Where is Your Focus?

For now, it seems like the gay marriage issue has settled down & taken a back seat. Gay marriage laws have been passed. Our for-or-against positions aren’t a central topic of attention or conversation, at this point.

I still remain not completely convinced. And I am not even sure exactly what I mean by that…

For me, it is not quite so black & white…


Because God looks on the heart…because mortality is swallowed up of life…because Jesus abolished in his flesh the enmity, the law of commandments… because there exists a place where, once purged by His blood, there should be no perception of sin…because the just shall live by faith…

…because of these spiritual realities & conditions, among others, I do not find it so easy to scream “Sin!” in judgment against homosexual persons. I don’t know that I could attend a gay wedding, if ever invited. I can’t actually support militant gay activists, either…yet…if there be knowledge, it shall eventually ‘vanish away’ (1 Corinthians 13:8). Knowledge that divides – because it is only partial knowledge – will one day be ‘done away’, and a Greater will have arrived. All our rules, agendas, & laws will cease to be. Charity alone will never fail.

Because, ultimately, all things will be summed up in Christ, I question that our focus should be on a specific earth-bound ‘issue’ all that much. There is a broader picture…and yet, conversely, that broader picture leads to a whole Other specific focus, which must needs eliminate the rest. Strait is the gate, and narrow is the Way that need to be entered, to avoid destruction. And by this I do not mean walking the straight & narrow, in the conventional sense.  I am not talking about works or behavior, about ‘repenting’ or whatever else enters the mind upon hearing such a term.

I am talking about keeping your focus reined in, narrowing it down to see Jesus. I guarantee you, He will take it from there.


“There has been a lot going on right now to ‘steal the attention and focus’ of God’s people and to attempt to bring us into a place of aligning ourselves, our declarations and our confessions with things opposite, things from the soul realm, things the enemy is saying, that is all completely opposite to what HE Is saying.”  (Prophetic word)


Jesus, the Way




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