, government, Civil War, industry, technology – the outworkings of new life in Christ. If the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.

I wonder if God wants to show us, throughout world history and culminating in America in these days, the perfection of His ways, not ours. Down through the ages, He has brought mankind through laws enforced by kings, rulers & armies to a place where man is so much more free than he ever was. Those olden times throughout civilizations, their declines & rebirths perhaps symbolize the tenaciousness of Old Testament law. The Declaration of Independence, hallelujah, brought us into the light. Bold & glorious words bearing truth changed history. In them we find a realization of New Covenant power.


Man, however, cannot be fully & finally free on his own. Not gonna happen. The Son makes us free, and that as we continue in His Word (John 8: 31,32).  So I wonder, then…despite her best efforts, even though the Constitution of the United Statesof America is implemented as intended by our Founders…can America ever fulfill God’s best & ultimate Plan for us? Is the United States the final experiment in world history? Maybe she was launched for the purpose of teaching mankind that, as good as it can get here, still…His Plan is at the end a spiritual one. In Christ. Our most perfect of laws can’t produce “gather{ing} together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth…” (Ephesians 1:10)


Author’ note:  My conclusion above is in no way meant to imply that any one of us, who loves our country and our Constitution, should EVER stop standing for liberty & justice for all, forever. 

God continue to bless & protect America.








I don’t know if it is me, or the times. 

I have observed that I am less & less inclined to attempt to ‘stay on top of things’, politically.  It’s too much.  Even just glancing at my emails makes me instantly tense anymore.  Do I really need to know all this?  Or do I? It isn’t up to me to accurately assess national & international crises.  I’m not a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, or the Intelligence Committee.  No one needs to know my opinions, and none of the outcomes are my call. Yet it seems wrong to not be at least aware of the major happenings of the day in this extraordinary land I call home.

It’s a dilemma. 

Is it just me, or is it the times?  What is really going on?  I’ve learned enough, over the last 5 years of writing & publishing on this site, to have reached a saturation point where current events are concerned.  I can’t absorb anymore right now.  I may need to do something with what I already know, but I also think I need to monitor what new information I let in.

Where are we going wrong?  What is happening in this country?  What did God intend for America?  What was in His mind, and can we still do anything about that? 

Issues are so complex.  There are no simple solutions.  It would seem that some matters would be black & white, matters of morality, or security, but there is law and there is grace. Drawing a line may not be the Godly move. Motive is everything.  Substance trumps form, does it not?

Barbara Walters was David Letterman’s guest tonight, and they were discussing various well-known international leaders, mainly dictator types.  She demonstrated knowledge, class and compassion.  Yet she too expressed her quandary with the times.  Wrapping up a summation of a current world situation, Ms. Walters declared that she didn’t even know what she was saying.  Trying to describe the realities of the times brought her to a standstill.

I feel exactly the same way these days.  Even as I begin to form a thought or opinion, it fizzles out.  There is no point.  I don’t say this by way of despair or fatalism.  Not at all.  But when I was watching one of the last  government shutdown news broadcasts – before it was ‘resolved’ –  for the first time, I felt a disgust with Washington, DC.  Suddenly, to me, the whole kit & caboodle of ’em were disgusting.  I’ve seen this sentiment many times in online forums and comments, but I’ve never believed it to be true.  Until now.

Is it just me?  Or is it the truth of the times?

Donald Trump was also a Letterman guest recently.  He emphatically volunteered the information that all of them up there on Capitol Hill dislike each other, can’t stand each other.  Trump has been around the block many times;  I would trust his input on a matter like this.

So where does it go from here?


I can only see one solution for this country.  More than ever there needs to be the planting of the seeds of knowledge of our Constitution, and of the heritage of America, still beautiful.  This has to happen.  Whether it is done from your home or in the classroom, through computer screen or the pages of a book, while in a church  or in a university – it has to happen.

We the People




Is America a Word from God?

The United States of America is not just a country, not just land discovered, settled  and developed.  There is, and always has been, something big going on here.

The Spirit of God has been weaving Himself into and through our history from way back.  I have no doubt He is working His deliberate and perfect will throughout all of America’s struggles, conflicts, achievements & victories.  What I am not at all sure of is, exactly what His purpose is in all this.  Exactly what is being shown to us and the world?  Because America is a living epistle to all mankind, she is showing forth a specific Word from the Creator.  Just as Jesus is the Word made flesh, America also manifests a Word from God.

If it is true, as he wrote in his journal, that Christopher Columbus was called by the Almighty God to  set sail for a foreign shore, a pristine & undeveloped continent, then there had to be a Divine reason for that.  The voyage was perilous, one from which other adventurers had not returned.  Technology had not yet arrived, and navigational instruments as well as the crafts themselves carried great risk of shipwreck.  If God was commissioning a journey so fraught with danger it would seem that the bounty to be found would be glorious, and well worth the risk.  He had something specific in mind.

Scripture tells us that all things are summed up in Christ.  A simple, succinct statement…yet mind-blowing.  Is America’s entire existence a representation of divine principles & truth?


Redeemer Nation
Ernest Lee Tuveson, Author

It was believed by many that America was intended to be the New Jerusalem of the Scriptures.  We’ve seen the term ‘Redeemer Nation’, and in fact,  books have been written bearing that title.  It was also believed by many that no such destiny was the case; rather, America was an experiment “conducted without divine guarantee by mortals of limited wisdom and power.” (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Cycles of American HistoryJohn F. Kennedy, in his first annual message, while speaking of the continued endurance of our nation, said “The outcome is by no means certain.”  In ‘An American Dilemma’, published in 1944, Gunnar Myrdal wrote, “America is continually struggling for its soul.”Many of us – probably most of us – stand here today, as Americans, simply assuming that the United States of America turned out as was intended, and that there never really was any other option.  Our success was a given, and everyone knew it from the first.

But we would be wrong.

Finally triumphing in her war for independence, Americas was just beginning myriad battles of other kinds, in which she continues to this day.  There seems to have always been present, in any new enterprise, those forces that oppose or seek to ensnare, robbing of precious victories, robbing of liberty & life.  It seems to have been destined that there should & would be conflict.  Starting in Eden and travelling through time & history to, say, issues between you and your spouse, right in your own living room…up ’til now, at least, tears have not  been wiped from every eye, and there is still pain and sorrow.  The Founding Fathers had glorious vision for America. but it was not without doubt.  They “had an intense conviction of the improbability of their undertaking” writes Schlesinger.  History had demonstrated – at least up ’til 1776 – that republics inevitably fell to corruption.  That knowledge caused some of our Founders to be “deeply troubled by the ill success and ill repute of the only form of government which was possible for them”.  (Henry Maine, Popular Government) 

But there comes a time when the tide is turned, the dye is cast, and we forge ahead, creating a new path into the future.  Desire was stronger than doubt, and faith, though with trepidation, was stronger than fear.  Give me liberty or give me death prevailed.  Against all odds and against the mightiest nation in the world at that time, America was born.


Considering ‘America as destiny vs. America as experiment’, my own conclusion is heavily slanted towards the destiny angle! but actually, I believe both are true.  Experiment played a part as a means to the destined end.  We still, as always, can play a part in the experiment because we believe in our destiny.  And though I would have to agree with JFK that the outcome is by no means certain, for that very reason we must press on.  Hope remains alive in some of our hearts.  All were not in favor of the original Revolution, all may not believe today…but some still do.  Maybe more than you might think…God continues to have His remnant in the land.   The light of His truth still burns in hearts across America, forcing the darkness back.



…more to come…


“…the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God…”

These terms – ‘the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God’ – made their first appearance in The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America – our Declaration of Independence – in its opening words.  “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them to another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal stations to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”  Accordingly, it would follow that all else contained within this document, and any other document based on or springing from this Declaration, would be built upon & around these foundational realities.

So a problem arises if one doesn’t really believe that such a concept as ‘Laws of Nature’ is in fact a reality. Or if it is a reality, but not such a priority that an entire new nation & system of government should revolve around it!

When I first embarked upon my journey into the Founding of America, those words troubled me. Only vaguely, and not enough to search out further answers, but…my knowledge of the Scriptures and spiritual reality, seemed to contradict what the greatest document in American history, and possibly the history of the world, clearly espoused without question. Because other strong evidences pointed to the hand of God in America’s founding just as clearly, I disregarded these troubling apparent contradictions. For me, the one outweighed the other. But it would be so much better if I could find a resolution to this dilemma.

My previous understanding of the ‘laws of nature’ was determined by the Biblical concept of natural versus spiritual. Scripture speaks of the natural man in terms that are not exactly glowing, and clearly juxtapositions him against that far more desirable state, the spiritual man. The very unlovely  ‘works of the flesh’ (Galatians 5:19) fall into this ‘natural man’ category listing, and they only get worse, spiraling downward. So you can see why my impression of the ‘laws of nature’ left me wary. And if the Declaration of Independence was founded on such, then…could I truly be in agreement with it? Were some parts of it antithetical to my Christian faith?

Well…Scripture shares with us the concepts of the ‘letter of the law’ as opposed to the ‘spirit of the law’. We are informed that the letter kills, but the spirit gives life. One trumps the other. I have wondered if perhaps this ‘laws of nature’ idea somehow could be resolved within such a framework. But my musings are just that, my musings, and I’ve needed weightier, far more authoritative & definitive answers.

Enter Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Although I knew in a general way that our Founders drew from the theories of ancient Roman & Greek philosophers, orators, and statesmen, etc., in forming our republic, that was all I knew. I may have been reluctant to delve into such historical background, viewing such times & cultures as heathen, and not knowing how to ‘come to terms’ with such facts. Regardless, Marcus Tullius Cicero was considered to be our Founding Fathers’ favorite expositor of Natural Law. And as I’ve begun to learn from Cicero’s perspective about this Natural Law, I’ve found that I need to do a complete 180, as the saying goes. Natural Law turns out to be the exact opposite of what I thought it was!

Cicero was born and died before Christ appeared on the earth. He did not sit at the feet of Jesus, nor learn of such things as were taught or performed by Him. Born in a small town about 60 miles southeast of Rome, Cicero was brought up in a society that has been considered ‘pagan’. Yet even so, during the course of his life, Cicero’s contemplations & observations led him beyond the veil of visible phenomena to see “the brilliant intelligence of a supreme Designer with an ongoing interest in both human and cosmic affairs.” (W. Cleon Skousen, The 5000 Year Leap). The heavens declare the glory of God…day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. (Psalm 19, v.1-2) Marcus Tullius Cicero was given to see and hear these things. God causes the light to shine out of darkness.

Having established in his own thinking the reality of a Creator, Cicero also established a belief in a system of laws set in place by that Creator. In Book Two of his landmark work de Legibus (Latin: On the laws) Cicero writes that law does not, and cannot, begin with men. Men are rather the instruments of a higher wisdom which governs the entire earth. That wisdom, inherent within the Creator, dwells within His laws, laws that would produce & insure the best quality of life possible on earth, in every area, from individual relationships to national government. According to W. Cleon Skousen (mentioned above), Cicero concluded “The Creator’s order of things is called Natural Law”.

Our Founders concurred.


“As all the ages of the world have not produced a greater statesman and philosopher united than Cicero, his authority should have great weight.”- John Adams ( Mortimer N. S. Sellers, American republicanism: Roman Ideology in the United States )

Thomas Jefferson, in an 1825 letter to Henry Lee, named Cicero as a major figure shaping American understanding of “the common sense” basis for the right of revolution, and as a contributor to the tradition “of public right” that informed his draft of the Declaration of Independence. (Morton Frisch and Richard Stevens,eds., The Political Thought of American Statesmen)


“…to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal stations to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”

Knowing now the sure foundation upon which our Declaration of Independence was framed, and the entire American experiment, way of life & government has been built, has stunned me. Somehow, everything has become more real. If ever I believed that the hand of God has always been at work in the birthing & existence of America, I believe it even more so now. I believe it with complete abandon.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, way before our time and yet, a powerful voice from that past which has had more influence on your life & my life today then we ever knew. Perhaps just as Cyrus, heathen king of ancient Persia, was stirred up by God to build Him a house (2 Chronicles 22, 23), so Cicero was stirred to be a mouthpiece for the Lord, declaring His existence & laws to a foreign land, and pointing to the glory of a  society yet to come, based on those laws.

“…he that is greatest among you…”

A number of topics are contending for my attention here at ‘Jesus, the Revolution & You’.  Swatches of posts already written linger in my mind, and are prodding me to write more! write more!  But those particular posts & topics are not ones to be taken lightly.  I can’t dash off a quick article.  And extra hours at work have drained my energy, so I’m not up to the task of sustained, focused output right now.  (Plus, Christmas is coming!)  I decided, however, to at least begin sorting through the piles & sheaves of article print-outs, books, etc. scattered about my ‘writing area’, and hopefully find a starting point.


Revolutionary War interests-turned-passion eventually led me into American government & politics.  How could it not?  But to truly be able to help in our present, I believe we need to venture back into the past.  I believe that a broader overview of not just the pre- and post-Revolutionary world, but also world history, can only enhance one’s perception & understanding of the nature of man’s desires, his struggles & efforts to achieve them, and the outcome of those efforts. Granted, it gets complicated! but it seems like wisdom to me.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  (Proverbs 29: 18)


…so in the interests of my own increased understanding, I’ve continued in my Islamic research, and there are no plans to stop doing that.  Looking through my papers today, I found myself re-reading more carefully about how the split between the Sunni and the Shia Muslims began.  For a little while now, I’ve been gathering information on the ‘moderate Muslim’, and some surprising information at that.  I was reminded of the Libyan rebel concerns, voiced in September, of Islamist takeover (which seems to be happening) and, of course, always at play in these scenarios, in the background or the forefront, we have the Muslim Brotherhood.  Despite all the bad press they receive – I’m not saying it isn’t warranted – I want to look into it more myself.

I’m still not fully convinced that certain elements of our government were not, in some way, involved in September 11, 2001.  I never finished reading a lengthy report I have on the collapse of Tower 7.  But what I did read made sense, even to a non-engineer such as myself.  Like I said…not convinced.  And I haven’t even scratched the surface of secret societies and the international banking cartel.

May I say…Sheesh!  What a potpourri!

Ultimately, it’s all connected.  When you work backwards, and arrive in the Garden (you know the one – the serpent? Eve? an apple? {some say}), then go forward from there, we’ll find it all ties together.  I remain convinced that the real battle, the eternal battle, manifesting itself in so many ways, is between Old Testament Law in any & all of its forms, and the grace of God in Jesus Christ.



.. but where I’ve ended up today, specifically, concerns Barack Obama.

In recent political roundtables & maybe candidate debates, I’ve heard mentions made that after three years as President, many people still do not know for what Obama stands.  Who he really is. “…people in this country don’t think that this president’s real anymore.  He’s not genuine anymore,” states WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan.  This seems to be a legitimate cause for some concern.  Has such a statement ever been made about any other American president? Although I don’t know for sure, I doubt it.  A reason has been suggested as to why Obama remains to some extent undefined in the public eye, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

“… do you know what Obama stands for, where he would take us? I don’t know.”   These are the words of Chris Matthews, host of  the Sunday morning political roundtable bearing his name.   Two of his guests on this particular recent program, which aired on October 30,  voiced similar sentiments.  Ms. Katty Kay (BBC Anchor, “BBC World News America”): “ …it’s been one of the questions about this presidency, what’s the narrative of this presidency, what’s the kind of aim of this president.”  And John Heilemann  (New York Magazine) adds: “…but there’s also the sense that he’s been kind of static through these three years.”   ” As a state senator he studiously avoided voting on issues that might alienate  supporters; he ran for president as a blank slate, and that vagueness worked out  very well indeed.”  writes Liz Peek, FOX News columnist, in her June, 2011 opinion piece ” As 2012 Approaches, We Still Don’t Know What Obama Stands For .”  And actually, the statement that got me thinking about all this was made by someone I can’t quite place, speaking on which program I can’t quite remember.  I have tried repeatedly to backtrack transcripts, and have ended up with eyestrain but  no source information.  (So I’m givin’ up on that one.)

I remember hearing about President Obama’s tendency to see this side and that side of a situation, to examine it from opposing perspectives.  A calm, rational analysis.  This characteristic was presented in a positive light, and it seems to me that it should be presented in that light. Up to a point.  Has he too many times lingered in the Land of Not Being Clear Enough too long?  I myself will never forget, that when the news of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque went viral, and the American citizenry was appalled, shocked, angry and upset, this man refused any comment or opinion other than that he didn’t think it was wisdom to comment at that  time.  Maybe he did make other public comments later…but I never heard them.  Except for his eventual statements referencing freedom of religion, I am not familiar with any initial response, other than what I just mentioned.  How could the President of the United States of America not have a stronger reaction to such a proposal?  Even a little bit more reaction, showing whose side he was on!  Maybe in the years to come, in hindsight I’ll see that it was wisdom.  Not there yet…nowhere near it.


Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, paints a  picture of Barack Obama as a divider.     “…now he’s going out around America…as the great divider… He wants to turn this country into the divided States of America.  That is the Obama strategy.” (Meet the Press)   

Others have made similar observations. 

“These are tough times…too many Americans are hurting today…hardships have reopened our long-standing national debate over what it means to be an exceptional nation.”  Rep. Paul Ryan, in a lecture given recently at the Heritage Foundation, made this statement during his discussion of the American Idea  vs. the politics of division. This discussion pits divisive political practices against a “constant striving to live up to our Founding principles.” His reasoning revolves around President Obama, and points us to class warfare and driving wedges.  In other words, a divider.

“People are increasingly fearing the divisions within, even the potential coming apart of, our country”, writes Peggy Noonan, columnist for the Wall Street Journal. (When even I have listened to neighbors & co-workers speak of possible rebellion and street riots, then you know that such a statement is not groundless.)  She attributes this fear to “… a sense now that the glue that held us together for more than two centuries has thinned and cracked with age.”  Part of how Ms. Noonan defines this glue involves leaders & citizenry whose love for this country springs from knowing our roots, knowing that our beginnings, our foundations and in fact our continuing existence was and is unique among all nations throughout all time.  Knowing ” …that there was something providential in our beginnings”, and being grateful for that.   What she describes sounds like American exceptionalism to me!  And a divider would not consistently endorse nor promote that concept.

Those who divide – and most of us know people who do or have – are not interested in a whole, healthy organism.  They in fact want to weaken it.  They use fear and/or envy to sow discontent and cause separations, and they do this to further their own cause.  Rep. Ryan also points out that  “…many in Washington use the politics of division to evade responsibility for their failures…”  In my daily life, I am required to interact with an individual who operates within such a method, and I can guarantee you that such behavior first appears disguised in a winning charm.  It takes time before those who finally recognize the nature of the beast, do so.  Damage is done, many are influenced without ever realizing it while strings are constantly being pulled behind the scenes.  The shape and content of the whole has been altered considerably because of one individual ego.

“In Obama’s case, he is trying to redefine America’s existence.”  (Pajamas Media)


Earlier I had mentioned a possible reason for President Obama’s being, to some extent, ‘ undefined in the public eye’ after almost three years in office.  Why remain ambiguous?  Is there a hidden surprise here?  “This is a man who wrote not one but two autobiographies and remains an enigma”, writes Leon de Winter, in the above referenced Pajamas Media article.  But Mr. de Winter has come to a conclusion that exposes this enigma.  He believes that what Obama seeks to accomplish during his time in Washington, he intends to reproduce on a grand and universal scale.  Washington is only a stepping stone.  It is not really about America, it is about ambition.  Global ambition.

The following excerpt from this article may explain everything:

But he has to walk a fine line: he can neither ruin America nor restore America’s full power and prosperity. He seems to dream of an American sort of European Union — safe, pleasant, but also powerless, lacking the passionate soul of a true nation, slowly fading out with graying populations in unbearably costly welfare states, depending ever more on non-Western immigrants steadily changing our cultural fabric

In order to save the world from devastating global warming and climate change — and, indeed, all fatal consequences of capitalism — the restless progressives in the world are uniting. Obama is well prepared to position himself as their prophet — or messiah.

Internationalism, global governance, America the evil — these are ideas Obama has absorbed for year after year. As a smart, suave man, he knew exactly what he was doing when he started to climb the ladder. Capitalizing — if I may use the word — on his luck, Obama had the intuition to pick capable operators for his campaigning and policymaking teams.

His conservative critics dramatically underestimate him. Obama knows precisely what kind of America he envisions. He wants to mold a certain type of America in order to mold a certain type of global governance. For that, he needs another term to reach his goal.”


“…if he is given a second term, the whirlwind will be reaped”, warns Barry Rubin in Rubin Reports, and that ominous sentiment is echoed by business magnate but even more so, patriotic American Donald Trump. An Obama second term, he said on NewsMax.TV,  would be “devastating for the United States as we know it,” adding that the United States  would find it “very hard to ever recover.”


I wish I did not, but I completely agree.  I no longer watch Obama on televised appearances, nor listen to his speeches.  I feel his words are hollow.  His continued position as President of the great and glorious United States of America threatens that greatness and glory, and many of us know this.

I titled this post “…he that is greatest among you…” (Matthew 23:11)  because the rest of this verse tells us “…shall be your servant.”  I do not know that we see evidence of servanthood in Barack Obama; rather, I fear we see just the opposite.  I realize that it is very possible to pull together bits & pieces of this & that, facts, statements, etc. and paint a picture with words that may not actually BE what it then appears to be.  That is very, very possible.   But I see this kind of information & rhetoric concerning Barack Obama, his past, his present actions and his motives, in too many places.

May God continue to bless and keep America.  May He save us, as the psalmist King David wrote so long ago, from the hand of him that is too strong for us, from the hand of the one that ‘spoileth’  (Psalm 35:10).  And may 2012 grace us with a leader whose heart seeks to save America and serve her people.